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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Weekend 2 Cents: The Reptilian and Bigfoot 'Guardians' From the Portal -- Boston’s Vanishing Men Mystery -- Alien Encounter Near Fresno

The Reptilian and Bigfoot 'Guardians' From the Portal

Falmouth, Kentucky - 11/1991 - Afternoon: The witness states he was working on a 160-acre farm at the time, and one day while eating lunch with a friend, he was told that there had been some hunters sneaking on to the property. He finished lunch, got his gun and started walking down the fence row, planning to cut into the woods and sneak up on them.

He had been out there around 45 minutes to an hour and was making his way through the woods when suddenly something stepped out from
behind a tree. He yelled, ‘friend or foe’ and pointed his gun at it. He couldn’t believe his eyes, because there standing in front of him and his gun was a 3 & ½ foot tall grey being. Suddenly the witness felt the being talking to him telepathically and he had the feeling that it was a young female and it was scared and telling him it was going to run up a little knoll. Just then it took off running up that knoll. He followed it with his gun barrel as it reach the top of the hill, suddenly there was a flash of light and a sort of portal or door opened up out of nowhere. It was about four feet wide and probably eight feet tall, it was brightly lit inside and he could see the little being standing in it. Now it looked like it was wearing a tight-fitting black suit of some sort.

Suddenly out of the corner of his left eye, he saw what looked like something running towards him. He wheeled around and right in front of him was a lizard-like humanoid about five to six feet tall, and he was holding a long staff like thing in one hand. According to the witness the humanoid’s face was more insect-like and it had blue eyes. Again he had the feeling that it was the little female being’s ‘father’ or ‘guardian.’

At this point, suddenly to his right a seven or eight foot tall, brown, hairy, Bigfoot type creature suddenly appeared standing there. The witness didn’t hear it speak but heard in his mind, “No, don’t hurt him.” Just then the lizard-looking humanoid looked right at the witness and his eyes changed to a yellowish gold color.

The witness then turned to run and when he did, he suddenly found himself standing in the woods alone, and it was night time. He stood there in shock for a moment trying to collect himself, he then began to walk back home. Once he arrived at the farmhouse he found another farm hand that said that they thought that he was ‘lost,’ as they had been apparently looking for him. He didn’t say a word about his encounter. - MUFON


Boston’s Vanishing Men Mystery

People go missing every day, and often the cases are not connected. Sometimes these cases are not even reported and a person’s disappearance goes unnoticed. Then there are the cases we don’t really hear about because the media doesn’t report on them. So, what if we were to analyze missing person’s cases on our own? Could a number of disappearances somehow all be related to one another?

When college student Zachary Marr disappeared after leaving a Boston bar on February 13th, I couldn’t help but worry and wonder what happened to the young man. His body was eventually recovered from the Charles River on March 15, and foul play is not suspected by police. His case made many take notice of the amount of similar cases in the area, and the results are alarming. Read more at Boston’s Vanishing Men Mystery – Accident or Murder?

NOTE: Reminds me of the 'The Hidden Truth' Chronicles the La Crosse Drownings Mystery


Alien Encounter Near Fresno

Fresno, Calif. - After more than 15 years of silence two Valley natives who spent decades camping in the mountains near Courtright Reservoir are sharing their story of a chilling encounter with something they believe wasn't from this world. A Bay Area filmmaker has completed a documentary about their experience titled "Ten Eleven O Two". The name of the film represents the date the encounter happened back in 2002 in the dark remote forest.

CBS47's Patrick Nelson spoke with the people involved and brings us the story from the remote location in the Sierra National Forest. See the video at Alien encounter near Fresno now a film


Arcane Radio 4/19/2017 - Discussed the Chicago Owlman / Mothman sightings and encounters, the 'killer Bigfoot' group hunted down by U.S. Special Forces, and other recent reports and investigations.


This week on BTE Radio we're joined by Phantoms and Monsters Blogger, Author, Investigator and Host of Arcane Radio Lon Strickler. During the first half hour Eric and Marie will be discussing the latest Paranormal News and Paranormal TV show reviews. Then at 8:30 we're joined by Lon Strickler to discuss some of the strange cases Lon has received and is currently working on. Lon always has great stories and cases to share and this is one show you won't want to miss.

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