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Weekend 2 Cents: Mystery Oversized Moth-like Creature Reported in Pennsylvania - 'Goose' the Mothman -- Arcane Radio...'Mutilations: Animal & Human'

Mystery Oversized Moth-like Creature Reported in Pennsylvania
From Stan Gordon

Stan Gordon's UFO Anomalies Zone

During 2017, there have been a variety of cryptid reports from across Pennsylvania. Among those incidents that have reportedly occurred were encounters with Bigfoot, black panthers, thunderbirds, and other odd creatures.

The areas around the Allegheny National Forest located in the Northwestern part of Pennsylvania, has had a long history of reports of UFOs, Bigfoot, and other mysterious events. On July 8, 2017, a couple who lives near the forest area encountered something that has them baffled. It was about 9 a.m. that day when the wife went outside to the deck located on the back of their country home. On a post the woman noticed what looked to be an oversized moth that was resting on a 6×6 vertical post.

The moth looked to be about 11 inches long and about 5½ inches wide in the area that was described as the shoulders. The overall shape gave the impression of looking like an hour glass figure. They also noticed that there were either two antennas or pointed ears located around the top of the head area that appeared to be about one inch in length. The head appeared to be tucked inside the body while it was resting. The observers estimated that the wingspan would have been around 15 inches when open.

The wife called her husband out to also observer the creature. The wife thought that the creature was beautiful, and that the color was a pale green iridescent on the outer part of the wings and a cream color skin texture in the middle. The man said he was amazed at what he saw and had never seen anything like it before. They said the best way to described it was “like an overgrown moth.”

They continued to watch the winged creature that appeared to be sleeping. His wife then touched the creature which she said felt smooth. The wings actually felt skin-like, not like feathers or fuzz. The witnesses could not see through the wings. The creature did not move when touched. The woman also noticed that there was no powdery material on her hands that you generally get from coming in contact with the wings of a moth.

The couple had to leave the house for a while. Before they left however his wife went into the house to get a camera to take a picture of the strange winged visitor. The woman stood about a foot away from the creature and turned on the power switch but the camera would not turn on. The camera had always worked well so they replaced the batteries. The camera still it would not turn on. The next day they tried the camera again and it powered up as normal and worked fine.

When the couple was walking to their car they noticed a second similar winged creature resting on the outside wall of their home about 10 feet off the ground. When they returned home a while later, both of the creatures had gone.

The couple has provided a sketch of what they saw. The sketch shows back of the wings and the red area behind it is the 6×6 vertical post that the creature was resting on vertically.

Addendum: It may just be a coincidence that the camera malfunctioned when the woman attempted to photograph the odd looking winged creature. Many years ago I began to notice some cases where photographic equipment malfunctioned when a person attempted to take a picture of a UFO or other phenomena. In more recent years this has been reported in some significant UFO encounters in the state. This phenomena has also been reported by others involved in various paranormal research as well.

Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook

Astonishing Encounters: Pennsylvania's Unknown Creatures, Casebook 3


'Goose' the Mothman

“I have a crazy Mothman story! My husband had never been to the Mothman statue in Point Pleasant, so one evening while visiting Gallipolis we decided to cross the river so he could check it out. While there he snapped some pictures from his phone while I stood beside the statue. I was messing around and gave the statue a goose which we laughed about. Soon after we left to head back across the river. As you exit the bridge there is a rather sharp curve and it was there that every light on my car went out. I kid you not, we lost all of them. I had owned my car for several years and had not a single incident such as that, nor did I ever again after that night. I was thankful he was behind the wheel bc I would have probably panicked and drove off the road. We had such a gut feeling that it was related to my clowning around with the Mothman. I was a kid when the Silver Bridge fell and we lived in Charleston. Our move to Ohio meant taking the barge across the river. That area has always been a very eerie place in my opinion."

Source: Youtube Comments, Chicken Little

JLB - Beyond Creepy


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