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Monday, May 22, 2017

The 'Green Smoky Thing' Across the Street

Popular Youtuber Kyla Rebecca shared a couple of paranormal stories in this particular video. The transcript, which is in her 'speaking style' has been modified a bit...but more than not, it remains original:

“I’m not going to get into too many details about that night because a lot of it is very personal for my family. There were some things that were going on that night that I feel like it is not my business to share so I will just skip the reasons why and you can just fill in the blanks.

Me and my sister and my mom and my dad were up really late this night. I was in bed with my sister in her room and we were like cuddled up next to each other in the bed. Well, I was staring towards, like, the doorway, just kind of zoning out while they were talking to me, not really paying attention to anything that they were saying like kids do. The door was open and then there was a space about this far from the door and the wall. Our light was on in there so it was completely bright. It wasn’t dark at all. I was zoning out towards the doorway when something caught my eye from behind the door and the wall. I don’t know how to describe this because it sounds crazy... smoke and a completely rounded shape popped up from behind the door and I’m seeing this smoky thing. And I’m seeing the smoke kind of move. I swear to God, if you took me as a silhouette and you turned me into smoke and you have about from right here up (pointing at her shoulder and moving up to her head) that’s what I saw. It was shoulders and it had a neck and it had a head and it just popped out from behind the door. I was staring at it and as soon as I started really, really freaking out and crying, as soon as my parents went to turn to look to see what I was looking at, I watched that thing pull back behind the door. I remember that and I still get so petrified because there was something about that moment that was meant for me. I didn’t realize it in the moment when I was there. I didn’t realize it at the moment how personal that felt. I was staring over here and this thing pops up behind the door and then as soon as anybody else goes to look, I watch it pull away. It was there for me. It wanted me to see it.

When I got older, my mom ended up telling me that that same day, hours and hours before that, she was in there on the computer. This is the same computer my sister were at when something clapped behind her head. And she saw... what she thought she saw was, like, just smoke just go in front of the computer screen in her face. And she was like, 'What the heck?' That was the same day that that thing popped up behind the door. So, in that moment, I didn’t realize it but my mom knew exactly what I saw because she had seen it earlier that day.

I’m going to get into the most prominent memory that I have of something really, really scary that happened to me and this is something that didn’t just happen to me. On the street that we lived on, I had a little boyfriend, um, we would play together and everything for, like, two and a half years. I was really close with him. He was like one of my best friends on the street. I was about 10 or 11 years old. It wasn’t that long before I moved away. Me and him we were sitting on our front porch and he had his back on the front door and kind of like the little corner area and there was a pole that would hold up, like, the porch area right there that had like our address on it. I was leaning against that facing him, so behind me was our front yard and then our neighbors' yards across the street. So, I was facing him and I really can’t tell you what we were talking about, I just remember it was about 9:30 at night. My sister was at her neighbor’s house playing video games. My mom is inside on the computer and me and him, we're just sitting out there talking in our front yard.

Well, we were sitting there and I was looking at him in the face the whole time and we were just talking like nothing and I’m seeing him just kind of look, you know just kind of looking through the yard as he’s talking. I was looking at his face and I saw when he saw whatever it was that he was seeing. I saw that first moment when he looked at IT. I can’t even mimic his face. I can’t even mimic it. I wish I could show you guys how much goose bumps I have, like, I literally wish I could because, like, this creeps me out, like, this creeps me out so bad. I wish I could show you. He kind of leans forward a little bit and he points like this. I immediately saw exactly what he saw. You guys are gonna think I’m crazy. I swear to God. I swear too literal God right now. I turned and I looked where he was pointing. This sounds so crazy. I have never heard anybody described seeing anything like this. I watch lots of ghost shows. I do. I watch lots of ghost shows and I have never in my life heard anybody talk about seeing anything like this ever. I don’t have anything to relate it to. I’ve never seen an image that looked this way. I’ve never heard a story of anybody where they were talked about where they saw something like this. This is the most crazy thing. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. I turned and I looked and there is this silhouette of a person. An adult-sized person. They were tall. So it was about this far off the ground (holds hands apart about 10 inches) and it had arms and it had legs. This thing had a smoky appearance and it was moving almost like it was dancing. You could see its arms going like this (makes a wavy dance) and you could see its legs. It had a torso. It had shoulders. It had a neck. It had what looked like would be a head and sometimes when it was moving like this (still doing wavy dance), it would kind of, I guess, mold into each other and it would look like a smoky blob. It was in my neighbor’s yard directly across the street. It was in between her house and in the house directly in front of the house next to us. It was in between that area right there, kind of close to, like, the other neighbor's driveway. The weirdest thing about this is that it wasn’t smoky colored. So it was like the color of those smoke bombs that you get on the fourth of July, the green ones, and it was, like, it wasn’t like a neon green. It was almost like a pastel neon green and it was smoky.

