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Friday, August 04, 2017

Floating 'Insectoid' Photo - July 2017 - Nashville, TN

I recently received the following information:

Out of tens of thousands of sky pictures I have taken in the past seven years, July 16, 2017 marked the day that revealed the most bizarre and puzzling image that has ever come across my camera lens. Let me explain:

I have been photographing daytime UFOs for the past seven years. When I go out, I take between 800 and 1,500 pictures at one time. My success rate average is around one keeper out of 1,000 photographs, and many times I don't even get that. Other times, I may be fortunate to get two, or even three keepers out of a thousand photos taken, but that is quite rare. The UFOs are extremely fast and quite impossible to see with the naked eye. However, when I download the pictures to my computer, I readily, and at times painstakingly view each photo. I've gotten some especially interesting pictures of various UFOs (craft) this way. Another method I use is to video-tape the open sky while zooming in (as I do with the photos), and I usually film for around sixty seconds. I then download the videos to my computer and play them back in the slowest motion possible. This method is successful also, but again is very time consuming, and requires a lot of patience. In my opinion, this is the only way to film UFOs and obtain reliable results. Any other way amounts to a waiting game of pure luck.

On Sunday, July 16th of this year, I was at my favorite park, just outside of Nashville, TN, filming a few sixty-second videos of open skies, while zooming in, maybe 40X. When reviewing the videos on my computer, I saw something that I have never encountered before. In the past I have filmed metallic craft, possible biological craft, and just plain strange sky anomalies, but nothing compares to the “strangeness” of what I captured on video that day! The only term I can use to even remotely describe what sped across my camera lens is ... “a "flying humanoid?" Up until this time, I had never even dabbled in this type of phenomenon; I stuck strictly to pursuing UFOs as my focal point, even though I am a firm believer in the limitlessness of the skies and what they may contain.

I have searched through many images on the Internet, and have not really seen anything that matches my picture in a satisfactory way. And to be honest, I even briefly entertained the possibility of it being an out-of-focused bird of some type, which of course will be the conclusion from the naysayers. After examining it in numerous ways, I must interpret it as something very mystical and incomprehensible to the norm of the third dimensional world. It came in to my camera lens in an upright manner, as you see in the photo, and sped horizontally from left to right in less than a second. I cannot estimate its size nor its altitude, since I zoomed strictly into the blue sky with no scenery markers for possible ratio comparison.

I don't believe in being dishonest and faking photographs, or anything of that nature. I'm opened to having anyone or any expert examine my original video to the fullest. I therefore thank Lon Strickler for sharing this photo on his site, since my only desire is to share it online, and not keep it to myself. - Dan in Nashville, TN

Video: July 2017 - Insectoid Sky Anomaly

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