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Friday, August 25, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Huge Crow-Like Being -- The Harbinger -- Time-Traveling Native American in Painting?

Huge Crow-Like Being

Martha in Santa Cruz California called in to tell of her sighting of a large black crow-like being:

“I wanted to tell you something that happened in Santa Cruz where I was born and raised. I'm a kind of a night security person. It's my retirement job and it was two-and-a-half years ago. I was there across the highway right outside of Santa Cruz Wilder ranch. It's about two miles north of Santa Cruz and the highway goes between two cliffs. It's kind of, you know, a mountain there and I was on one side peering over. I called my friend John because I said "John, that whole night I felt like I was being watched and sure enough over by the Porta Potty which is about 12 feet away there was this black figure in back of it, just peering at me" and I said, "John, I don't think I'm really imagining this, it could be a shadow" but it wasn't and the Porta Potty started moving back and forth.

Well, I just, I'm a prayer person, so I really started praying and this is about 3:00 in the morning. Everything's pitch black there. Next thing that happened was I looked across the highway and now this is a good, you know, distance away it's about maybe 150 feet away on the other cliff and staring at me is this huge, it looked like a crow, very black, the wingspan, according to the mountain, was huge. It could have been altogether a 14 or 15 feet span between two of them and red eyes, no beak, and I called John again I said, "John, I'm really creeped out. This thing is real and if it is real, it's going to..." and it started to kind of wobble towards the edge of the cliff and I went, "Oh no, it's going to fly" and it flew across the highway and I said, "Now, John, if this is real, there's going to be a shadow over my car because there were lights on the highway." Sure enough, the shadow was by my car and I said, "This thing is true." This is tangible and he lands over by me, about 15 feet away in the field, turns and pivots, and starts walking towards me. Well, I'm a kind of weird person I have a lot of hutzpa and I got angry, you know, mainly angry that it was, you know, trying to scare me and creep me out. So I got out of the car and I pointed at it and I said "you have no right to do this to me.' I said the blood of Jesus and I don't know whether it flew fast away but the next thing I knew, it wasn't there.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - August 16, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


The Harbinger

Dear Mr. Strickler,

After reading “Mark’s” experience about the "Organic" UFO (Aug. 23, 2017), I want to share my sighting that took place in November, 1966, in Indiana. I was especially struck by his remarks when he said, “I got the strange feeling that it was watching me watching it!” and “I immediately had the feeling that they came to say goodbye and I would never see them again.” I also had similar feelings that the UFO I witnessed made its appearance with a message for me, and that it was aware of me watching it and left only after the certainty of our mysterious connection had been accomplished.

Here are excerpts from my account taken from my book, Channeling the Mind of the Heart in the chapter entitled: “The Harbinger.” The encounter took place as my husband and I drove from Fortville to Ft. Benjamin Harrison, in Indianapolis, at about 4 am. The weather was clear, no wind, but there was a solid, very low altitude cloud cover. My husband, a military officer, was driving and I was in the front passenger seat. At one point I stood outside the car observing it, and it was absolutely silent. Although others were nearby I seemed to be the only one aware of it. I later came to understand that this sighting was purposeful and intentional.

“There was nothing special about it that I noticed at first, but as my fixed gaze was held by it I began to realize that it looked much bigger than it should. I’d been staring at what my fatigued brain had assumed to be the moon, but it was brighter than moonlight. That foggy thought piqued my interest and I became more alert, puzzling at what I was actually seeing. Suddenly it struck me that it could not be the moon because it was hanging there in the sky underneath the solid cloud cover. Once I comprehended it wasn’t the moon I was riveted, abruptly wide awake and awe-struck. It did not seem to be moving but since we were, it was a little hard to tell. I reckon it was about the size of a fifty-cent piece held at arm’s length, brighter than a full moon, and the quality of its light was definitely different than moonlight -- it glowed white. But the weirdest thing of all and what became unmistakably clear, was that it was aware of me. I distinctly felt a high intelligence watching me become aware of and watching it. That realization was stunning, but even better, “it” somehow conveyed the very definite impression of being not only intelligent and massively powerful, yet also beguine, even loving, but in an unfamiliar objective, impersonal way. I felt no fear of it at all, and for some unknown reason the fact of its awareness of me, once I got used to it, seemed perfectly natural and wonderful. I said something to my husband asking if he saw it or what he thought it was, but he did not seem to hear me and did not answer which, in turn, seemed very odd because it was such an anomalous sight. He really looked either hypnotized or bored and though I felt annoyed at being ignored, I didn’t want to miss a minute of this opportunity to witness something so exciting and bizarre, and so I focused on my sky companion. We got through the security gates at the Fort and I took over the wheels to drive home, but not before standing outside the car mesmerized by the strange bright, round, other-worldly vehicle hovering not that far above us. I had the distinct impression that it was on an entirely routine mission. Another strange thing: it was in plain sight, but neither of the nearby guards seemed to pay any attention to it at all. This thing also gave me the impression that it had now completed its routine rounds for the moment and had found everything was in order. Then, without a sound, it made a slow, graceful arc and ascended through the dense, low cloud ceiling out of sight, leaving its spherical footprint in the clouds as it climbed through them. I thought about this event for decades afterward and still do. I could not have known but would later come to believe that this incident would herald the most painful event, followed by the most profound spiritual experience, of my life." Copyright 2016 Kris Blakely - Channeling the Mind of the Heart


Time-Traveling Native American in Painting?

This 17th century painting, Mr. Pynchon and the Settling of Springfield, shows a man in the foreground holding what appears to be a smartphone.

The painting itself pre-dates the iPhone by nearly seven decades.

The artist, Romano, who died in 1982, did not make any specific comments about this intriguing figure.

Some experts say it could be an iron blade.

Others say the man is holding a religious texts.

Historian Daniel Brown believes the mystery object is in fact a mirror - which was used widely after it was introduced in the 17th century.

Mr William Pynchon, born in 1590, was a successful fur trader who founded Springfield, Massachusetts.
He is pictured here surrounded by native Americans - in an event that happened nearly 400 years before the advent of smartphones. Read more at Is this 1930s painting proof of time travel? Native American appears to hold a SMARTPHONE - even though it was painted seven decades before they were invented


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