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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Pale Silver-Clad Humanoid in the Men's Room -- Mysterious Red Beam Lifts Car / Witnesses -- Reward For SOB Who Shot 'The White Lady'

Pale Silver-Clad Humanoid in the Men's Room

Pulaski, TN - 2016-01-16: I was working in the plant at Magnetti Mareli late evening. I went to the rest room near my work area. It is the bath room as you go through the employee entrance make a left at the first hallway, go through the next set of double doors and make a right, until you come to a heavy steel door of the men's room. I went to the rest room and no one was in there. I was washing my hands to go back to the floor. That's when I felt someone watching me. I turned to see a shiny silver baseball cap yet flat on top. i thought it was a ghost which keep peeking with the tip of the brim exposed every time this entity tried to view me and jump back quickly. I hurried to the small bulkhead wall to see a man very bright pale like grey skin in a silver suit jacket with pants glove low top converse like shoes with some lightly grey silver shades. His eyes did not blink. He quickly turned his face in the corner of the bulk head and was afraid, quivering as I looked at him four feet away. I said I didn't mean to frighten you but, I'm about to leave and it's alright I'm shy too! I'm about to be done so, I can get out of your way! I began to walk back to finish washing my hands. So he kept peeking. I said to myself poor thing must really be ridiculed and tormented by some of the coworkers but, why is he working here if so. I have never seen him on this shift and didn't hear the big heavy steel door open with the noise of the machines. He was not there when I went in. He was not a ghost and intelligently moved. He made scuff sounds with his clothing touching the wall and was a solid flesh being.

Then I said, I'm leaving now so the rest room is all yours at a distance of about 11 feet I walk toward the bulk head to start my way out. Then another employee starts to open the heavy steel door and the human like entity darts from behind the wall and slides for a split second and looks me up and down and at my face as nervously, as if to say you are not supposed to have seen me. He had long pointed ears and a thin bony pushed up nose and no hair around the edges of the cap. There was no emblem on any of the clothing. He quickly swung his head around to see if the employee had see him yet. A portal was opening as he takes those few steps in between the urinal and the first toilet wall he ducks his head slightly and leaps in to disappears. I realize I can't take the unknown and this truth to my grave! - MUFON


Mysterious Red Beam Lifts Car / Witnesses

Terry called in to describe an incident in the late 1980s:

“This would have been about 1987 or 1988. My buddies and I were out there (the Brukner Nature Center in Troy, Ohio) and you gotta have your car out of the parking lot by dusk, so we're driving it out and we get side-tracked and stopped. Two of us were on the hood. Two were on top of the car and as sure as I'm talking to you right now, this big red shaft of light came out of the sky and, I'm serious, the car elevated. It levitated, did a 180 and, I don't know how many feet it got off the ground, then it set back down and we're, like, it blew our minds. I'm like... we had to sit there for like another half hour and talk about it.

We drove back into town, went to the park and it happened again. We were standing on the levee at the Great Miami River and that shaft of light came again. Again, this is late eighties before cell phones and Facebook and everything and, you know how things are, people go to college, they graduate, they move to different parts of the country, so I reconnected. I've talked to the other three people that were with me and I'm like, do you remember this? And they all to a fine T remember the details.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - May 12, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Reward For SOB Who Shot 'The White Lady'

A $5,000 (£3,900) reward has been put up for information on how a rare white wolf at Yellowstone National Park was shot dead.

The female was one of three white wolves in the park and had 14 living pups, wildlife officials say.

The reward comes after initial results of a necropsy show the so-called White Lady was shot around 10 April.

"She was one of the most recognizable wolves and sought after by visitors to view and photograph," the park said.

"Due to the serious nature of this incident, a reward of up to $5,000 is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual(s) responsible for this criminal act," said Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Dan Wenk.

At 12 years old, she had lived for more than twice the average lifespan of a wolf in Yellowstone, officials say.

The Canyon Pack Alpha, as she was known to wildlife researchers (and as The White Lady to tourists), was found by hikers on 11 April.
Wildlife officials were not able to save its life, and the wolf was put down.

Her remains were brought to a US Fish & Wildlife Service Forensics Laboratory in Oregon for a necropsy, where officials determined that it had been mortally wounded by a hunter's rifle.

As of 2014, researchers had documented at least 104 wolves in 11 packs located within the park.

The wolves were reintroduced in Yellowstone in 1995, having been eradicated by hunters.

Advocates of wolves say the presence of predators helps balance the ecosystem, and leads to healthier populations of other wild animals.

Opponents say they are a threat to humans, pets and livestock.


Hey folks...I want to again thank those readers, friends and colleagues who forwarded their alien encounters & abduction experiences to me. I have started to compile the nexus of a book related to this phenomenon, and all contributors will be given credit (unless, of course, they requested to remain anonymous). There is still a bit of time remaining in order to be included...but it will need to be received within the next week or so. I plan to have my outline finished by the end of the month, then go from there. Lon


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