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Monday, April 03, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Large Flying Cryptid in Eastern Pennsylvania -- Dino-DNA Tech Being Used to Prove 'Nessie' Existence -- What's Going on at Fort Campbell?

Large Flying Cryptid in Eastern Pennsylvania

An image captured along a highway on a stormy evening looks a lot like the descriptions of the Jersey Devil, which have been passed down as folklore for more than two centuries. Whatever this huge winged creature is, it has created a buzz across social media sites. In November 2015, A construction worker and his friends claimed to have seen and captured in a picture using a cell phone camera.

According to Philly Voice, this picture was taken along a stretch of highway about an hour outside of Philadelphia. The unnamed 32-year-old construction worker was driving along the highway on a stormy evening with friends. The construction worker’s initials are reported as R.W. and he and his friends spotted what they first thought might be a “massive vulture.”

As they got closer, they realized this entity was too big to be a vulture, claims R.W., and they knew what they were seeing was not any type of bird. According to Disclose TV, it wasn’t until they saw the picture that they realized it looked like the Jersey Devil. They describe it as having “bat-like wings” and “goat-like features.” This group of friends didn’t think this creature looked like any vulture species known today. Read more at Construction workers claim they found the 'Jersey Devil'

NOTE: Researcher Stan Gordon and myself have received large flying cryptid reports (described as Thunderbirds, Gargolyes, Pterosaurs, etc.) in many areas of Pennsylvania over the years. I have also received 'dragon' sightings throughout New Jersey. Too bad a specific location is not given for this sighting. Lon


Dino-DNA Tech Being Used to Prove 'Nessie' Existence

It is a mystery that has persisted for more than a thousand years.

But now a scientist is hoping to use cutting-edge dino-DNA technology to determine once and for all whether the Loch Ness Monster exists or not.

Professor Neil Gemmell wants to solve the mystery by looking for traces of unusual DNA in the water of the loch.

The study would involve gathering water samples from various locations at different depths of Loch Ness, before analysing them using the same techniques police forensic teams use at crime scenes.

Prof Gemmell, from The University of Otago in New Zealand, believes his scientific study could solve the enduring, world famous monster mystery.

He said: “Our group uses so- called environmental DNA to monitor marine biodiversity. From a few litres of water, we can detect thousands of species ranging from whales, sharks to plankton.

“Essentially all large organism lose cells from their skin, or digestive system, or whatever, as they move through their environment.

“New genomic technology is sensitive enough to pick this up even when rare, and we can use comparisons to large sequence databases that span the majority of known living things. If there was anything unusual in the Loch, these DNA tools would likely pick up that evidence.”

News of the potential DNA study has sent shockwaves through the Nessie-monitoring world.

Researcher and enthusiast Roland Watson, 54, welcomed the study.

He said: “I’m all for scientific inquiry and trying to find this thing by any means we have.

“I’m not aware of anyone having done a DNA test before.

“I’d want to know if the test would be sensitive enough to detect animals that are visitors to the loch, such as seals and Atlantic salmon. The monster could be visiting. There are some monster supporters that would not care about the result because they believe it is something paranormal and so wouldn’t expect to see any DNA.”

Naturalist Adrian Shine is the leader of the Loch Ness Project and has carried out field work on the loch for a host of universities and researchers since 1973. He said he and his team could potentially help gather samples for the study.

He said: “I would be very interested in the results.

“We would certainly be able to help getting samples.”

Steve Feltham has spent 26 years trying to solve the mystery from his base on the shores of the loch. He said: “If anyone thinks they can identify it – bring them on.

“Anything that gives us more knowledge is to be welcomed.”

Steve also said that he wouldn’t give up his hunt even if the study suggested there was nothing there.

He said: “I can guarantee you someone would see something the next day.”

Dores Community Council chairwoman Ella Macrae said she would be interested in the study but said the results won’t change the popularity of the myth.

She said: “The mystery will still be spoken about in decades to come when this study is done.

“I don’t think they will ever get to the bottom of it.” - The Nessie mystery: What really does lie beneath?


What's Going on at Fort Campbell?

Clarksville, TN - 2017-04-02: Okay. So, about a month ago, I saw a single disc (like a slightly-flattened football; glowing and translucent) make a very rapid landing in the vicinity of Fort Campbell.

I reported that one, here, as well.

Tonight, while looking out my kitchen window, I saw two craft, also translucent but with a darker, more pronounced form, perform the same type of landing maneuver. Very rapidly descending at an angle ...

What the heck is going on at Fort Campbell?

Oh ... I found another report about a UFO at Fort Campbell at the same time as the first report I filed ... and that guy was across town... so I'm absolutely sure it happened. - MUFON

NOTE: Here are a few links to activity I posted at or near Fort Campbell, KY (on the Kentucky-Tennessee border):

'I think I'm going to be leaving soon...'
High Strangeness & Black Helicopters
UFO Report - TVA Power Plant, Cumberland City, TN
UPDATE: Close Encounter - 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, KY - 9/10/81

MUFON currently has 21 reported incidents from Clarksville, TN...including possible abductions. Lon


Hey folks...would you like to become a research colleague? If so, I am gathering thoughts and analysis from my readers & friends on the subject of 'alien beings.' Your information will be attributed to you (if you wish) in an article and possibly as a part of an upcoming book. These are the questions I would like to ask for your opinion:

- If you believe non-terrestrial beings exist, what do you think they are?
- Where do they come from?
- How do they get here?
- Are alien abductions a reality?
- Why are these abductions occurring?
- Have you ever had an encounter? Could you detail the incident?
- Do you know other people who claim that they have had an encounter? Could you detail what you were told?
- To what extent is the government suppressing information from the public?
- Please feel free to offer any further information that is pertinent

Please forward your thoughts to this email address lonstrickler@phantomsandmonsters.com w/ the subject 'Alien Research'

Thanks for your time...Lon



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