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Monday, July 17, 2017

A Skeptic...Now Believes

Spencer in San Antonio, Texas called in to tell of odd experiences occurring in his home:

“I just want to preface this story by saying to all your listeners that I'm a skeptic of the paranormal. I try to explain things away normally but, well, we recently been having some weird occurrences I can't explain in our home. I'll try to make this story really quick but about a couple months ago I saw a figure standing at the end of the hall in our house. It's just me and my girlfriend and her dog who live together and, so, I yelled my girlfriend's name. I work nights. I come home pretty late and there was no response. The figure disappeared when I go to turn the light on.

So, last weekend I came home late. My girlfriend's brother was spending the weekend with us and they were already asleep by the time I got home. So I made my way into the bathroom and while in there, I actually heard footsteps come down the hall. It was pretty loud and there was actually a movement on the door almost like a hand rubbing down the door and so I assumed it was my girlfriend's brother. I yelled that I'd be out in a couple minutes and there was no response. I assumed he was on his cell phone waiting for me to come out so I got up and opened the door. Nobody there, just black, darkness in the hallway. So I went out to the living room and he's passed out on the couch. She's in the bedroom passed out and so that was kind of what freaked me out, because I though I caught a glimpse of her down the hallway. I yelled out, "You can come down the hall now"...thinking it was her messing with me. She yells from behind me in the bedroom "We're sleeping John"...a bit perturbed with me. She's in the bedroom with the A/C on and so I'm like, just, oh my God, maybe it's the house settling, something like that.

So a few nights later, it seems to be progressively... we're starting to experience more and more occurrences. I was watching TV prior, this was a few nights after this experience, and I was watching TV late at night and I saw in the reflection behind can see my kitchen in the window, like in our living room, and I saw that same figure walk past very swiftly into the hallway actually towards where the bathroom is. So I jumped up because I was startled seeing it. I yelled my girlfriend's name assuming it was her again. She's often going and getting a drink late at night and she often turns the light on. I'm in the bedroom yelling. She's like what are you doing? I've been in here the entire time with you talking about so and so. That's the last thing that's recently happened and it's freaking her out now. She and I can talk about it already. Even our dog, it just goes into the kitchen from time to time now and just stares like off into nothing but they sense something. It's just really, really weird and, like I said, I'm a skeptic. I've never experienced anything in home or in my entire life until now.”

Source: Coast To Coast Radio - July 14, 2017

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