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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: The 'Voice' -- Woman in the Mirror -- Sleep Paralysis is...

The 'Voice'

I recently received the following account:

One night in 2010 I was coming home from my second-shift manufacturing job in Hartselle, Alabama. I stopped at a small grocery/convenience store in Somerville, Alabama for some snacks to take home with me. I had a strange experience there that I would like to share. But first, I would like to tell a little about Somerville. It is a very old, and very small town. It has the oldest courthouse and post office in the state. It has history. The old courthouse is no longer used, but it is maintained because of its historical value. There was at least one hanging there and slave auctions too. Somerville is not a bad place to live, but I have heard it said that it has a peculiar "feel" to it. I tend to agree.

The clerk at the store, a young woman, was preparing to close for the night. She told me to get what I needed. I gathered my drink and snacks and took them to the counter. I was happy that I got there before the store closed and I was the last customer. While she was ringing up my purchase I heard what sounded like someone talking in a muffled voice behind me. It was clearly words spoken in English, but I could not understand a single word that was spoken.

I was not frightened, I was baffled. There was no one behind me. I was thinking about saying something to the young women at the register but she spoke up first. "Did you hear that?" She asked, with alarm in her voice. "Yeah," I said, "it came from right there." I pointed directly behind me, but I was pointing into thin air.

It did start to creep me out at that point and the clerk was clearly upset. She set to work quickly to finish closing. I could tell she was frightened. I considered asking her if she would like for me to stay until she finished closing, but we did not know one another. Since she was already upset I figured that a stranger making such an offer might disturb her even more. So I left with my snacks for my home in the country. I felt a little sorry for her because I did not envy her the job of closing that store alone. Her reaction to the "voice" made me think that maybe she had experienced creepy events in that store before.

I would like to hear what others think about this and if other people have experienced similar events. I wonder if equipment in the store could have somehow worked with the acoustics of the building to produce the sounds. Later that night I kept telling myself, "maybe it could." I honestly have to wonder though, did that young woman and I actually hear a ghost? J


Woman in the Mirror

Pat in Northridge, California called in to tell of a strange ghostly experience she had:

“I was a caregiver for a gentleman and my shift was from 6 at night to 6 in the morning. So I put the gentleman to bed and I went through the house and turned off all the lights, the TV, made sure everything was locked up good. Then I went to bed. Next thing I know, I hear the refrigerator door opening up, cupboards opening up, those things, so I get up to see what is going on and I go into the den and all the lights are on and the TV is blasting. So I turned everything off. Anyway, I managed to make it through the night and in the morning I get the gentleman up and we're walking down the hallway to the kitchen and its freezing. That area is freezing. There's a mirror at the end of the hallway and I look up and there's a woman walking with us. She had blonde hair. She looked like she was in her 30s, maybe 40s. (George Noory asks if she was ghostly) No, she had an actual human figure but when I looked over at the gentleman to see if she was walking with us, there was nobody there, but she was in the mirror.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - April 6, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Sleep Paralysis is...

Ever had a nightmare and found you couldn’t run or scream? While this can be terrifying, this phenomenon (known as “sleep paralysis”) is what keeps you from acting out all your dreams in real life (which is probably a good thing). During REM sleep in which dreams occur, the brain blocks neurotransmitters and receptors in muscles, effectively paralyzing you.

Occasionally, this can happen briefly when falling asleep or waking up, during which you are fully conscious but unable to move at all. This state is quite terrifying.

It is also the root of many ancient legends, usually involving hallucinations. In these legends, people are visited by demons or other creatures (from the Old Hag in Anglo-Saxon tradition to the “Pinyin” in Chinese folklore) and are unable to move. Read more at Top 10 Fascinating Things That Happen To You When You Sleep


What Have You Experienced?

Hey folks...thanks for the outstanding response to my request for opinions on 'alien beings.' If you or someone you know have experienced an encounter or abduction, please feel free to forward the details. You will be attributed, by name or however you wish, for your account. I will eventually be posting an article (or series of articles) and will include in my next book. Forward to lonstrickler@phantomsandmonsters.com w/ the subject 'Alien Research.' There is no deadline, per se...but I'd prefer to have the information by the second week of May. Please feel free to share. Thanks again for your help! Lon



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