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Monday, August 28, 2017

Young BEK Watching the Country Road

Youtuber Lyfe of Tomato described her encounter with a black eyed child:

“How do I begin this? I think I saw a black eye child and for those of you who don't know what they are, those are children who are very pale and they are usually between the ages of 6 and 19. They have very blond hair and they don't have any irises and their eyes, their eyes are completely black, there's no white...all black.

So I went online after this happened to me and people have written stories about their experiences with meeting black-eyed children and they say that, one, they can't come in to where you are unless you invite them in. They will usually pretend to be lost or need to use your phone or your bathroom in order to get into your house, or your car, or whatever. If you say no, then they can't come in. Secondly, nobody really has an explanation for what they are. Some people think that they are are demons. Some people think that they're ghosts or aliens. Nobody really knows, so, yeah, I had heard of them before I had this experience but I really don't have any answers, even after I've had this experience.

So my ride. I live in Pennsylvania. I work in Delaware and my ride to work is this very long winding farm road. At one point I make a right onto another farm road and this road is a very, very tight space. It's two ways so you can go one way in cars. We can go the opposite way, but it's a very, very tight space. So when you're driving, the car beside you that's coming the opposite way, you both kind of have to slow down just to be safe. It's kind of a dangerous road. Now, on each side of you are very, very tall grass hills, so if a cop was going to pull you over, I'm not really sure exactly where you'd pull off. You'd have to ride down the road for a while before you'd be able to pull over because it's that type of a space and there's nowhere to pull over, really.

So I'm driving this road...on a Saturday. I had to be at work at 3 PM and it's around 2:30 PM. I'm on this road, this very tight space, and there are cars coming the opposite way, and I'm slowing down so that we can both pass safely. I look to my right and there's a break in the hills, in the grass hills, where there's an entrance to a farm, and I look over and in that entrance is a little boy. First of all, on Saturday it was 40 degrees, and he was not dressed like it was 40 degrees. He did not have a coat on. No hat. No scarf. No gloves. Nothing. He had on a red and gray striped shirt and jeans. The way he was dressed and the way he looked, he didn't look like he was from this time period. He looked like he was maybe from the 1950s. He was very, very pale and he had very blond hair and he was staring. He was standing with his bike. He wasn't on his bike. His bike was to the right of him and he's holding it and he's stiff. He's stiff as a board and, at first, I actually thought he was a statue.

So anyway he's standing there staring straight ahead, like his eyes are really big. He's staring straight ahead and his eyes are black, like, they're completely black and I'm looking right in his face. He's not that far for me, he's maybe 50 feet away, and I'm looking right in his face and he's just staring straight ahead and not moving. I was really creeped out by it and then my window started to fog up, but only my window. My windshield, my back windshield, the passenger seat, or the back seats, none of them fogged up, only mine. I really don't believe in this stuff, like, I don't think about strange phenomena. I don't read too much into it, whatever, so I know that this sounds crazy but I promise you, I'm not crazy and this also isn't a trolling video, like, I'm not putting this out there for attention or anything. I'm just putting it out there because I'm hoping someone has a logical explanation for what I saw because, like I said, I don't believe in this stuff and I would hope that there is a logical explanation for this little boy.

So I went to work and I told a few people what had happened and they were like, 'Maybe it was a statue?' I have to take that road home so by the time I leave work, it's about 12:30 AM and I’m driving on this road. This would be Sunday morning and I’m driving very fast, even though the speed limit's only 35. I’m driving very fast because I do not want to be on this road and I glance over very quickly and that gate to where the entrance to the farm is, it's not closed. There's no little boy there. There's no statue, so he definitely was not a statue. I don't have an explanation for what he was. The thing is though, if he was a real little boy and maybe I'm imagining this, there's nowhere for him to ride that bike. I Googled that road thinking that maybe he was a ghost and to see if a little boy had been killed there. The only thing I got was a man who had been killed there. He was a grown man though. He had been hit by a car, but that's the thing, it's so dangerous for a pedestrian on that road.”

Source: Youtuber Lyfe of Tomato from a video titled “I think I saw a black eyed child” published on 9 Dec 2015

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NOTE: I was there had been more detail as to the location. Lon

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