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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Miracle on Black Mountain

Clarke called in to tell of a 'missing persons' case he heard about that occurred in the White Mountains. The guest that evening was David Paulides:

“It happened in the 1980s in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in the Jackson area. It was actually a group of autistic children that were hiking with a couple of instructors on a mountain called Black Mountain. One of the youngsters, I think he was between eight or ten years old, got separated from the group. As they came off the mountain, they couldn't find the kid. The authorities sent up over 250 people to search. This is not a very big mountain. Black Mountain is only about 3200 feet. They didn't find the child.

A couple of interesting details about this. They didn't find the child that night. I think it was a possibly another night also that he stayed on the mountain. Interestingly, even though they had all these people that were professionals, as far as search and rescue, it was a fireman from Marshfield, Massachusetts who ended up finding the boy. He was watching a television show. This is about 250 miles away. He had never done anything like this before. He watched the television and the news show talked about the child. He, all of a sudden, he had an epiphany that he was going to be able to find the child. He drives up to Black Mountain in New Hampshire, climbs the mountain, and low and behold he finds the child.

Later on it's discovered that the child, who was autistic, he was be able to communicate much better after this incident. They asked the child, 'how did you survive?' because the temperature plummeted way below 30 degrees. They were very worried that the child might might not survive the night. He said that he had been to a part of the mountain where he was surrounded by this white light and that the white light kept him warm and he was fine. The interesting thing again is after this incident he ended up actually becoming more cognizant and more communicative.

Another interesting side-note about this was the fireman from Marshfield. He had become a big hero after this. He was in the newspapers, etc. He ends up coming out and admitting that he was an arsonist that the police had been looking for in the southern part of Massachusetts. He had come out because he had felt 'a message from God.' And he was going to be able to find this child and his whole life would around. I don't know if you ever heard of the case at all.”

Source: Midnight in the Desert with Art Bell – September 7, 2015

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