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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Soldier Reports 'Levitating Hairy Humanoids'

The following account was supplied by researcher/author Albert S. Rosales:

Location: Chelyabinsk region, Urals, Russia
Date: January, 1997
Time: 8-9:00 AM

A soldier of a local military unit who was also a cook at the radar post deep in the dense forest, had gone to the perimeter fence of his unit in order to obtain some firewood from logs already prepared and positioned near the fence. He needed to prepare dinner for the company. The time was a little bit after breakfast. The weather was good and frosty with lots of snow on the ground and a good clear day.

Suddenly he saw two hairy humanoids, one about 2.2m in height, the second about 1.7m. Both were covered in dense fur kind of dirty red in color. The soldier thought that the taller entity was a female and the second shorter one, probably a child. Both entities had penetrated inside the perimeter of the unit possibly attracted by the smell of the kitchen area. The witness was carrying an axe and for some strange reason was not afraid only curious, and walked towards the creatures in an attempt to obtain a better look. Amazingly he wasn’t able to approach the pair, since both constantly seemed to move ahead of him, he couldn’t make up any ground between them so he increased his pace, but at the same time the entities increased theirs moving quickly away from him. Finally, moving faster and faster the entities jumped up into the air and momentarily the witness thought that the perimeter fence would hinder their escape, but to his amazement he saw how both of the hairy humanoids simply zoomed into the air and levitated over the fence. The humanoids then flew away and vanished above the tall pine trees in the forest which surrounded the military installation. The witness then stopped his pursuit, returned back to the fence and saw two tracks of footprints which were left on the snow. The layer of snow was thick and strong, evidently the tall hairy humanoid was very heavy. However the footprints seemed to become dimmer and less deep as they neared the fence, indicating that the humanoids apparently began ascending into the air.

Other soldiers reported seeing the footprints but were reluctant to report it to their commanding officer.

Source: Vladimir P. Boyko, Simferopol UFO Research Crimea Ukraine

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