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Daily 2 Cents: Cattle Mutilations on Baldy Mountain -- Black Spider-Man Encounter? -- UFO Emerges From Portal

Cattle Mutilations on Baldy Mountain

Angela in Hollywood, California called in to tell of a story she heard from her father:

“I have a first-hand account of cattle mutilations from my dad and he's told me the story so many times that I can tell it to you by heart and that's just what I'm gonna do. So this was right outside of Santa Fe in a place called Baldy (New Mexico). It was sometime in the early 80s. I think it's very unlikely that this story was reported and I'll tell you why. My dad was in the mountains and he goes into the mountains with his dog. It's just him and his dog and that's it, nobody else, no other witnesses, and he was up there for a couple days in the middle of nowhere. He comes across a cattle ranch and immediately something's not right. Like the dog is acting unusual, the environment is not how it usually seems and he approaches the farm. It's a little bit dark outside and he gets close enough that he can see that the cattle are actually dead there on the ground. These were unusual deaths because they were on their side, legs flying up in the air, like very strange mutilations. It was multiple cattle. Now, because it was in the middle of nowhere he concluded that the reason it probably hadn't been reported was because somebody didn't want it to be reported. So he did the right thing, he just left, he got out of there.”

SOURCE: Coast To Coast AM - June 29, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: Cattle mutilations are well-known in this part of New Mexico - SANTA FE-MYSTERY (CATTLE-MUTILATIONS)! WHAT IS BEHIND THIS PHENOMENA? and New Mexico Cop Says Military Responsible for Cattle Mutilations. BTW...this location is just east of Dulce, NM. Lon


Black Spider-Man Encounter?

Early 90s – Phoenix, Arizona - (no date is given, but it is claimed in another video that he was in high school in the “early 90s”.) Youtuber, Zack Black, was asked if he had any paranormal experiences. He responded in a video titled: “My paranormal experiences”. In the video he claims to have seen the “Phoenix Lights” while delivering pizza. He also had one other bizarre encounter, with a creature that he described as looking like the “Black Spider-man”.

He claims that when he was in high school, he and some friends would drive out into the desert in Phoenix to a secluded area known to locals as the “ravine”. Essentially the ravine was a monstrous man-made hole, with perfectly flat walls running down all four sides, so deep into the ground that it was hard to see the bottom. The walls had no ledges and it was nearly impossible to climb in or out of. Think a giant square shaped well in the middle of the desert. One moonlit night, they were all gathered around the hole drinking and partying, as they were prone to do on occasion. They were tossing rocks and beer cans down the ravine when suddenly they all heard something strange. It sounded like it was coming from somewhere deep in the bottom of the hole. Their flash-light was a little help, as it was just too deep to see all the way to the bottom. Zack immediately assumed it was a bird or, possibly, some other animal that had fallen in but wasn't sure. Suddenly, they heard whatever this thing was coming up the other side. But how?

“There is no way a bear or a deer or a bobcat or any four legged animal could climb that thing unless it was a spider. That's the thing... We saw it! We saw it! The best way to describe it; you know the Black Spider-man? The evil Spider-man? The one in the black? That's what it looked like. It looked like, human. Whatever it was, it had arms and it had legs. And it ran in a diagonal motion, in a zig-zag motion, and it ran up. It shifted to the side and zig-zagged back and ran up again. I swear to God, I have no idea WTF it was. It definitely wasn't a person. I can tell you that. There's no way a bear or any other animal could get up that unless it had wings. Okay, there's nothing to grab onto. I know it was real. I saw it! As it crawled up, rocks and sand were falling... it made noises. The actual thing didn't make noises but rocks and the sand that fell, they made noises. We freaked out. The thing zig-zagged out, when it got to the top, it took off and we couldn't see it anymore. We just looked at each other and said, 'It's time to go. Let's go!' and we all took off. I don't know what it was. Don't have a clue but it was weird.”

Source:, quoting Zack Black

JLB - Beyond Creepy


UFO Emerges From Portal

I recently received the following accounts from a reader:


Occurred over Ol’ Timers Park in Huntley, Illinois, March 31, 2017.

I swear this to be true. I know it sounds right out of a movie these days. But it was very real to my friend Katt and me….

I have to say, the timing of this is interesting. I almost always have my phone with me. Practically at all times, truly. But we had just gotten done eating upstairs and I left my phone in my kitchen to charge its battery.

March 31 of this year 2017 (I thought it was April but it was last day of March), my friend and I were sitting in my basement near my patio sliding doors. I was sitting in a large chair directly across from the doors, giving me full view of the park behind my house, and Katt was sitting on my couch to my side, and could only see part of my garden from where she was sitting.

