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Friday, May 19, 2017

Daydreaming Into An Out-of-Body Experience

In a 2012 video Anna Poole related an unexplained encounter she had near Muscadine, Alabama:

“So there was this lady, she was real old. She was in a nursing home and she told my boyfriend, Clayton, that he could go fishing over at her house. So, the had to walk right by the house and go down a trail. There was a little bridge over a little stream, like a ditch, and then the lake.

So we went fishing a couple of times over there. Nobody was there. She was in the nursing home and her husband had died. It wasn't long until she died. And after she died we went fishing over there again and that was the last time. We walked by the house towards the stream. Nobody was ever in the house. Everything was off. I don't like to fish, really. I don't have enough patience for it. My boyfriend was fishing and I was like, Okay, I'm gonna go sit on the bridge because I don't have anything to do. So I went and laid down on the bridge on my belly and I was looking down at the water. I was watching the reflection of the clouds in that little stream under the bridge. I can't really explain what happened but it was like I fell asleep and went into a dream but I wasn't asleep and I'll tell you how I know I wasn't asleep in a second.

I remember looking down at the stream, seeing the reflection of the clouds and then it was like it cut off right there or something. And I remember hearing somebody in the woods or something, towards the house, and I looked over and there was an old lady standing there. I think she was in her housecoat or something. She started motioning me and smiling at me to come with her. And she said that we were going to go up to the house and get a snack. I was kinda wary of the woman and I was looking back at Clayton and he couldn't see me. I was in the same spot and the weird stuff, the “dream” I guess, started with me looking at the clouds on the bridge. So I went with the woman up to the house, we went in the backdoor and the whole time I had a weird feeling. We went in the backdoor, went into the kitchen. She didn't turn on any lights until we got to the kitchen and then she flipped on the kitchen light. She said something about getting snacks but when she turned around, she had like a weird look on her face and it was like it wasn't her anymore. It was like some kind of bad feeling I got from the woman. It was like she turned into something else. I just kinda backed up from her and I was like, "I gotta go to my boyfriend, he's waiting on me." The woman stepped towards me and looked at me funny and I ran out the door, down to the bridge and I started yelling "Clayton!" I started yelling as loud as I could. Well, I came to from the dream yelling Clayton's name. Actually I was just saying it. I was just saying "Clayton, Clayton" but I felt like I was yelling it.

Finally he come over there and said, "What?" And I said, "I've been yelling for you forever." And he said, "No you haven't. I just now heard you." He was sitting right there. He had his back toward me, he couldn't see me. I told him that I couldn't explain what just happened but we had to get out of there because all that crazy stuff just happened and it was real. I didn't go to sleep I know, because I asked Clayton how long it was since I went over to the bridge and he said about 10 minutes. There was no way I had fallen asleep and started yelling his name and all that, it was crazy. It was like I didn't know what I had done, sitting there. It wasn't like I was sitting there. It was like I had left my body or something, I don't know. Weird. So I start freaking out, telling him, "I'm not talking about it here. Just come with me, we're leaving." So, thankfully, he listened to me.

So we get about halfway to the house. I stop and look up at the house, "Oh my god, Clayton, run!" He said, "Why?" I said, "I'll tell you in a minute." So we ran up by the house. The kitchen light was on. THE KITCHEN LIGHT WAS ON! That house had not been used. Nobody was in it. We had come down the path by the house earlier...the kitchen light was not on. Nobody was there because I think their relatives lived way off or something. Nobody had been there since we were fishing because you can hear people up there. That light was not on when we got there. And in the 'dream-thing' I had, the only light that got turned on was the kitchen light. And when I saw that kitchen light was still on... I just freaked out! It was like a confirmation that this crap was real! We left and we have never been back.

That is by far the scariest thing that has ever happened to me because I have no explanation for any of that. It was just like one minute I was looking in the water at the bridge. The next minute, I looked up and there was an old lady standing there. I don't know what it was, if I was day-dreaming somehow...I don't know, but it was weird. I don't think it was a dream because I was never asleep.”

Source: Youtuber Anna Poole from a video titled “MY SCARIEST PARANORMAL EXPERIENCE!!!” published on 7 Feb 2012

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