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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Weekend 2 Cents: Humanoid in the Hood -- Large Upside Down Pear-Shaped Head -- Arcane Radio...Paranormal Researcher Nicole Strickland

Humanoid in the Hood

Alvin in Fresno, California called in to describe an encounter he had in 1996:

"Alright, in 1996... so, at that time, I was in high school and, uh, I've been wanting to tell you the story for years. Man, I've been calling, you know. A lot of times I wouldn't get in. Other times, I would, uh, like pretty much back out of it because it's a, well, let me tell you the story.

I was in high school and I used to gang, my cousin, and, you know, it was, it was crazy, like you see in 'Boyz In The Hood' or something like. So, okay, so, one day or whatever, we're just hanging out of this spot with the gang, whatever, and we used to go at it with this Asian gang. Well, one of them came up and, you know, he's mouthing off and shows us his gun and my cousin, he carried guns and all that, and he was always crazy about, oh, he always said, 'if you're gonna show your gun, you better use your gun', you know, he didn't play like that. So we go after the guy and he turns down this alley and so did we. My cousin pulls his gun and like, you know, it was no game. It's really real out here, so he shoots and he hits the kid, you know. So we went up to the body, the reason being my cousin wanted his gun. George, we went up to the body and the Asian kid, in front of our eyes, man, transformed. Green, um, like alligator-like type skin. It scared us to death, man. (George asks if it was dead) Yeah, I mean, well, as far as we knew he was dead. He looked at me. I looked at him. We booked it. We high-tailed it out of there. To this day, only me and him know that happened. (George asks if the eyes were snake-like) No, it was, like a fly's eyes, like a bug's eyes. Yeah, and the eyes had like a (inaudible) color. Yeah, man, we booked it out of there. I couldn't believe it, you know, and then we went like away, you know, and he was throwing up. (George asks what happened to his cousin) He was killed. Yeah, he was killed all gang banging. It woke me up. I made some changes to do the right thing. That happened in the year 2000 when he was killed and, like, yeah, wake up call. Reality hit."

Source: Coast To Coast AM - May 19, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Triangular UFO Followed by 2 Apache Helicopters

I recently received the following account:

In 2003, I was heading west on RT.322 (Pennsylvania) about 1.5 to 2 miles from the intersection of route 82 with my ex-wife, who was my wife at the time, at approximately 11:30pm, when we witnessed a black triangle craft flying just above the tree line on our right side. It had a single light on the bottom in the center which is what brought it to my attention, was about the size of a football field, I slowed down and pulled off to the left into the entrance of one of the mobile home park's to watch it as it flew silently to the east. After watching it as far as we could, we heard helicopters coming from the same direction, 2 Apache helicopters, I knew what type they were as I've been a military aircraft enthusiast throughout my life. At that point I had figured I had just seen an experimental craft and its escorts until a few years ago when I was telling a friend who had spent some years serving in the Army about it. He told me he spent a lot of time around these choppers during his tours in the middle east and it was unusual enough to send one as an escort, but two was very unusual due to the high cost of operating and maintaining them. He said they were more likely sent to intercept something at low level than as an escort. Now I'm not so sure what I saw was ours. M


Large Pear-Shaped Head

Wilmot, WI - 1992-06-06: I went to work in the morning on a Friday or Saturday to do inventory and when I came out the door I was surrounded by all white. I noticed to my left a person with a very large head who proceeded to his left and then walked very quickly towards my direction. He then stood face to face with me being about my height. I couldn't see anything but his head which looked like a very large upside down pear. His skin was normal flesh color and eyes were normal. Funny thing he had a dark mustache covering his mouth. Don't remember any hair. He said "Hi Dan" to me but with no mouth movement that I could see.I head it in my head though. I have no recall after. - MUFON


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