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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Guarded By Angels

Here's a very strange car wreck story that happened to me when I was 19. The 2 weeks before the wreck my mom had mentioned to me that every day while I was at work there were 2 white doves sitting on the roof of my car. They would be there from around 8am till around 5pm everyday. She said that a few times when she went out to get into her car, that was parked right beside mine in the driveway. The doves wouldn't even fly away when she shut the door, started the engine, and pulled out of the driveway. There was only about 3ft of space between the cars, and the birds would just sit there, and sometimes look right at her. She thought this was so odd that one day she took a couple photos of the birds.

Fast forward to the night of the wreck. I got home from work around 6pm. Showered, ate and watched some TV. Around 9:30 I left to head out to a party, that a friend was having. The strange thing was that before I left I went into my mom's bedroom, told her where I was going, said I would be back at some point because I wasn't staying at a friends or my girlfriends house that night, and said love you, bye. Those actions were extremely odd for me for a few reasons. I went to a lot of parties when I was that age. So many parties that my best friend and I were voted "Class Party Animals" in my senior yearbook. I was considered by most to be an alcoholic, and drug addict at the time. I got drunk 3 times per week minimum, and the drugs were weed everyday, pills, and a little coke a couple times per week. Since I was 16 I had never once told my mom where I was going anytime I went out to party. I usually wouldn't even say goodbye unless my mom happened to be standing near the door when I was leaving. I was a typical self-centered asshole teenager.

A friend and I left the 1st party at around 11pm after only drinking a couple beers and smoking 1 joint. We were heading across town to another party that my girlfriend was at. Another 2 friends were behind us and we began to race down the curvy country road.(something we did way too often). My car was pretty fast and I began to pull away fairly quickly. At some point the friends behind us slowed down, and within a couple minutes I could no longer see their headlights in my rear view mirror. I however didn't slow down and continued to go just above 100mph. There was a crest in the road ahead and we would hit that going fast all the time, because you could get some decent air time. I had probably done that jump no less than 15 times since I had gotten my license. When I was about 100 yards from the crest I remember looking at the speedometer. I was going 115mph, so I decided I should let off the gas and coast into the jump. I hit the jump probably going between 90 and 100mph. I got quite a bit of air, and when I landed the front left tire exploded. The rim of the wheel dug into the asphalt and immediately turned my car sideways. The sides of the road were lined with trees, and the last thing I remember seeing was those trees passing in front of me. It was almost like it was all in slow motion.

According to the cops and EMT's what likely happened next was I hit one tree, spun around, hit another tree, spun some more, then hit the last tree. I was ejected through the driver side window, and landed about 50ft from the car. Neither I or my passenger were wearing our seat belts. If we were wearing seat belts we both absolutely would have died. When I was ejected through the driver's side window, the passenger was knocked into the driver's seat, and the car was crushed around him leaving just enough space for him to survive. We would have been crushed together if we were wearing seat belts. The friends I was racing hadn't seen my tail lights for a while, and when they passed the spot of the wreck they couldn't see my car because it was 50 yards into the wooded area. What they did notice was there was a lot of dirt and dust in that area. When they got to the end of the road where it was flat land, and still didn't see tail lights, they thought we might have wrecked near that dirty dusty part of the roadway, so luckily they turned around and headed back.

This is the strangest part of the story to me. When they got to the scene of the wreck, they parked off the road and ran to where my car was. The passenger (Kyle) was trapped in the car and unconscious. He was in such an odd position, and there was so much blood that they instantly assumed he was dead and began to look for me. My friend (Tad) said that when he found me he assumed I was dead too, because of the blood and unnatural position my body was in. He said as he got closer he could see that my eyes were closed and he said I was talking as if I was having a conversation with someone that wasn't there. I still remember this part like it was yesterday. (I should mention here that I am agnostic, so I'm not a big believer in angels or anything like that). I don't remember actually seeing anything, so I can't say who or what I was talking to, but this is what I remember. The thing said something to me. I'm not sure what it said, but my reply was "No". Then it said something else, and my reply was "What about the passengers?". I don't know why I said passengers plural, but I did. Then it said something else and my reply was, "OK". Then I opened my eyes and Tad was screaming my name and crying. He was saying "Kyle's f**king dead" over and over again, while he was helping me to my feet. He probably shouldn't have even tried to move me at all, but we were all in shock and just panicking. I got to my feet and we began to walk towards the car. Then Tad looked at me and said "Sit down man, your legs are all f**ked up. I'll be right back." I watched him run to the car, then he started screaming, "Kyle's alive, holy shit he's f**king alive." I then started to look at my arms and legs. Tad was right they were all f**ked up. There was also a ton of blood going into my eyes, and I figured out my head was essentially cracked open and blood was just pouring out everywhere.

A man and woman that lived in a house about 100 yards away came running up. I remember the guy saying, "Holy shit, it sounded like a f**king bomb." The lady started freaking out then ran back to the house to call 911. Cops and an ambulance came, and some EMTs began attending to me, while others began to use the "jaws of life" to cut Kyle out of the car. (My mom is a very religious person and she believes the doves were a sign from God, and I was having a conversation with my Guardian Angel that night, but I'm still undecided.) I used to think that the phrase "He was knocked clean out of his shoes" was just a commonly used exaggerated expression. Turns out it is not just an expression. The force of impact knocked me out of my shoes. Those shoes were Doc Martin 3 quarter boots that were completely laced and tied tightly. One of the cops on the scene said those boots were still sitting on the floorboard of the car right next to the gas and brake pedals.

Just before we left the party there were two friends that were going to ride with me. They were in the backseat, but my car was a small sports car so the backseat was very small. At literally the last minute they decided to ride with another friend that was driving an SUV and going to the same party, because there was way more room for them. Both of those guys would definitely have died if they stayed in my car. The entire back of my car was completely crushed. Everybody always wants to know what injuries we both had, so here they are. Kyle's injuries were as follows...broken neck, collar bone, pelvis, both legs, both feet, right arm in 4 places, left arm in 2 places, left wrist, crushed right hand, 3 broken ribs, dislocated jaw, dislocated left shoulder. My injuries were as follows......2 Broken ribs, Left leg 2 places, Right leg 3 places. All tendons attached to knees completely snapped, broken collar bone, dislocated left shoulder, broken left arm 2 places, multiple skull fractures, multiple lacerations to my face and neck (from going through the window). As you can see I got off much easier than Kyle did. We both still have tons of hardware all through our bodies, and walk with slight limps.

I obviously felt terrible for a very long time regarding what I put Kyle and his family through, but he wouldn't let me think like that when he was with me. Every chance he got, he would constantly crack terrible car wreck themed jokes all the time. Over a decade later, we are still friends, and we still hang out occasionally. When we first saw each other a few months after the wreck, Kyle said "In 10 years we will look back and laugh about this". He was right, our senses of humor are so dark, and we do laugh about certain aspects of that night to this day.

(Interesting side note)...My Great Grandfather, My Grandfather, and My Dad, all completely totaled their 1st cars in terrible crashes, and also barely lived to talk about it with multiple broken bones. 2 of them were also ejected from their cars, and not wearing seat belts..... Pretty weird. Hopefully my son will break that cycle.

Source: Youtube Comments, Cosmo Vedder

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