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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: MIB...'Pale White Walking Corpses' -- Bizarre 'Lightning' -- Strange Green Light on the Mountain

MIB...'Pale White Walking Corpses'

“Men in black are real. I had a run in with them in the 90s in Clovis, New Mexico on the east side of Clovis at the truck stop after I reported a UFO I had seen with two other people blasting over the desert between Roswell, New Mexico and Clovis with two jets chasing it. I called the air base in Clovis to ask if they knew what it was and while I was talking on the phone with them, a black Crown Vic car pulled up with two strange looking guys in it, all dressed in black. When I came out of the store, they called me over to the car. They said they were from the air base and told us we didn't see nothing and that it was a plane. I said, 'No!' and they both told me that if I knew what was good for me and my friends, to leave the area, and, again, it was a plane. I asked them for ID and they said, 'We don't have to show you anything' and to 'leave the area.' So we got in my truck and headed to Amarillo, Texas. They followed us to the Texas state line then they turned around and they headed back to the Clovis area. These men were all dressed in black with white shits and black ties, with very pale white skin and flat, small noses and no ears. They must have got my tag number cause for years after this, I've been followed and my cell's been bugged. These guys are for real. And another thing, I'm ex-marine military, so I know what I saw. These guys looked like pale white talking corpses.”

Source: Youtube Comments, Mike Myers

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Bizarre 'Lightning'

Los Pargos, Costa Rica - 2014-06-10: On vacation in Costa Rica on Pacific side watching a lightning storm at night well offshore, storm was so far away out to sea could not hear the thunder. Snapped about 20 photos of the lightning and this photo immediately caught my attention. Never seen lightning in the shape of round balls, and it also has a strange v shape. None of the other lightning photos looked anything like this, took the photos over about a 20 minute period. You can see the palm tree and waves in foreground.

Never actually saw the round lights until reviewing photos some minutes later and noticed it looked strange. Please explain how lightning can look like this. Please feel free to examine photo though I would like to remain anonymous. Thanks. - MUFON


The Falcon Lake UFO Incident

New Mexico may have its Roswell, Britain has its Rendlesham Forest, Nova Scotia has its Shag Harbour, but Manitoba also has a claim to stake when it comes to one of the most notable unidentified flying object sightings around the world.

Fifty years ago, an amateur prospector saw something at a remote spot in this provincial park that changed his life and the lives of his family members, and not always for the better.

No one knows for sure what Stephen Michalak saw while he was looking for signs of gold and silver in the rocks in the Precambrian shield, but numerous military and scientific experts went to the site, tested the area, repeatedly interviewed him and, in the end, the report of the United States government-sponsored UFO project concluded that the incident was "unknown." Read more at Close encounter of the Manitoba kind

NOTE: Here's a post regarding The Falcon Lake UFO Incident. In a short 40-page booklet entitled My Encounter With The UFO, which Michalak wrote a few months after the sighting in his native Polish — and then had it translated into English — he said, "Up until the time and the events I am about to describe I had no special interests in ‘flying saucers’ and other strange phenomena one hears about time and again.

My Encounter with the UFO


Strange Green Light on the Mountain

I recently received the following account:

A few years ago a friend of mine and me we're at my uncle's house in Thornton, New Hampshire. It was about midnight and my uncle was about to drive us home from his house. The lights started to flicker on and off in the house. We didn't think anything of it because we thought it was just a power surge. We walk down his stairs outside and down into his driveway. He lived on a big hill in the middle of the woods. When we got to the car we all look back up at the house and the lights flickered on and off again but this time a strange green light pulsated way up on the mountain exactly with the lights pulsating in the house. It kept going for about 2 minutes. The three of us looked at each other and didn't say anything but got in the car because the hair on our necks stood up. My uncle didn't want to go to his house alone that night after that so he came to my house and slept on my couch. I will never forget that night. Nothing I can think of could cause the light that we seen that night. I inspected that section of woods later on and that's all I found. Just woods, nothing out of the ordinary. Whatever it was obviously affected the electrical system in my uncle's house from about quarter of a mile away through trees. It was extraordinary to say the least. JT


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