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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

'Gorilla-Man' Close Encounter

Randy Savig of Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center spoke to Ridge Walker Radio about why he believes that some of the missing people in David Paulides' Missing 411 books might be because of Bigfoot:

“Over the past few years, I've been reading a lot of David Paulides' Missing 411 books. I really enjoyed them. I enjoyed them immensely and I look back on them...and I’ll go through them again. I would encourage everyone to read those books. I certainly don't want to put money in his pocket but I'm telling you, something happened to me two years ago while talking with a lady that completely solidified in my mind that some of these creatures are responsible for some of those missing in those 411 books. I have no doubt. Really, it's because of what my friend said.

I had a friend get contact me on Facebook. I knew him back when I was 16 and going to church together. His mom's name was Christine. So all these years passed. I was living up in Nebraska. He became my friend on Facebook and he seen all my Bigfoot stuff. He said, "Randy, I did not know that you know all about Bigfoot. You need to talk to my mom." I said," What, your mom Christine?" He said, "Yes." I used to spend the night with them. His mom was a blonde haired lady. I said, "What?" He said, "She has claimed for years that she has seen one in the late 60's up by Challis, Idaho", and he said, "The whole family was telling her she's crazy and all that stuff." He said, "I remember." He was about 3 at the time. He just remembers his mom running by him and his dad and running by the cabin screaming.

So I get her on the phone and talk to her. I told her, "Listen Christine, I've had all these terrible things happen, I've seen these creatures, I know they're out there. Brian said you had something happen. Could you please tell me what happened?" She said that they were on some of her family's land up in Challis, Idaho where they had a cabin and she said Brian and her husband Garland were fishing in a stream or a river and, you know, it was a shallow rock bottom river and she was sitting with her back to the woods up a hill, with her back to the woods. They were moving down stream fishing. Brian was like 3 years old and she said, "They're talking and fishing," and she was talking with them, yelling at them and stuff. She said she just heard a slight movement. She said, "I heard a slight shuffle to my left," and she said, "I looked over my shoulder and right there!" She said, "This thing was 2 feet from me, was this Gorilla-Man looking at her," and she said, "It blinked and I immediately started running. I took off screaming and I ran down." She said, "I ran by Garland and Brian. I was so terrified, I couldn't even tell them." She said, "I left them there to die. I had to get to the cabin for safety. I’m in the cabin screaming when Garland shows up and he is like, What is happening?" He just thought she saw a bear or something. She told him, No! The face of this thing was something between a gorilla and a man and it was looking at her. It had snuck right up on her.

This has never been told to anybody because of the way I got in contact with her, this information. I said to myself, why does a Bigfoot need to get that close to a blonde haired lady that was sitting with her back to a tree? Why couldn’t he not see her from 50 feet away or 100 feet away? Why did he need to get right up next to her? I have a feeling she was one step away from being a Missing 411 story.”

Source: Ridge Walker Radio from a video titled “Episode 1 Ridge Walker Radio” published on 15 Jul 2015

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