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Weekend 2 Cents: Indiana 'Monster Crab' -- Her 'Big Friend'

Indiana 'Monster Crab'

“It's funny that you mentioned Indiana as being a hotbed of strange occurrences. I spent time there working in a coal mine in Vincennes and heard a story that, though brief, was truly strange. I became good friends with a new guy on our crew and one day our conversation turned to cryptids. This guy was a college grad and a family man, in his late twenties. He decided to leave his job as an ultrasound tech and find more adventurous work. I considered him an intelligent and trustworthy man. So what he told me was this.

He grew up on a local farm. The area was soybean fields criss-crossed with a number of large creeks. His sister and cousin were with him swimming in one of these creeks one day, they were around ten or eleven years old, when they saw the surface of the water become agitated. As they watched from about twenty yards away, a crab about four feet wide burst from the water and pulled itself up onto the bank. He told me it looked like any other crab except for its monstrous size. The creature climbed up over the bank and was gone. The kids cautiously climbed the bank after it and found only its large tracks in the freshly ploughed field. He said that it must have made for one of the other creeks nearby after being disturbed. He told me that it scared the hell out of them and ended the swimming in those creeks. The guy was not a liar or a spinner of tall tales. He was kinda embarrassed to talk about it thinking I might react as his family did with disbelief. I think that what he told me was true and what he saw was real.”

Source: Youtube Comments, Chad Dixon

JLB - Beyond Creepy

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Her 'Big Friend'

I recently received the following account:

Like to tell you a story. I work as an ice logger in Peace River, Alberta. Now mind you I am there only 4 months a year. But I will tell you that we have a nice camp, nice setup and we go 24/7 hauling wood for the big chippers...and chips go to China as wood heat etc. Anyhow, we had a bridge out where we have to take the big chip trucks across and were 6 of us there. Some idiot trucker threw out a bag of trash right on the river, mind you at this time in the season it was 40F below. We all saw these big tracks come out to this bag and rifle thru it. This thing whatever it was drug its feet whether to hide its prints or what. But all off us and we are tough bruised, battled and scared loggers NEVER said a word to each other. Just looks or I guess glares at each other. But we knew there was something there in the wood line. We done our work and we got the hell outta there.

This is the thing. Truck drivers don't have to stay in the woods like us. This.. whatever it was did not like that bag of trash thrown there. We were not allowed at night when we were skidding to go 5 feet from machine, have your smoke but don't go to far lol. Now this is written down as a offense if you do it. Old Cook...well she is not that old but she told us not to throw food out at the camp cause it would cause ravens to come in and cause a racket in the morning. Because the boys work 12 hr shifts and hate to get woke up.

Anyway this night I was on days at the time and could not sleep. So after supper I stayed around the kitchen talking to her. She is a Plains Cree lady and I am Mi'kmaw. So after awhile like 9 or 9:30 I noticed her bagging stuff, leftover dinner etc. I said I will take that out for you. Our trash bins are bear-proof with heavy lids. She said 'no.' So I watched her take this bag outside and lay it beside the bear proof bins. I was thinking WTF...did not ask her much or why really she does that. But in a way she said it was for her 'big friend.' I did not go see if the food was gone as I work 12 hr shifts, but I do watch here after our supper and or breakfast. She puts certain things aside for somebody. Anyway just a little thing that made me think off you. Love your page - MJM


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