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Daily 2 Cents: 'Prehistoric' Rhino-Like Beast In Australia -- Annoying 'Hum' in New Mexico -- New Evidence in D.B. Cooper Case

'Prehistoric' Rhino-Like Beast In Australia

"I have had many paranormal experiences, this is one. I don’t tell many people this as they don’t believe me. Why would they? I barely even believe it, but its true to every detail. I live in Australia...and I, my ex-husband and his friend were driving home from an event. We lived in the deep bush and were 5 minutes from home chatting and laughing away. All of a sudden something massive ran right in front of the car from left to right. It was as follows. Huge and terrifying as the lights were on this being. It stood much higher than the car towered over it actually. The thing was running pretty fast, but easily seen by us all. We saw it clearly, it was about 2 times bigger than a massive bull cow and had leathery skin with bits of black brown hair on it. Looked like a prehistoric rhinoceros, it was damn huge. No fur, and small, little, short skinny tail with a hairy bit on the end. It had a massively large chest cavity huge much bigger than the rest of the body. No neck, practically, and the biggest teeth...having a large front tooth huge protruding out far like 3 inches from the mouth. The jaw bone was large and stood out. Small round piercing terrified eyes and straight legs...thin-looking like a gigantic wild pig.

I started crying...jumping into the back seat terrified, screaming loudly and my ex-husband said 'what the f*** was that thing?' His mate said, 'what was that?' We were hysterical and it ran into the darkness as if running from something else. It really was unreal but true strange and I now realized there was weird creatures in our bush. I have seen other weird things too. But later a local said he'd also seen that thing. It's weird and I was terrified to go near there again. These things are real and I don’t care if no one believes me. We don’t drink or take drugs...still don’t and we were all in shock. This really was a wake up call. Australia has weird stuff. Come to think back after all the research now I've done, it felt like we went into another time or dimension and just felt weird as it wasn’t a normal animal. Looking up what the thing, looked like was prehistoric Australia. Note: it happened in 1990. In Tea Gardens, NSW, Australia.”

Source: Youtube comments, Angel Heaven

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Annoying 'Hum' in New Mexico

I recently received the following information from a reader:

I think I've told you I live in Lincoln County. I lived in Ruidoso Downs from July 7, 1998 until Feb 18 of this year. By winter of 1999 I would hear the 'hum' always after midnight and almost always in winter. I just realized my bed was on the eastern wall. When I moved it to orient north I did not hear it as often. Have not heard it in ages.

I'm now living on US Hwy 70 in San Patricio. The hum started around midnight tonight. It is loud. I was on the enclosed porch until about 15 minutes ago. I can hear it in the kitchen, bathroom and now the bedroom - with the window wall situated east.

It is so loud it is driving me crazy. I finally turned the air down & television up - can still hear it. The sound is identical to what I heard when I lived in town.

The closest thing I can match would be a diesel truck running in park. There is a 4 second cycle with a loud beat.


New Evidence in D.B. Cooper Case

A fresh piece of evidence could lift the lid on the mysterious case of missing skyjacker DB Cooper — the issue too baffling even for America’s top investigators.

Last year the Federal Bureau of Investigations abandoned its 45 year probe into what happened to the unknown businessman, who hijacked a Northwest Airlines passenger jet in 1971 and jumped out of it, in what would become one of the world’s most fascinating aviation mysteries.

Armchair detectives have refused to give up the search for answers, and earlier this year a team of researchers revealed their analysis of a tie left behind on the hijacked plane suggesting DB Cooper may have been a Boeing employee.

And now, another group of volunteer investigators say they’ve found a parachute strap that could blow the case back open — and point to the location of the riches Cooper was holding when he jumped. Read more at Volunteer detectives reveal possible breakthrough in DB Cooper case


The Romanek Saga

FORT COLLINS — Anger toward a Loveland police detective was expressed in an interview by Stan Romanek after a jury convicted the 54-year-old of one count of sexual exploitation of a child while acquitting him of a second similar charge Tuesday.

The jury's verdict comes three years after the arrest of Romanek, a Loveland resident, on child pornography allegations, several decisions on litigation involving witnesses in the case and five days of testimony in a trial.

Romanek, who has claimed to have been abducted by aliens and is considered an authority within the UFO community, faced two felony charges of sexual exploitation of a child, one alleging he possessed child pornography and another accusing him of distributing child pornography. The trial gained publicity due to Romanek's status in the UFO community and a documentary released to Netflix in July depicting how his UFO claims have affected his life.

Ultimately, the 12-member jury decided it had enough evidence against Romanek to determine he knowingly possessed child pornography on his computer, but that he did not knowingly disseminate the illicit images and videos through an internet file-sharing program, as he was acquitted of the more serious of the two felonies. Read more at Alien abduction author Stanley Romanek found guilty on one of two child pornography accusations


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