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Daily 2 Cents: Huge 'Live' Flying Manta Rays -- Cannibal Slugs Invade Britain -- Bizarre Birthday

Huge 'Live' Flying Manta Rays

I recently received the following account:

Manta Rays in the Sky: 6 of them in a line with equal spacing. Judging the distance in relation to airliners coming to land at PHL (Philadelphia International), their width was 2 X's the length of an airliner! The coloration was a silver/blue with a glow to it. Their form of locomotion was quite strange. They had an erratic undulation from side to side. Almost like they were tacking thru a wild 'river' current. I was amazed they were able to propel themselves forward in this fashion, let alone stay aloft! Their speed was comparable to a small plane.

I watched them continue to travel east towards NJ for five minutes, till they got to small to watch. They appeared to be a real creatures. The only thing that bothered me was that strange color and glow. I wondered if their skin is excited by the sun. I had the feeling if you were directly under them, they could be translucent.

A note: I always thought there should be creatures living in the skies we know nothing about. Being translucent makes sense, for one of the reasons creatures are not seen more often. I waited almost 5 years to report this sighting. I wanted independent confirmation, but none was forth coming.

My location was central Bucks County, Pa. on the border with Montgomery County. JC

NOTE: This phenomena is definitely authentic...I've been documenting these sightings for several years. This is the first time multiple anomalies at one time have been reported to me. Lon


Bizarre Birthday

Nathan in Brooklyn Center in Cleveland, Ohio called in to tell his weird story:

“I want to tell you a quick little funny story about a timeslip I had. It was my little sister's 21st birthday. On the 7th of December, recently (2016). And now, no drinking involved. I had to drive. Don't worry, that wasn't part of the story but, it was time to get the cake from the downstairs refrigerator. I was relegated to that duty. I went downstairs, grabbed it, brought it back upstairs, put it on the counter and went about my business. I came back about 20 minutes later and I was getting chewed out by my family for not having got the cake. It turns out that my mom went down and got the cake although I remember everything about it specifically the plate it was on, the weight, carrying it up, everything. I had never seen it before. And they were convinced that my mom had gotten the cake and not me. And we argued about it for about an hour that night.”

Source: Darkness Radio - December 25, 2016

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Lively Entities Move Furniture, Turn Pictures

This brief post is from the 'St. Louis Post-Dispatch,' on May 7, 1908:

This is the latest from Alton, home of the nature fake and of the freakish and unusual. The furniture in the locked home of H.B. Sparks, a wealthy resident, was disarranged during a heavy storm, and the only explanation possible, neighbors say, is that "spirits were at work."

Mr. Sparks and his family discredit the spirit theory, but they are unable to offer any other.

While the family slept during the thunderstorm Monday night the pictures in the parlor were turned to the wall, the piano was set in the middle of the floor, chairs were overturned, a marble statuette was faced about and the bookcases were emptied of their contents.

Every window and outside door was securely locked when examination was made Tuesday morning, according to members of the family.

Right in the middle of the parlor floor was a copy of Shakespeare's "Tempest," open at the first scene of the fourth act, where this significant quotation occurs:

"Our revels now are ended. These, our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits
And are melted into thin air, like
The baseless fabric of the vision."


Cannibal Slugs Invade Britain

An amorous Spanish slug is invading Britain and mating with native species to create "superslugs" which threaten to ruin gardens and crops this summer, experts fear.

The six-inch long cannibal, which breeds at twice the pace of its British cousins, is immune to common control methods and can eat up 20 slug pellets without being harmed.

Known officially as the Arion vulgaris, it is classed in the top 100 invasive species in Europe and alongside crops they have been found eating dead mice, dog mess and even each other.

The slugs, which are believed to have arrived on salad leaves, were first spotted in the UK in 2010 but were wiped out by cold weather.

Now not only are they munching their way across the country, but it is feared that they are mating with native species to create "superslugs" which can survive in both hot and cold climates. Read more at Spanish cannibal slugs invading Britain and creating 'superslugs'



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