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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mysterious Account: What Do You Think?

The following is a very strange account. What are your thoughts?:

“Man, I hate doing this but here goes. When I was a teenager one of my best friends' girlfriend called my parent's home looking for her boyfriend, my best friend. She reached my baby bro. When I got home from work my brother gave me the sketchy details of her call. She claimed at the time of the call, two policemen paid her a visit. My brother and a group of concerned friends were going over to her house to talk in person. I opted out, being tired from working a double shift. They left, I hit the sack. As I started to drift off I heard my side door slam open followed by the sound of someone falling/frantically shuffling down my basement stairs. That's where my room was, my room was the first door right across from the basement stairs, right as you entered the side door of my parents house.

I didn't get out of bed but I called out to whomever was out there. I figured it was my baby brother coming back, maybe he forgot something and he was running back into his room to get it. (which was the second door to my room). Whomever it was never came into my room. They ran right past and went into his bedroom. It was so clear. I even heard panting. Then I thought maybe it was my best friend, he would do that whenever he got into trouble or whatever. He wouldn't go home. He would always come straight to my parent's house. After getting no reply, I got up, looked around, shut the side door, went back downstairs, looked around in my brother's room...I didn't see anyone.

About 20 to 30 minutes after that, my brother called me very upset. But by then I already knew...my friend was dead. In fact I told my brother before he could finish his sentence. They found him in his girlfriend's car with a bullet hole in the center of his head and one through the palm of his hand, as though he tried to block the bullet. His murder has never been solved.

The strange part, the next morning the police claimed they hadn't been to the home of the deceased's fiance. They contacted the immediate family late that night. Going by the police report and what his older brother told us in a very accusing manner. (forgive my digression but remember that scene in the movie Fire in the Sky, where Travis older brother questioned Michael about Travis's whereabouts? It was eerily similar to that, just take it up a few notches). The times didn't match up whatsoever. At the time my brother received the call from her, taking in the eyewitness (he hit a fire hydrant on the witnesses front lawn but he never saw anyone around the car/scene) account...his murder hadn't took place.”

Source: Youtube Comments, Pan

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: Very odd account. My take is that the police had gone to the fiance's (girlfriend's) house looking for her boyfriend. She called around asking for him. The brother went to her place to talk to her while the witness stayed home and went to bed. The witness was awoken by the sound of somebody entering the house and going to his brother's room. He assumed it was the friend and got up to check, but nobody was there. Approximately 30 mins. later he got a call notifying him that the friend had been killed. The police claim they never went to the fiance's home before or after. The bottom line is that somebody came to the house asking for the boyfriend (possibly the killers) pretending to be cops or something more bizarre occurred...and the witness overheard his deceased friend. Is this an overlapping timeline story with a bit of an entity account included? Do you have an interpretation? Lon

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