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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Strange Experiences Down Under -- WTF? Bird-Headed Humanoids in Sports Bras! -- Myself...From a Distance

Strange Experiences Down Under

The following article was published in Rosemary Ellen Guiley's 'Visionary Living':

I have received two reports from Australia of strange experiences involving a disappearing/reappearing object, and an apparent time slip. The experiencer, Les, lives in South Australia.

The first experience refers to “jotts,” an acronym for “just one of those things,” applied to objects that go missing inexplicably and, just as inexplicably, sometimes reappear in the same or different places. Here is Les’s account:

“I’ve just read your blog about jotts and here’s one of mine. I’m in a folk band and we had a practice at Doug’s house a few days ago. I took my electronic bagpipe and played a couple of tunes then put it back in its case. When I got home and unpacked my bag the pipe wasn’t there. I rang Doug and he turned over his house but couldn’t find it. I emptied out my backpack, searched my car, it was nowhere. Over the following days I kept checking my backpack and it definitely wasn’t in there.

“You know what’s coming, don’t you! Yes, today I took my backpack to go shopping, checked that it was empty and put my raincoat and some music in it. After I arrived I took the raincoat out and went for a walk. When I got back I took the music out and had a short practice then put the music back. There was no sign at all of the pipe in the bag. When I got home this evening I went to get the music out of the pack and there was the pipe at the bottom of the bag! Impossible but true. I’m not stupid or forgetful – I have two Masters degrees and have practised mindfulness for decades. I can only surmise my pipes went Walkabout in another dimension or a parallel universe and my attention to them attracted them back. Who knows?

Time Slip

“Another doozy happened to me last year. I was in Adelaide (South Australia, where I live) and went for a walk down a long street filled with shops. I got to the bottom end, a distance of over a kilometre, and noticed a yoga shop and went in to see if they had an exercise ball that my physio had suggested I get. I walked out of the shop, crossed the road and suddenly found myself back at the top end of the street, a distance which had taken me about 15 minutes to walk from! It was as if I’d stepped into a worm hole or time warp or who knows what? I was shocked. Next day I searched for the yoga shop and found it down a side street at the top of the main street. I went in and asked the owner when they had moved from the location at the bottom end of the street. She said “two years ago”!! I have no explanation at all. But isn’t life amazing and wonderful!”


Jotts such as the one experienced by Les are called “walkabouts.” Does a mischievous spirit take them, dematerialize them, and then bring them back? In some cases, the objects disappear and are never returned. Sometimes jotts are one-offs. There are people, however, who are frequent jott experiencers. For more about jotts, click here to see the article “Have You Been Jottled?” on my site.

The time slip is similar to other reported experiences. In one variation, a person sees or visits a place that no longer exists. One possible explanation is that the location sits in a portal area where bizarre experiences are frequently reported. Another is that the experiencer is in the right state of conscious (usually mildly distracted and pleasant) and in the right energized place for a time slip to occur. Often the environment shifts and feels “weird;” sometimes it does not.

Strange Dimensions with Rosemary Ellen Guiley is a dynamic two-hour weekly show that brings you the latest in alternative research, straight from the experts who are pushing out the frontiers.

Hosted by one of the most respected figures in the field, this show covers a broad range of topics in the paranormal, ufology, cryptozoology, and metaphysical fields. Our extraordinary experiences with the spirit world, nonhuman intelligent beings, and mysterious phenomena are contributing to an unprecedented expansion of human consciousness. Find out what discoveries are changing the world today and shaping the world of tomorrow—and how you are part of it.

NOTE: I will be joining Rosemary on Wednesday, June 15th at 8PM ET...previous to Arcane Radio at 10PM ET. Lon


WTF? Bird-Headed Humanoids in Sports Bras!

“I've never told this but when I was going home from the gym one night to my old home before we moved when I was 22. I saw 3 humanoids with bird heads standing in a circle during night time around 9-10 pm. As I was getting closer and closer to them at first walking on a sidewalk minding my own business, just walking to get home, I thought it was someone dressed up with good quality masks but then, as I glanced and looked for several seconds, I got petrified and just walked past them, slowly increasing my speed. Their features were they had hands and legs and no wings but they had black, dark brown feathers and black beaks and red eyes. Also they were dressed slightly, wearing something similar to female sports bra, but it was shiny maybe golden. Anyone encountered something similar?

Source: Youtube Comments, dzigimk

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Myself...From a Distance

In a 2015 video, Youtuber Cas talked about a bizarre experience he had in his youth:

“Alright, so when I was a kid, like, I was 8 or 9 or something like that, I was playing in the huge parking lot that was behind my house. I was LARPING before I even knew it was called LARP. I had a baseball bat and I was pretending it was a sword. So I was in the parking lot, slashing around, pretending I was fighting bad guys. The parking lot was one huge parking lot and then it had driveways going beside the building out to the main road. So I was fighting in it and I got up to the fence that was on the side of one of the driveways and I did a fancy little slash and then I pretended I sheathed it on my back and then I stood up and I looked down the driveway and I saw myself standing on the sidewalk staring back at me. Of course I was a little bit freaked out because I didn't know what was going on. At first I thought it was someone who looked just like me and he probably thought the same thing. And then he kind of did a jog down the sidewalk past the building where I couldn’t see him anymore. So I ran up and looked around the corner and he was gone. I looked around the parking lot just in case he was looking for me but I couldn't see him. So, creeped out, I decided to head home and I told my father about this and then he told me about doppelgangers. I was convinced I saw my own doppelganger.

Two or three years later, I'm walking down the sidewalk, walking home, and I look down the driveway and I see myself playing in this parking lot doing all the same slashes. I did like the fancy slash and sheathed it. And I was like, I remember this. I remember seeing myself in this position. So without even thinking about it, I dashed off to the front of the building and I turned around and I waited for my younger self to come up the driveway but my younger self never showed up. So I looked down the driveway and I was not there. So I walked home and I told my father about what I just saw and he laughed.”

Source: Youtuber Railuge from a video titled “Personal Glitch in the Matrix Story” published on 12 October 2015

JLB - Beyond Creepy



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