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Daily 2 Cents: Mandela Effect...or Something Else? -- 'Spirits were at work...' -- Missing Time on the Bus

Mandela Effect...or Something Else?

I recently received the following account:

I had something highly strange recently (another incident in a lifetime of inexplicable experiences) and I would appreciate any thoughts that you might share with me concerning this recent event. I read the obits in my local newspaper occasionally, as I sometimes worry that one of my old friend's parents or someone I have known has passed on and I would want to express condolences...(my own parents died suddenly, very close together, and I know how important that expressions of sympathy can be) The obit that I read last summer (I noticed it because the woman was a prominent lady who was a high school friend of my mothers, and also the mother in law of my son's cousin). She had died of cancer, and it was doubly sad because her grand-daughter was going to be the Queen of our local "Rose Festival" the following October of 2015. This is a great honor in our city, and the woman herself had actually been a Rose Queen in 1955. Her grand-daughter is the daughter of my son's cousin James, so my son and I discussed the news at length: he was getting married in November of that year and was inviting members of that family to his wedding. So I actually shared the news of her death with a few people, and remember that well.

Imagine my surprise when I read the local obits last week and saw that she had died recently!!!????(June 2017) The story of her death was prominently featured, and I read it, in disbelief and utter shock, again and again.....I called my son and he was confused as well, as I had already reported her passing to him two years ago! What can this mean? Did I have a visual precognition of her death, 2 years before it occurred? Did I experience a time slip, going into the future to read her obit? Or did time curve back on itself and confuse me with a double death? This event has truly been worrisome to me-am I losing my mind and memory? The week before Memorial Day of this year, I had the random thought that a distant great aunt of mine had passed, and called several relatives to inquire about, she was not dead, but no one knew anything about her situation-if she ha .recently been ill? Was living with her daughter? (she was 92) But 8 days later l got the news that she had actually died 6 days after my phone calls. What are your thoughts? MC


Haunted Rat Cage

When I was about 12 years old when this happened. It all started when my grandma took me shopping on my birthday, but I didn't find anything I liked. I told my grandma that I wanted a pet, but I knew my mom wouldn't like it though. My grandma took me to a pet shop, after that I bought a rat, and named it Misty. I loved that rat it was the only pet I've ever had, besides a fish.

Later on the next year she got really sick and very skinny. A couple weeks later she had passed away. Well the next night I heard noises inside my bedroom, but I didn't think much of it then. The following day I got another rat, and put it in the same cage Misty used to be in. That night I heard scratching on the walls like Misty used to do, I knew it couldn't be my rat Dottie, because I was holding her. I got scared! I heard the things moving in the cage like something was in there. I put my rat back in there and it stopped. That night my rat was squeaking like something was hurting her. In the morning my wall had all these scratch marks. I took out my rat and she was all scratched up too. This would happen every night until I finally got a new cage. To this day the scratches are still on my wall untouched. A


'Spirits were at work...'

A piece from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on May 7, 1908:

This is the latest from Alton, home of the nature fake and of the freakish and unusual. The furniture in the locked home of H.B. Sparks, a wealthy resident, was disarranged during a heavy storm, and the only explanation possible, neighbors say, is that "spirits were at work."

Mr. Sparks and his family discredit the spirit theory, but they are unable to offer any other.

While the family slept during the thunderstorm Monday night the pictures in the parlor were turned to the wall, the piano was set in the middle of the floor, chairs were overturned, a marble statuette was faced about and the bookcases were emptied of their contents.

Every window and outside door was securely locked when examination was made Tuesday morning, according to members of the family.

Right in the middle of the parlor floor was a copy of Shakespeare's "Tempest," open at the first scene of the fourth act, where this significant quotation occurs:

"Our revels now are ended. These, our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits
And are melted into thin air, like
The baseless fabric of the vision."


Missing Time on the Bus

In full disclosure, this is a field investigator in Idaho completing the report for the witness. I spoke with her over the phone on 06/15/2017 at about 10:00 am MST for 45 minutes:

The witness is a monitor on a special needs bus. The event happened when the bus took a wrong turn. Normally, the bus driver misses a stop a few times a week from incorrect turns and has to go back around. On this particular day, the witness reported that she did not think this was unusual and was chatting with students at the time. She said that she remembered saying to the students not to worry and that the driver would correct the mistake. At the same time she said this, she said she suddenly realized they were on the other street already, not remembering the driver actually correcting the mistake, but suddenly being on the correct street. Overall, about 10 seconds of missing time was experienced, and others reported that something just didn't feel right, that they felt that they had not left this dimension, or that they had experienced a time warp. - MUFON

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