Monday, August 28, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Neon Green Eyes in the Trees -- Wild Turkeys Invade Connecticut Town -- Arcane Radio...Premiere on WCJV Digital Broadcasting

Neon Green Eyes in the Trees

High Point, NC - 2012-07-17: Two weeks after being at this address I witnessed trees moving as though there is a huge heavy being moving from one tree to the other, but you can not see any visible being...but I know this is not caused by the wind!!! I have pictures of strange unreal things I would never had imagined ever seeing in real life except on sci-fi stuff. There is something outside in my trees and it is not squirrels. I can feel them watching me and have seen their neon green eyes staring back at me from inside of the trees where they try to hide and blend in with the leaves on the top of the trees. Something is definitely wrong here and it really has me frightened when I know something has come into my home and assaulted me with scratches on my back and left a blood red scab at the base of my skull as though it was punctured with a sharp object such as a needle.

I know the government knows and other officials here, but I have some proof, got some hair that I know is not human by no means. I don't know what to do but to reach out to you guys so I won't loose my sanity because never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined these things to actually be real. To see one for real it's just too much to try and accept the reality of it, but you know what's the truth. Please contact me so I won't feel so alone in this madness. - MUFON


'Shadow People' Encounters

During the late 1960's I saw shadow people three times. At that time period I didn't know what they where called. The first time one was looking through my bedroom window staring at me. The second time, a few months later about five of them I saw when I woke up. The third time I was them was late at night at camp, in my bungalow, they where walking around that camp bungalow bed I was in. Most of the shadow things were tall and were totally silent. They were humanoid in shape.They all had white eyes. All white and not red as some recent reports explain. They were all pitch black...blacker than my dimly lit room, bedroom or camp room. All three times while seeing them was too scared to move a muscle so I don't actually know if I had sleep paralysis or not. I will be happy not ever to seen any shadow people again. WS


Wild Turkeys Invade Connecticut Town

STAMFORD — Turn of River and Newfield residents are hoping to take their backyards back from a gang of wild turkeys.

After some neighbors started feeding the hefty ground birds over the summer, humans have lost their spot at the top of the animal kingdom hierarchy.

“When turkeys are fed by people, they become habituated to them and start to see them on the same level as other turkeys,” said Michael Gregonis, a Department of Energy and Environmental Protection wild turkey program biologist. “There’s a hierarchy in turkey flocks and each turkey has its place and they fight among themselves.”

For weeks, City Rep. Steven Kolenberg, whose district includes the Turn of River and Newfield neighborhoods, has received complaints from residents who say they’ve been chased or attacked by these aggressive turkeys.

“This is one of the stranger constituent complaints or issues I’ve gotten, but that doesn’t make it any less serious,” Kolenberg said. “These birds may come across as silly-looking, but they are very territorial, and if you feed them, they become aggressive.” Read more at Wild turkeys invade Stamford neighborhoods


Join Arcane Radio for our premiere show on WCJV Digital Broadcasting! This week we welcome author & paranormal researcher Timothy Renner to Arcane Radio. Timothy is an accomplished musician - as well as a member of Seekers, a cryptid & paranormal investigation group located in south central Pennsylvania. His 1st book, 'Beyond the Seventh Gate: Exploring Toad Road, The Seven Gates of Hell, and Other Strangeness in York, Lancaster, and Adams Counties' was published in 2016. His most recent book, 'Bigfoot in Pennsylvania' documents historical sightings & encounters in the Keystone State. Timothy is also a team member / investigator of the Chicago Phantom Task Force. Please join us on Thursday, September 7th - 10PM ET / 7PM PT - go to and click 'Listen / Join Chat Now.' Call in live at 716-745-4266 and join the conversation.

Let us know that you'll be there - Thanks!


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