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Monday, April 24, 2017

The Weird Girl at the Playground

Michael Judd told Dave Schrader (of Beyond the Darkness) an encounter he had in 1991 in north St. Louis:

“It was the summer of 1991. My friend and I, we were trying to escape his girlfriend because she was high maintenance and we had three or four places we could go and hide from her. So we went to a park that backs up to a hundred acres of a wildlife area and then, on the other side of that, is a highway, then, just basically, north St. Louis metropolis type area.

He and I go up there and we're hanging out and talking to each other and he's complaining about his girlfriend. All of a sudden, we see his girlfriend drive into the parking area, so we hit the deck. We're hiding and she pulls ahead and she looks for us but she's not gonna get out of the car and she pulls away. When we get back up, we notice that now there is a girl in this playground area with us. And we both look at her and we look at each other and we're both like, 'That's kinda weird, she wasn't there before.' (Dave Schrader asks how old she was) At this time, it's hard to tell because it's 11 o'clock at night, we just know it's female. So we watch her for a little bit and we're like, this chick is weird.

So she walks over and sits down on the swing-set, which had three swings. She takes the middle one. So we're like, alright, let's go check this out. So we walk over and she's sitting there, and she's leaning forward and she's hanging on the chains with her head down and she had long hair and it was covering her face. So he walks over, he would have been on her right side, I would have been on her left. At first we were just like, 'What the hell are you doing here?' She said, 'Oh, I was just out for a walk and this is where I wound up.' 'Which direction did you come from?' 'Well,' she goes, 'I came out of the trees.' I was like, 'You were wandering around in the woods at 11 o'clock at night?' She goes, 'Nah, I didn't pass through a bunch of woods, I just came out from there.' I thought, you couldn’t have just come out from there, you had to have passed through the woods. My friend goes, 'Alright, where you from?' She goes, Well, 'I'm from Ferguson.' I'm like, 'Ferguson is five miles away from here and you would have had to cross a major highway.' She goes, 'No, I didn't cross a highway.' I was like, you know, I leaned back and looked at my friend and was like, 'This chick is whack.' So, all of a sudden, he's like, 'So, you got a boyfriend?' She's like, 'Yeah, yeah, he's pretty cool. He's got a brand new TA.' I was like, 'TA?' I remembered it was what people used to call a Trans Am. I was like, 'A brand new TA? Does he think he's Burt Reynolds?' She goes, 'Yeah, it's brown, just like his is. It's new, it's really cool and fast.' I looked at my friend and was like, 'They don't make brown Trans Ams anymore.' Finally she's just sitting here and she goes, 'I gotta go.' She stands up and walks around the swing-set, right in front of me, and I'm trying to see her face. Never could see it. Never once got a look at her face. And she never once looked either one of us in the eye. And she walks around the swing-set and goes up to the woods and there's a chain-link fence that somebody had cut, so you could go into the woods. And as soon as she hit that fence, she was gone. And I mean like she just went into a whole other world, teleported, poof, gone!”

Source: Youtuber 'The Dark Zone Network' from a video titled, ”Dead Girl Walking - Dave Schrader,” published on 31 Oct 2016

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