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Monday, August 07, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Gollum-Like Being Kills & Feeds on Horse -- Huge Hovering 'Eyes' Outside the Church -- Bigfoot in Lincolnshire?

Gollum-Like Being Kills & Feeds on Horse

Pierce County, Missouri, USA: “I'm 27 now but when I was 17, just weeks from 18, I lived in a small town in Missouri called Pierce City. I had saved up a good 4 years worth a paychecks and sold my TV to buy a used Suzuki SV650. It was my dream bike. I went and bought it and my father helped me get it to our home because I wasn't legally able to ride it for another few weeks. I remember when we got home I put it in our barn and locked the barn because we didn't have a garage. I don't remember why I did it though it's a very small town and we knew pretty much everyone and are hours away from the nearest neighbor.

I fell asleep about 10PM or 11PM and woke up at 3AM because I heard a large bang near the barn. I thought it was one of the horses that might have got spooked or something, so I went out to check. I always carry a Buck 110 folding blade and when I got to the barn it was still locked. There are no windows, besides one way at the top, but it's a good 15ft high and there wasn't a ladder. I unlocked the barn and walked in and my new (used) bike was on the floor. I heard a crunching/chewing noise, so instinctively I grabbed my knife there was very little light just enough to reflect the polished metal.

I peaked into the pin, and I kid you not, there was something squatted over the horse who it had to have killed as it was a healthy animal and we took good care of it. I've seen wolves eat animals before and it wasn't like that it looked like the thing off Lord of the Rings, the cave dweller thing but taller and I know it was only a couple seconds but it felt like minutes of me being frozen there. Whatever it was looked at me and I turned and sprinted back to the house screaming. I swear it chased me. It ran on all fours and screeched like worn brakes on a heavy vehicle. I must have awoke my dad as he met me at the door with his gun loaded and fired two shots in its direction and then shoved me inside and shut the door. It seemed scared of the shots and we later dialed the police, though they found nothing. If you guys live near there and have heard anything of it, please tell me. It still haunts me and I live nowhere near there now.”

Source: Youtube comments, Digital_Reaper

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Mysterious Sea Creatures Bloody Australian Teen

MELBOURNE, Australia — A teenager who went for a swim at a Melbourne beach and emerged with his feet covered in blood has stumped marine experts.

Sam Kanizay’s legs felt sore after playing a game of football on Saturday, so he decided to soak them at the beach. About 30 minutes later, the 16-year-old walked out of the water with his feet and ankles covered in what looked like hundreds of little pin holes that were bleeding profusely. Upon returning home, his parents promptly took him to the hospital.

Kanizay’s father, Jarrod, said hospital staff had no idea what kind of creature could have caused the injuries. So Jarrod went back to the beach the following night with a pool net full of meat and captured the animals he believes could have been responsible. He took a video of dozens of the tiny bug-like creatures chomping on the chunks of meat.

“What is really clear is these little things really love meat,” he said.

Jeff Weir, executive director of the Dolphin Research Institute, believes the teen may have been attacked by crustaceans called amphipods, which usually eat decomposing plant and animal scraps.

But Thomas Cribb, a parasite expert from the University of Queensland, said it would be very unusual for amphipods to cause such extensive bleeding.

“It’s not a parasite I’ve ever come across,” he said.

Meanwhile, marine expert Michael Brown believes the small bugs eating the meat in the video could be jellyfish larvae.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” he told Channel Seven’s Sunrise program.

Sam was still hospitalized on Monday, but had been taken off antibiotics. - Mystery sea creatures leave Australian teen's feet bloodied


Huge Hovering 'Eyes' Outside the Church

Morganfield, KY - 1987-09-20: - My sister, my brother, and I were in church one night. I wanted to go home and watch a particular pro football game instead, so I begged mom to let me go home. Mom said I can go home and watch the game but had to take my brother and sister with me. We exited the church doors and usually would jump off the church porch and cut across our driveway to our porch, because we lived right next door. But on this night we walked down the church porch to the street. There is a streetlight out there so it was well lit. When I got to the street I turned and looked at the church and saw two huge, glowing eyes shaped like ostrich eggs curiously staring at me and my brother and sister. The eyes were 9-13 ft from the ground and they gazed at us. This lasted for 10 seconds. I said to my brother,(never taking my eyes off the being ) "do you see that?" he said "yes!" At the moment of seeing the being I felt not afraid but more aware that it was not of this world and curious. It examined us as if it were surprised that we could see it. I told my brother to run back in the church. We all ran back in the church crying to mom. She sent us up to our church pastors. We reported what we saw and they prayed for us. - MUFON


Bigfoot in Lincolnshire?

Footage has emerged claiming Big Foot could have been in a woodland near Lincoln.

A video posted on YouTube by Jon Spence shows footage from inside Skellingthorpe Woods.

The YouTuber is seen looking at various snapped branches and broken trees.

He believes that the damage has been caused by Big Foot. Read more / watch video at Has Big Foot been in a Lincolnshire woodland?

NOTE: Mmmm...you be the judge. Lon


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