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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Owl Transforms Into a Woman -- Bizarre 'Blue Glowing' Ionized Energy -- Human-Like Aliens in Las Vegas

Owl Transforms Into a Woman

I live in El Paso, Texas and back in 2007 I used to move to the lower valley for about 7 months and lived in some very decent apartments. I was 13 at the time and it was before I figured myself out. I would get bullied a lot because I was the new kid, and because of this I would sneak out at night and walk around my apartments to clear my mind. I would always witness very strange things like a girl dressed in white, flashes of a man hanging from a tree, unexplained shadows and lights and much more. I wasn't the only one who would witness this. Everyone would, even my own family. BUT THE ONE THING ME AND MY FAMILY WILL NEVER FORGET ARE THE OWLS!

A week before I moved from there my best friend (at the time) wanted to spend the night and spend as much time together before I moved back to central El Paso closer to Juarez and the city. Well, he ended up becoming ill and did not want to spend the night, so i walked him home. When I came back I laid on my couch and stared at my closed curtains. Outside there was a light, so if anyone would pass we would see the silhouette of the figure. As I laid on my couch I kept hearing this strange flapping of like wings of a bird. I didn't think much of it so I put my ears phones and listened to my Ipod. I continued to stare at the window simply out of boredom and then something strange happened. I saw a huge bird fly right by window and turned into a WOMAN!! The woman stood there as if it knew I could see her and as quickly as it happened she walked away. I could hear her foot steps disappearing into the empty stair case outside my apartment. For a long time I kept this to myself simply because I didn't want anyone to think I was crazy.

Three days before I moved out there was an owl outside the tree of where my window was, but I did not want to think much about it. So I simply walked in and proceeded with my night walk. The night before I left for El Paso, it happened again only a bit different. I saw the same thing I did before, only this time she didn't stand. I saw the owl turn into a woman and then sprinted off as if she was running from something or as if she was scared or in danger! I obviously never went outside to see, mainly because I was little kid and scared out of my mind.

So about 4 months after we moved my mother called us all into the living room for a talk. The conversations we had made me feel like I had my sanity back. I knew I was not crazy. My mother and my brother we had all seen the same thing only at different times and places. My brother saw it from far away outside as he was walking home from a friend's house. He said he saw an owl turn into a woman and ran off into the field. My mother had experienced it many times as she came home from her late night shifts. Many times far away and others only feet away. I want to know if anyone has experienced these things with OWLS does anyone know any type of folk tales, and myths and stuff about these creatures I wish to know more.

Source: Anonymous


Bizarre 'Blue Glowing' Ionized Energy

A puzzling piece of footage from Ohio appears to show some kind of strange energy moving across the sky in the midst of a hail storm.

The video was captured by a man named Chip Beale, who was filming the treacherous weather from his home.

In the short clip, a loud buzzing sound can be heard and, though the trees in Beale's yard, a blue-ish glow travels horizontally through the air. Read more w/ video at 'Eerie Energy' Filmed During Hailstorm


Human-Like Aliens in Las Vegas

Palazzo Hotel, Las Vegas, NV - 2017-06-04:


Him: tall, (6.5 - 7"), blonde, thin, dressed very GQ suit, perhaps charcoal. he was always looking down. i tried hard to look at him but could not focus in for some reason (as if hearing, don't be rude, don't stare). hair was to the collar, seemed to be one length as opposed to a shaved cut.

Her: tall, a few inches shorter than him, and she was wearing heals. thin, with long very red hair, obviously a dyed (non-natural) red or a wig. very straight, all the way down her back. she also had bangs. i wanted to (and did) see her eyes. they were blueish, and the pigmentation was unique. she wore a long black jacket over (what i believe to be) dark blue dress. i do not remember seeing a handbag.

The interaction:

After watching the first half of the NBA finals in our room, my sister and i decided to go downstairs to watch the second half of the game at the Grand Lux cafe bar, which is in the back end of the casino and it was a pretty quiet, with very few people around. we both noticed a striking tall couple about 15 feet away to our left, walking towards us. we stopped, planning on letting the two walk in front of us so we could get a good look because something just did not seem right about them. but that is not what happened.

Unknowingly i must have taken a few steps forward as if to step in front of them, which was not my intent at all. (they were not even within my peripheral vision.) i felt a very odd energy brush by me and i realized it was them. i felt panic for my sis as i knew she was behind me and they must have surely have bumped right into her. i whipped around to see her in a freeze-tag-like pose. (the couple were still not within peripheral sight.) she was very startled and shaken and says out loud "how did i not run into them?". (she too had also taken unintentional steps forward.)

The tall duo were still walking the same direction and were about 7 - 8 feet on the other side of us heading towards the palazzo theater. they paused, the female looked around but did not acknowledge us. at this time, i admitted to myself that they could not possibly be human and watched them walk away (or more like glide, their stride was not "normal".) i had the thought that they seemed to be communicating to each other.

Odd aftermath: all we could say about the ordeal was "wasn't that weird!" it was as if we couldn't assimilate what had just happened. we went into the Grand Lux bar and ordered some beers (our first drink of the day) and did not speak of it at all. my husband joined us for a minute, and we didn't even mention it to him. after the game we walked to the casino across the street (the Wynn) and while watching the outdoor water fountain show, we finally started talking about what had happened. my sister said aloud what i had been thinking all along ... "we just saw aliens". we compared our stories and they matched up, it really did happen.

Is it possible there were other reported sightings of this couple in Las Vegas? since casino's have camera surveillance, perhaps MUFON has connections to obtain video tape of us "bumping into" them? (i know our exact location, date and approximate time within 10 minutes.) - MUFON


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