So we look at this thing and this is all I’m receiving in my brain in the about 2 to 3 seconds that I stared at it. I didn’t look at it for very long before I freaked the f--k out! I freaked out, like, so bad! Anyways, when I turned and I looked at it... like what my brain received is that there is a smoky thing dancing around in the yard over there and it’s green. That’s not normal. 'What the hell is that?' Oh my god, I didn’t even look back at him. I just jumped up and I hear him jumping up and me and him are like trying to get inside my house and we were both shaking so bad and trying to open the door so quickly that we couldn’t get the door open. We were turning it but like our hands were, we were, like, shaking so bad we were literally running for our lives or something. So we come flying into the house and me and him are like screaming over the top of each other trying to tell my mom because, when you walk in the door he had the living room and then, directly across was the dining room, where my mom is sitting on the computer, so we could see her as soon as we got inside. So we go running to my mom and we’re like yelling over the top of each other 'there’s something in the neighbor’s yard over there and it’s moving, it’s green and it’s a ghost or something over there. You go look!' We’re like freaking out, right. We’re, like, yelling. My mom's going, 'Calm down, what’s going on? What did you guys see? What is this?' My mom tells us, 'You stay here,' and we’re like, 'No problem.' My mom goes outside and she leaves the front door open and we had like a screen door so me and him are literally looking through the screen door at my mom. The weirdest part is we can still see it. It’s still there, like, I swear to God, it’s still there and it’s still doing its like dancing thing. My mom is walking really slowly across our front yard. We see her stop in the middle of the yard and then she just goes down and she just kind of gets in, like, this hunched position and her neck kind of stretches out and we see her standing like that for a good 5 to 10 seconds and we can see that whatever the hell that thing was, it’s still there. We can see it. We can see my mom. Then my mom turns around and comes inside. When my mom came inside, she said, 'Shut the doors. Do not look out of the windows at all.' My sister, she was at her neighbor’s house playing video games. My mom picked up the phone and she called over there and she told my sister to come back home but not to look across the street. So, right then, we’re like really freaking out because there’s clearly something there right now if my mom is, like, telling my sister to come home and, like, not to look across the road.

So, anyways, my sister comes home and she, when I talk about the situation now because I’m 25 now, so that was years ago. That was more than 10 years ago when that happened. When I talk about that situation now, my mom says that she walked halfway across the yard and she could see it. She could see it plain as day right there, exactly what we saw. She says verbatim exactly what we saw. When you talk to my sister, my sister says she remembers getting a phone call from my mom and when she told her not to look across the street to come home, she said she did exactly that because she knew that if my mom was saying, don’t look over there, it meant don’t look over there. My sister is still to this day a scaredy cat. If there’s anything scary, she’s going to be, like, nope, and she’s gonna stay as far as she can away from it. So her version of the story is, she gets a phone call telling her not to look across the street. She comes home and she doesn’t look.

I had lost touch with that friend of mine. I don’t really want to say his name just in case but I had lost touch with him for years. We moved away, at the time we lived in Arkansas, and then we moved to Oklahoma, so I didn’t talk to him or hang out with him or see him or anything like that but I always remembered that moment and I know that I always had my mom to talk about it with because my mom saw it as well. We could always talk about how crazy it was, how different it was, and how it was, like, we still don’t know what it was to this day. I was always curious if he still remembered and I had never talked to him. So literally about 2 or 3 months ago, I was thinking about it and I was like, you know, everybody has Facebook. I’m gonna find him on Facebook and I’m gonna write him a message. I’m gonna ask him if he remembers that, so I did exactly that, I wrote him a message and I’m like, this is gonna sound crazy but, like, I used to... I was going with you. I don’t know if you remember me but, like, basically what I said is, Do you remember that crazy-ass green thing that we saw like moving in the yard, like, gee, do you remember that? He responded and he told me that he still, to this day, thinks about that and gets so weirded out by that and that he remembers it. He said he’ll never forget that ever and he has still, to this day, no idea what it was. That poor guy, I’m pretty sure he still lives on that street.”

Source: Youtuber Kyla Rebecca from a video titled “SCARY GHOST STORIES! | My Paranormal Experiences | Living in a Haunted House” published on October 31, 2015

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