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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Hovering UFO Attacks Horse / Causes Lost Time -- 'That's the galaxy I come from' -- 'Exorcist' Called For Haunted Manchester Studios

Hovering UFO Attacks Horse / Causes Lost Time

Nicholson, PA - 1974-04-29: My younger brother and I were riding our bikes to town as we did every Saturday to visit friends. We pass a horse farm on the way. As we came around the corner we heard a humming nose and looked in the direction. In a small corral there was one horse and a few feet above it was a disc shaped object approximately 12' by 10'. It was grey in color with no visible openings. As we were trying to figure out what it was we observed 3 tube like arms come out of the sides and one end, all the tubes had 3 pincers on the ends. As this was happening I got really afraid and turned and told my brother we needed to leave. (I was 13 years old and he was 10) I don't remember looking back at the object. We headed to town and and our first stop was always to stop at the town store to get snacks and drinks. I also always check the clock to see what time it was. When I looked at the clock out was 2 hours later than it normally was when we would arrive. Again I felt afraid because it didn't seem like we spent that much time looking at this object. I told my brother we couldn't stay long because it was almost time to head back.

When we started heading back once we got closer to the farm I again had an overwhelming fear come over me. When we reached the farm the horse was laying on the ground next to the far end of the corral. When I observed it earlier during the sighting it was in the middle of the corral. I knew that the horse was in trouble. 2 days later I was going to school and asked my friend who lives on the farm if the horse was okay. He didn't know about it so asked his father later after school.

The next day he yells at me and wants to know how I knew about the horse, so I told him what we saw. He then told his father what we said and his father told him he was not allowed to talk to us anymore. - MUFON


'Exorcist' Called For Haunted Manchester Studios

An exorcist has been called to the iconic Old Granada Studios after reports of strange goings-on interrupting rehearsals.

Home to the former Coronation Street set, the Manchester studios have reportedly suffered from 'paranormal activity' for years.

Organisers of a wrap party due to take place at the studios the end of this month, were forced to call in the exorcist, after a tribute act refused to play because they claimed they had experienced a ghostly presence while rehearsing. Read more at Exorcist called to Coronation Street studios after acts refuse to rehearse due to suspected 'paranormal activity'


'That's the galaxy I come from'

I met a very RICH gentleman about 33 when my fiance took me into a business. He stared at me the entire time, it was uncomfortable. A few weeks later I was partying with my GF's at a chichi club. I had one drink. Suddenly the atmosphere changed in the club as though time stood still. Three men in black perfect suits walked into the club. Leading them was the RICH guy, I was queasy suddenly and I turned away. I turned around quickly and that RICH man was right behind me at the bar, staring at me. Next thing I knew I felt an ELECTRICAL IMPULSE wave over my body and I saw a massive nebulous of stars like pictures of a galaxy. I was petrified as he approached me and asked me to dance. I didn't want to but I did. It was a slower song and he came close to me and said, "did you see what happened when we locked eyes?" I said "yes what was that?". He said that's the galaxy I come from. I was so shaken I left but he told me to call him.

After that I was scared to go home, I felt like something was WAITING for me for months at my apartment. I was waking up petrified and unable to move. This and other things went on for years! I am not crazy nor have I ever used psychoactive drugs etc. I am sane as the day is short! Let me add, I spoke at length to a detective from MUFON who said my experience is valid. I also spoke to a celebrity EX CIA agent who said that my experiences were all valid like others he had investigated. Right after we emailed back and forth about my episodes that went on for years, my email account mysteriously shut down and they eliminated it saying no such account existed! I could not access it ever again! He said they are among us trying to colonize earth and take over. I also had a pregnancy that VANISHED! It's all too horrible to think about. I know these things are REAL! actressdiva - Reddit


Arcane Radio 4/19/2017 - Discussed the Chicago Owlman / Mothman sightings and encounters, the 'killer Bigfoot' group hunted down by U.S. Special Forces, and other recent reports and investigations.


This week on BTE Radio we're joined by Phantoms and Monsters Blogger, Author, Investigator and Host of Arcane Radio Lon Strickler. During the first half hour Eric and Marie will be discussing the latest Paranormal News and Paranormal TV show reviews. Then at 8:30 we're joined by Lon Strickler to discuss some of the strange cases Lon has received and is currently working on. Lon always has great stories and cases to share and this is one show you won't want to miss.

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