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Daily 2 Cents: Three Cloaked Beings Remove Inoperable Brain Tumor -- Bizarre House Fire Baffles Investigators -- Weird Faceless Fish Discovered

Three Cloaked Beings Remove Inoperable Brain Tumor

Jay, Florida - June 1986 - Late night: The main witness was sleeping with her young daughter, who was suffering from an inoperable cancerous brain tumor, in her bedroom, when she suddenly awoke to see three cloaked beings that were standing at the foot of their bed, apparently communicating with each other but not with the witness. When the witness attempted to reach over to touch her daughter, she realized that she was unable to move. All she could do was move her eyes.

The beings then came over to the side of her bed and a very peaceful feeling came over her. The being that was directly opposite to the witness right shoulder bent over and touched her daughter, and everything went quiet and the witness memory ended at this point.
The next day her daughter experienced a massive nosebleed she apparently expelled a very large blood clot from her nose, almost gagging her. A few months later the witness took her daughter for a new CT scan.

Soon she was surprised to learn that her daughter’s tumor was completely gone; apparently removed by a laser, according to her doctor
(name deleted). Her daughter is now cancer free.

Source: UFOs over Florida: Humanoid and other Strange Encounters in the Sunshine State


Bizarre House Fire Baffles Investigators

No one was in the house and no one appeared to break in before it caught fire on Monday afternoon, according to a report on

The strange sequence of events began when a woman who heard a faint noise coming from the house called police around 2:15 p.m. When an officer arrived, he looked through the kitchen window and saw a garbage bag, a plastic container and a towel on fire. The items were on top of a stove.

Firefighters made their way in and quickly extinguished the blaze before it could spread past the island in the kitchen that housed the stove, the report said.

No one had been in the 100 year-old house for about a week. Police described the fire as "bizarre," adding that the home was locked and that there were no signs of forced entry.

The items had been left on the stove in an attempt to contain a ceiling leak, the report said.

The house on the 100 block of Simpson Avenue is for sale. - 'Bizarre' blaze in empty house reportedly confounds investigators


Weird Faceless Fish Discovered

Scientists exploring a deep sea abyss for the first time have discovered a faceless fish.

Scientists onboard the CSIRO's Investigator are surveying Commonwealth marine reserves from northern Tasmania to central Queensland.

The crew dragged nets through a 4km deep abyss off Jervis Bay last weekend and caught a very unusual "faceless fish".

Di Bray from Museums Victoria told ABC that the finds so far had been "awesome".

"On the video camera we saw a kind of chimaera that whizzed by - that's very, very rare in Australian waters," she said.

"We've seen a fish with photosensitive plates that sit on the top of its head, tripod fish that sit up on their fins and face into the current."

Bray said the faceless fish was "a highlight".

"Apparently, it's got eyes way under the surface but really you can't see any eyes," she said.

"We're collecting things we don't know from Australian waters.

"We think a lot of them are going to be new and we're not even scratching the surface of what we know about our abyssal plain fishes." - Bizarre faceless fish discovered in deep sea abyss


Newborn Starts Walking After Birth!

A newborn baby girl shocks nurses by appearing to walk just minutes after she was born at a hospital in Brazil.

The video, which was uploaded to social media on Friday has stunned viewers who declare the tiny tot’s attempt to walk is nothing short of a miracle.

The midwife cradling the little baby across the chest and supporting her weight with one arm can’t believe what she is seeing, as the amazing infant wrestles to walk on her own.

The nurse, who is dressed in surgical robes with a clinical mask over her mouth, is heard crying out in amazement: “Oh my gosh, the girl is walking. Good gracious!”

Another person in the room who is capturing the moment on camera declares: “Wait let me film this.” Read more / video at The incredible moment newborn stuns midwives as she ‘starts walking minutes after being born’


Church Spirit Encounters

I recently received the following account:

Back in the late 60's, my church annexed the building next door to it which used to be a Y.M.C.A. --Young Men's Christian Association. It was a huge, old and magnificent building consisting of three upper stories and 3 sub-basements. We used it for your youth groups and Sunday school and summer youth programs so there were lots of young people there when it was open.

One day, after a meeting in the 3rd sub-basement, we were closing up and preparing to leave. I went up to the first sub-level to await everyone. As I was looking up the stairs, a teen-aged girl -- who I did not recognize -- descended the steps, walked toward me and then turned left into a room about 10' away. I don't think we made eye contact but she sure wasn't avoiding it, either. When the adults came up from downstairs they asked if everyone was accounted for and I said, no, someone had just gone into that room over there. All this time, I was still looking at the room. The girl was dressed in current style clothing and looked pretty much like any teen-aged girl you would see on the street and I would have bet she was flesh and blood.

The councilors went to the door of the room and looked in. Then they went in. Then they called me over. The room was an old, unusable men's room consisting of 2 or 3 stalls without doors and a pair of old sinks. The only exit point was the entry point. There was no other way to get out of the room. No one was in there. What I saw was unexplained.

Another time, over in the church, my friend and I were getting ready for a Halloween party and we were in the church alone. We had the key to the door and had locked ourselves in. As we were downstairs preparing, we could hear someone over our heads walking around and around the perimeter of the sanctuary which was directly overhead. Since the only way out was to go upstairs and go past the sanctuary door, we elected to call the police instead. When the officer arrived he searched the building from top to bottom, room by room. He even went out to the back alley and asked the trash collectors if they'd seen anyone hanging around the church. Nope. Nothing.

We returned downstairs to write up a report and as we started to tell the story, the footsteps over our head started again. The three of us just stood there looking wide-eyed at each other. The officer finally broke the silence with, "I don't know what you two are going to do but I'm getting out of here..." and with that we all hurriedly left the ghost to his lonely walking.*

*oddly enough, I do know someone died in the church but I don't know if it was before or after this event. My father was an usher and was standing at the doors welcoming people. An older man from the local shelter came in, went to sign the guest book and collapsed and died in my father's arms. Is it him? I don't know. And I have NO explanation for seeing a modern female ghost in a building that sheltered men for decades. My father, who used to go to meetings in the church used to believe it was thoroughly haunted but he would never tell us why. GB


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