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Thursday, April 27, 2017

BEKs in the Neighborhood

An anonymous woman called 'Monsters Among Us' podcast to tell of her bizarre encounter with BEKS. She doesn't state a location but she does mention “Mead Street” so it's possible that this happened in Denver, Colorado probably around March of 2015:

“Here's a story that recently happened to me. So, I was on spring break. I went to my dad's for the weekend. I had nothing to do late at night so I liked to walk the town. Kinda walking around late at night alone. I know it can be dangerous but I only had one friend there. So, on Sunday night, I was out on the town alone, leaving a little pub that I found on Mead Street, probably around 1:00 in the morning. I was a little buzzed. Anyways, I wore a big black sweatshirt with dark jeans so that I could fend off any creepers. I hoped that works. So, I was walking back home in the dark with my phone out as a flashlight on the street. There's limited street lights. Although it's a pretty safe neighborhood, I figured nobody would be out.

I was about three houses away from mine and looked over and I saw two figures on the porch, talking to a man who was shaking his head refusing to open the screen-door. I stopped cautiously at the end of the driveway, holding my phone, ready to help or call 911 or something. I really had no idea what was happening. I could only think that these two people were harassing the man who kinda looked angry and maybe a little bit startled. So, by my own means, I didn't think I was gonna be able to help. I'm like 5'6 and 130 pounds. No fighting skills. I just thought that maybe my hoodie would make me look bigger than I did. So I just stood there watching. And I heard the two boys, the two kids, it sounds like. I stepped forward, kinda looking, you know, looking over at this place, kinda like involuntarily moving forward. I don't know why I was. I was like halfway up the driveway and the driveway was illuminated by the porch-light so he could see me and I could see him. And I just stood there watching and I just hear the voices saying, 'Let us in, we need to call our mom. Please you have to let us in.' And these, it was like, no sense of fear in the voice. Just confident. I just stood there with chills running down my spine, unable to move.

I tried to make sense of the situation. From a normal point of view, it looked like a grown man was refusing to help two children late at night. But the sense of dread that I felt at that moment, it just made no sense. Like, why is this guy so afraid of two little kids? So, finally, I cleared my throat, thinking this man might help the kids, or if the man needed help, I could still do something. So the man looked up and the kids turned around. And the man looked even more afraid at this point. He let out like a yelp and slammed his door. It made me jump. And the kids looked at me and I looked straight at them and like every instinct that I had was telling me to run for it. I was almost home. I was just a couple of houses away. And I knew for a fact that my dad had left the door unlocked. So I could easily get away and get inside for safety.

The kids started coming closer. I could see them better in the light and I realized that they had no white in their eyes. It was just black. They slowly kept coming towards me. They didn't ask for anything. They didn't ask for help but they just looked confused and I was confused. I don't know why I didn't run and I feel stupid for saying this because I wanted to but I was compelled to stay. And then the tallest child was right in front of me. He was only a few inches shorter than me and I glanced down at him and in a startled moment, he stared back up at me and he was like, 'We have to use the phone.' And his voice was eloquent, I guess, would be the way I would describe it. He knew what he wanted and for being alone with a stranger at 1:00 AM he did not seem at all afraid. I said, 'I don't have one' and I kinda backed up because I didn't want to be that close to him but I still couldn't run even though I wanted to. Then he said. 'Please, can we come in and use the phone? We need to get a hold of our mom.' And like all my instincts told me to lie because, at this point, I don't think I could outrun them because they were right in front of me. They told me they needed to call their mom and I said, alright, my instincts were basically to lie. So I just said, 'I don't have a phone and I don't live on this street or any where near here, I'm sorry.' I could tell my voice was kinda shaking just because I was so nervous. Like, 'I'm in the same boat as you guys, my ride ditched me and I'm just walking until I find a phone too.' I figured that maybe they would like leave me alone if they believed that I had nothing. And it was not until around this time, this point in the night, when I kinda remembered something I had heard about the black eyed kids but I still kinda refused to believe it. But then, I also refused to help these children that were staring at me, standing there. You would think, harmless children, but I was just, I don't know, anyway, they were like, 'Please help us, we need to be let in.' I was like, 'I don't know, try another house or a pay phone. I have change if you want it.' And they were like, 'No, just forget it.' I was like, 'I'm sorry, I wish I could help.' They were just staring at me blankly.

I know I look younger than I appear, especially with my big hoodie. So I thought maybe they thought I was only like a teenager so they both kind of let me off. Then they both kind of nodded and stared and I as like, 'Okay, I have to go. Good luck' and I turned and walked in the direction that I came. Not running. And just kept thinking, they can smell fear, they can smell fear, they can, they can smell fear. So I walked. I did not reach for my phone. I just kept walking. And I must have walked like three or four blocks away from my street and I turned around and headed back and my heart was just pounding like crazy. I walked up my street cautiously, just looking for the kids. I didn't see anything until I reached the house again. The porch-light was still on and the man was standing there with the door open, the screen door closed, holding a baseball bat and he's like shaking. Our eyes met and I looked at him confused until I realized that I looked like one of those kids. That's why he was so scared because I was wearing a hoodie. I said, I called out, 'Did the kids leave?' And he was like, 'The ones you were with earlier?' And I kinda jumped back again, I said, 'The ones that were outside that talked to me for a few minutes and they wanted to call their mom, did they leave? Do you know if they left?' He was like, 'I watched them walk away earlier. I don't know, I feel uneasy and I won't let you in.' I was like, 'Okay, I have to go home. I don't need to be let in.'

So, anyways, I don't go to my dad's that often so it makes sense that he wouldn't recognize me in the dark. So I walked home and I got there safe. I locked the door. I sat in the kitchen for a long time. I was afraid to go in my room because there was a huge window in my room. I was just really afraid that somebody might be looking back at me through the window. The scary part was, the next night there was a knock at the door at like maybe 11:00 PM and I didn't answer because my father told me not to. He said it was late and it was probably no one we wanted to talk to. But I can't help but feel really uneasy about it even to this day, wondering if they had come back for me the next day.”

Source: “Monsters Among Us Podcast” Season 1 Episode 12 - Grab bag (published June 16, 2016)

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