We get together almost once a week. In addition to “normal” topics, we always end up discussing UFOs, ghosts, cryptids, etc. I was literally informing her about the latest Cosmic Disclosure episode when I saw a very bright light appear in the sky directly at the end of the park. It was somewhere around 6:30pm – 6:45pm and was not overly dark yet.

This light was so bright, and in only a portion of the sky, that I got up from my chair and walked out to the patio to get a better look. What I saw almost knocked me on my ass. A portion of the sky looked like it was being pulled apart with two unseen hands. A pocket had opened with a different sky behind it! I say that because I realized the bright light was coming from sun and a lighter blue sky that looked completely different from our sky. A UFO was emerging out of this pocket at a slight angle before straightening out. Once it straightened out, that pocket closed in a flash like it was never there. I realized then I just saw a portal / wormhole! Katt now joined me on the porch. The craft had three white lights evenly distributed across the front. It quickly got the short distance to the near-center of park when the UFO’s center light turned off and the craft hovered still. We were stunned.

I have watched a lot of shows on UFOs, have done my own research, have read many books and never have I seen anything this big or this shape in pictures. It was absolutely huge. I could not believe something this big could hover still in the sky without falling. No sound was heard at this time. The UFO was a fairly flat and rectangular shape. It was about one tree-length above the tree tops. So, really close! I KNOW they were watching us as it hovered. It hovered for a good 10-15 seconds and then slowly headed to us, eventually going right over us and then over my house! At this point, I then noticed it had a very slight hum, like energy. Nothing I had ever heard before. Also, we could see the whole bottom with some detail! Enough to know it had panels, which surprised me. I figured advanced technology would be in one piece, not panels. That is when I telepathically got the information that it is easier to fix a problem if panels are used. I didn’t feel that was the only reason but definitely one of them.

So, the crazier part is this…

1. Katt tells me this is the same shape and size of the craft she saw in the sky near her house in Crystal Lake about a 8 or 9 days prior. We had talked about it a week before. However, when she saw it it was further away and very dark outside.

2. Both Katt and I went back inside and sat down and stared in shock at each other for about 30 minutes I am estimating. Neither one of us decided to run upstairs and get my phone/camera, draw what we saw, run out the front door and try to follow it, or get in my car and follow it. It was like we could not properly function. I used to be a paranormal researcher, so believe me, I know how important evidence is AND I knew what we were seeing was very significant when we were seeing it!

Later we concluded that we probably wouldn’t have seen the UFO if my phone was with me. Who knows.

We weren’t scared. We were just shocked that WE got to see this. And while there was still some daylight and in a middle of a very residential area. Nuts.

3. The next day I posted on a FB page I run what we saw. A girl we know and trust stated this, “My husband and I actually saw this on our way home from dinner..same time... We wondered the same thing because it looked absolutely NOT like a plane and also not like a satellite.”

I have searched social media, newspapers, online, YouTube, and nothing comes up about it.

Stacy McArdle


Hi Lon,

I was with my parents this last February (2017) traveling from Las Vegas to Sedona via car. It was mid-morning. My mother was sleeping in the back. My father was driving. I had been watching out the front passenger window most of the time and then decided to read a book I brought about Sedona vortexes. We were just passing through the Flagstaff area when I telepathically was told to look straight up from my book, that there was a UFO above us. Indeed, when I looked up I saw a bell-shaped craft cloaked in cloud cover technology. I was further informed, telepathically, that “they” were giving me a download to be activated at a later date. I did not feel the need to question this as it just felt as right as someone trustworthy telling it to my face.

I pointed to my father and told him there was a UFO above us to which he agreed looked like one. However, he really didn’t pay much attention except to say something like, “Oh, neat” out of consideration. He is used to me talking about them.

I do not know what this “download” I received is. Anything in regards to that that I would state as a possibility would feel like my own opinion only right now.

The images: You can see the round knob at the top of the UFO and panels peaking through the cloud covering. Cloud cloaking technology has been reported as a real thing by many UFO researchers like David Wilcock and Corey Goode, among others, and military whistleblowers, but there are not many photos out there as evidence. These are the best ones I have personally seen. Yet, seemingly, none of these people want to consider this as possible evidence.

Note: There is a black spot at the top of all my photos and that is only something that is wrong with my iPhone camera.

*I have attached a UFO chart showing a UFO from 1947 Roswell, NM. I believe this craft is similar, but not the same. Another chart shows a couple other similar types.

Stacy McArdle, Huntley, IL

NOTE: all the information has been forwarded to UFORCOP for further investigation. Lon


Hey folks...this will be the only post today (unless something major occurs). I had drops placed in my eyes this afternoon. Simply saying that I feel miserable is an understatement. Anyway, thanks again for reading. Lon


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