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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Human-Like Blonde Female Entity Encounter -- Lancaster Co., PA Investigation Update -- Cylindrical UFO Interacts With Wild Deer

Human-Like Blonde Female Entity Encounter

Corpus Christi, TX - 2017-04-04: Spent 21 years in the military and I am not sure how to address this... but I have experienced the strangest event what I thought at first to be a dream but now realizing I may had an alien encounter.

Incident occurred April 5th approximately between 2am and 3am.

I was asleep and the saw a blonde female human like entity and she was on top of me. The experience felt so real as I can feel her body against my own. However, everything felt like I was in a daze... similar to general anesthesia, the point just before the anesthesia takes affect. The daze!

I am trying not to freak out but the encounter and my wife thinks it was just a dream. Even after telling my wife more than once she does not believe me.

I'm not sure what to do and I may had similar experiences since I was a child.

I actually feel embarrassed and this event felt sexual. I could just forget about it but this bothers me a great deal and I have no one I can truly share this with. They probably think I would be crazy.

Can you help? What should I do? - MUFON


Lancaster Co., PA Investigation Update

Hey folks...we received & reviewed the complete RV report from Deleece Cook, with her findings on the location in West Cocalico Township, Lancaster County. I can't reveal all of the report findings at this time, but I will state that our assessment that there is an ancient indigenous presence has been confirmed. The report goes into significant detail, which is very much appreciated. The entities that were detected at the location are spiritual...but there is also a non-terrestrial influence as well. Described as 'a watcher,' the protective force monitors the area from above. This may be related to the lights being seen on and above the property. An anomaly similar to a sky portal was also detected during the RV.

At this point, Butch and I need to continue researching the location...but the RV report has definitely given us confidence to proceed. I will post the complete report, including our findings, at a later date. Thanks to Deleece Cook for her valued work. Lon


Cylindrical UFO Interacts With Wild Deer

Pioneer, CA - 2017-03-24: I was in my living room while doing housework. I noticed a pulsating light down the hill, looked.... then looked again. I saw a pencil-like definitely light-emitting "thing" hovering, then I noticed a second one the same, only it was pulsing slower. It was approximately 10 ft. off the ground. At that point I could see a wild deer looking up at the object, then grabbing a mouthful of food, then looking back up at the object. No rotor, no feet, no noise, definitely larger than a pencil, but pencil-like. The second object was moving around a tree, first one side then the other, almost like it was trying to hide. I did not take a picture because there are a lot of trees and the object was small and would not have stood out in any picture i could have taken. It was below me but I knew if I went outside, it would have left when I opened the door and made noise. at first I thought it was something hanging from the tree, but the longer I watched, the more I realized that I was actually looking at a UFO. The main object (the one not hiding) pulsated light the entire length, but not the whole thing at once, it was like small lights all along the thing pulsing. Same for the other unit. The deer didn't seem to be bothered much by the item, but it definitely knew it was there as it kept looking at it. I was standing up, so I went to get a chair, then watched for an additional 5 to 7 minutes. My phone rang, I went to answer it, and when I came back, both objects were gone. I know what i saw, and even though this might not be a large sighting, I wanted to report it as it was such an odd shape (to me) one I wasn't familiar with. I called my family to tell them what I saw, as we have been familiar with UFOs our entire lifetime. I wondered if these things were 'monitoring' the deer somehow. I'm sure they did not know I was watching. The rate of the pulse of light on the 'main' object varied, first fast, then slower, then fast again. - MUFON


Third Time's a Charm

A couple are celebrating winning the lottery for the third time after scooping an $8.1 million (£6.5m) jackpot.

Douglas and Barbara Fink, from Edmonton, Canada, have won prizes twice before, but never of the size of the latest success.

In 1989, Mr Fink shared in a $128,000 (£100,000) win with four friends, and in 2010 the couple won a $100,000 (£80,000) prize.

Mrs Fink was following the draw and, realising they had all the numbers but not knowing how much they had won, she called her husband, who was away for work, and told him: "I did it again!"

It was only later that night that she found out what the prize was.

She said: “I called Douglas back before midnight and told him it was more than $8 million."

The couple plan to make sure their children and grandchildren are looked after, but are also intending to use the money to travel and buy a new home.

“Barbara wants a new house, so she’ll get one,” Mr Fink said. - Couple win lottery for third time with $8.1 million jackpot



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