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Daily 2 Cents: Western Kentucky Gargoyle -- Living 'Gnome' In My Garden -- Pterosaur Encounter

Western Kentucky Gargoyle

“I have a friend that is a hunter and outdoors-man that was in the woods in the middle of the night, that swears that he saw a gargoyle like creature on a branch in a tree. He didn't say gargoyle but what he described was a large winged almost goblin like thing that was seven feet tall. He said that when it moved from the branch, it rattled the whole tree and was gone in an instant. This is in western Kentucky where there are a lot of strange cryptid sightings and I have no reason to doubt him. My father's family lives in Western Kentucky too. About 13 years ago, my boyfriend and I saw a wolf-like creature with yellow eyes cross the road. This was after we crossed the state line, so we were in Tennessee when we saw it.”

Source: Youtube Comments, Blackjáck Music

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Living 'Gnome' In My Garden

I've had a few paranormal experiences throughout my life but the strangest and most unbelievable was what I KNOW I used to see as a child, 7 years old or so. A gnome... wouldn't have even been as tall as my knee, probably half way up my shin. Had a red hat and a white beard. A typical garden gnome, only he wasn't a statue.

I saw him at least a dozen times through our living room window, frolicking about in the garden and along the windowsill outside. I'd sometimes even see his silhouette through the blinds if they were closed on a sunny day.

Parents obviously always brushed it off as silly crap kids say when I told them what I saw. "Oh don't be silly" or "aww, haha, did you?" Never paid it any attention... and why would they? I even remember my father saying something to mum like "we don't even have a garden gnome" and she responded that it was just an active imagination. I lived there until I was about 18 or 19 and I don't even think anyone in our street owned garden gnomes at all.

He never even once looked at me, like he didn't know I was watching or perhaps didn't care.

The last time I saw him was about 20 years ago. Never spoken about it to anyone but my mother and sister during my adult life, else I'd probably be admitted to a mental health ward. When I asked mum she still remembers me talking about him when I was little.

I know that most people reading will probably think what a load or whatever, but I promise this is true.

Was he real? Or possibly a fabricated memory of some kind? Why would my mind make me "remember" fake sh*t?

Has anyone else ever seen one?

This happened in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia.


Pterosaur Encounter

“This reminds me of when I was a kid. A friend and I were walking home and all of a sudden the whole block went dark and there was lots of wind coming out of nowhere. All of a sudden we couldn't move and it was very difficult to look up. We were both horrified. Finally I forced myself up and saw what appeared to be a gigantic prehistoric bird and the wind we were feeling was coming from it flocking its wings, I imagined. It just came out of nowhere and just like that it was gone. That thing was dark and fast. I'm not a 100% sure what it was but that's what it looked like. Scariest day of my life. I still look up and think about it when I'm walking home on that very same street.”

Source: Youtube comments, Mr G

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Coast to Coast AM - Prophecy & the Eclipse/ Flying Humanoid Sightings


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