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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

A One-Sided Conversation in the Multiverse

The following account demonstrates the possibility of parallel universes:

“This happened 4 days ago (3/13/2017). My fiance was out running errands and I was home alone with our two kiddos. No big deal. It's just a regular day. I'm doing dishes. I'm all wet and soapy and wouldn't you know it, my daughter dumps a huge ginourmous bag of M&Ms and if you know how M&Ms are, they get in every little nook and cranny, like every little corner, crack and crease. Like, they are just everywhere. So, here I am, all soak and wet, and I need to start picking up these M&Ms. So I'm on my hands and knees, getting them out of every little crack I can and putting them in a pile so I can sweep them up then throw them in the trash. Meanwhile, while I'm picking up these M&Ms my phone, my house phone, starts ringing off the hook like someone keeps calling me and calling me. And I'm like, you know what, whatever, my hands are full right now, I'll get back to them. My caller I.D. will pick it up and I'll be able to see who called and I can call them back. If not, they can leave a message. No big deal, right?

So, I get them all in a pile and I pick up the phone to see who called, to see if it was an emergency because they were calling non-stop. I thought it was gonna be the same person calling again and again trying to get a hold of me. Well, it ended up being my grandma, my dad and my fiance. So I saw there was a voice message. So this is where things get weird, but I don't know it yet. I don't know that what's weird yet. To me, everything's normal. So I call my voice mail and I'm listening to the message. The thing about my voice mail is that it will say: Message from blah blah blah and then it says their phone number. And then it says my grandma's phone number and then I hear my grandma's voice. So I'm listening to her message and literally like part-way through I hear my fiance's voice. And I'm like, 'Hello?' And I'm like really weirded out. We have this conversation and in my head I didn't even tell him that it's weird that I got randomly connected to your phone call because I was in the middle of listening to voice messages. Normally when you take another call, you have to hit a button to go to then next line but it automatically connected me so I'm like, whatever, and we talk and that's that. And when I was on the phone with him I explained to him all about tampons, took him all through what different sizes, brands and all that, and I told him what size and brand to pick me up because I needed some tampons. So I hang up and it's fine. I didn't listen to the whole message obviously because I got cut off and I didn't even think to call back to listen to the whole thing. I go back to doing what I'm doing. I get dinner ready and stuff and this is when I find out the day turned into a really weird day.

So my fiance comes home and he brings in some bags. I'm looking in the bags, putting stuff away, and I'm like, 'Hey, where are those tampons I asked for?' And he's like, 'What are you talking about?' And I'm like, 'You know, when you called me and we had a conversation and I told you all about tampons and what kind I wanted.' He was like 'No.' He looked at me like I was crazy. And I'm like, 'No, we talked.' And he's like, 'No we didn't, Amber, I called the house one time and you didn't answer or call me back.' And I'm like, 'Yeah, but, okay.' So I just dropped it because I'm already looking pretty crazy, right? So I get his cellphone and I'm looking through the call log and he was right, he only called me one time and I didn't answer, so, it hits me. It dawns on me later in the night that, Hey, you know what, I never did finish listening to that message my grandma left me. So I called the voice mail and I listened to the message and it goes through my grandma's phone number that it's from her. It says her phone number and then it starts the message. Part-way through her message I hear my fiance's voice on the voice mail and our voice mail had recorded that conversation that “never happened”. And it recorded his whole half of it. So when I would talk, it was just silence but I heard his end of the conversation. The end that supposedly “never happened”, you know, and I put it on speaker and let him hear it. We were pretty spooked. It's freaky. For me, this whole time, I thought it was normal but then when he got home, now listening to it, like, No, it really did happen, I'm not crazy. I didn't imagine that whole conservation. So it was like proof, you know. In one way, it's like Yes, I'm not crazy, but in another way, it's like, Well, what happened? It's creepy. Like what could possibly happen where in my reality we had this conversation but in his reality, we didn't. It's freaky.”

Source: Amber George from a video titled “Paranormal? Glitch in the Matrix? Story Time” published on March 13, 2017

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