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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Flying Monkeys in North Florida? -- 'Deadly Spiders' Emerge From Banana -- Unseen Entity / Disappearing Cat

Flying Monkeys in North Florida?

Video comment - May 1, 2017 – North Florida, USA:

“This is going to sound totally unbelievable but I swear I saw something like a flying monkey last night. I was driving down the road and this strange animal was in the road. I could see its head and it looked like a monkey to me but it was small like the size of a prairie dog or gopher. I kept saying "what is that?" I drove around it as it would not move (possibly dazed by my headlights). My friend thought it was a possum until we passed it and we both said "that wasn't a possum". I quickly turned around and all I saw was huge wings (way too big for that animal) flying away.

Now obviously I said, that had to be an owl or whatever it was just got snatched up by a giant owl. The problem is that this thing had a head and a neck and it was standing on two feet leaning forward staring right at the car and didn't move. I am so confused as to what I saw even though I was so close to it, I mean I see owls all the time, big ones too. I know what they look like. That thing in the road if it was an owl was a mutant owl. Even if I admit it was probably an owl, its wings were still far too big for its size. I have no idea what I saw but I swear it looked like a small monkey to me.

I live in Florida and although I live in north Florida, in south Florida, there was a Walmart that had monkeys living in the parking lot due to owners letting them escape. So it is possible that it was an escaped tiny monkey although extremely unlikely. The whole thing was so confusing."

Source: Richard Aaron, Youtube comment in response to my Wizard of Oz video

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: I never did like those damn flying monkeys in 'The Wizard of Oz'...used to freak me out as a kid. Lon


'Deadly Spiders' Emerge From Banana

A woman and her seven-month-old baby were forced to vacate their home for more than three days after hundreds of tropical spiders were found in a banana.

Gemma Price, 30, was mid-mouthful of the banana when she made the discovery.

Pest controllers, called in by Asda where the fruit was bought from, told Ms Price they were possibly Brazilian wandering spiders.
Gemma's baby boy was sleeping next to her when the spiders appeared.

Wildlife expert Geoff Grewcock, of Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary, said a bite from this type of spider "could kill you". Read more at 'Deadly spiders' in banana force family from County Durham home

NOTE: Quick story. My Grandfather Strickler owned a tractor trailer and made a very good living in the 1930's - 1940's buying and transporting bananas and watermelons north from Florida and South Carolina. In fact, he usually unloaded the produce here at home and sell directly to stores and individuals from the yard. Anyway, there were times when the huge bunches of bananas would hold venomous vipers and lethal spiders. No one was ever bitten as far as I know. Lon


Unseen Entity / Disappearing Cat

I recently received the following accounts:

When I was around 12 years of age my mom passed away from complications of diabetes. Several days later weird things started happening in our home.

We would hear late at night books being thrown down the steps of our attic. The sound was of heavy encyclopedias and the weird thing was at the time our attic was completely empty. No furniture nothing, EMPTY. When we went up to check what was causing all the ruckus we couldn't identify it.

But if you stood in the attic long enough after the weird occurrence you could feel a warm breeze pass through you even in the dead of winter. As we searched the attic for any sign of a draft we found none. When the family would gather in the living room at night to watch our favorite shows all of a sudden from nowhere you would here a loud crash of dishes and pots and pans being tossed on the floor. Again when we went to investigate everything was where we had last left it (dishes and pans on the dish drainer rack).

In time we came to the conclusion that it was probably our mom letting us know that she was still with us.

This went on until we all moved out one by one. My dad sold the house after all us children grew up and moved out/ got married. We never found out if the new home owners experienced anything unusual, because we never went back or stayed in touch with the new owners.

After my mom passed away, my dad found it difficult to let her go. At night somehow he would summoned her to be with him by using some unknown black magic. We found out about it one late night while we were watching TV in the living room. He came flying out of his bedroom which was on the first floor screaming bloody murder and scared half to death. What happen was that he thought he was summoning my mom to appear to him but in reality it was a demon taking the appearance of my mom. I guess at that last moment the demon decided to show its true self.

Two days later our white cat, which we named Casper, died. When one of us was running out to play in the yard, the storm door closed fast and it caught Casper in the neck, killing him instantly. A day later towards the evening hours we were playing in the yard near the house and dad was outside with us supervising and enjoying the warm air. One of my siblings yelled 'Hey look, it's Casper'. We started running after it as it ran around the corner of the house. Our dad yelled in Spanish 'Stop! It's a demon from Hell'. I went around the corner and stopped dead in my tracks. I saw the cat disappear into thin air.

My brothers, sister and I moved out of the house as we got older. We have never experienced anything like that. RR


Hey folks...there will be no blog on Friday / Saturday this week. Butch and I will be attending the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure in Fayette County, PA. See you there! Lon


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