Friday, August 18, 2017

Mothman Still Roams McClintic Wildlife Preserve

“I actually live about 35 minutes from Point Pleasant, West Virginia in a little town called Ripley. I have friends in Point that have had some pretty messed up encounters driving through the McClintic Wildlife Preserve. That's where the area they call TNT is located. There are these old ammunition storage bunkers that look like giant igloos and some old worn down and deserted factories. Talk about one hell of a creepy ass place. My buddy Brian said he and two friends were out there back in 2002 driving around the maze of back roads when they heard something hit the roof of the truck and when they looked out the back glass they could see what looked like a person hang gliding behind them. It was very dark and they could only make out the outline. He said it followed them and kept hitting the roof for about a mile. They were losing their minds with fear the whole time. The thing was keeping up with them even when they were doing 70 plus in a couple spots. He said he'll never forget that night and I know he wouldn't make something like that up. He's a very devoted Christian and church goer."

Source: Youtube Comments, Justin Rawlings

JLB - Beyond Creepy

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