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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

4th Sighting in Chicago: 'Giant Bat' Over Lake Michigan / Montrose Beach

Chicago, Il 2017-04-15: I was out on the lake with my husband and a two other couples celebrating a friend's birthday. We were about 2 miles out on the lake, just off of Montrose at about 10pm. We were enjoying ourselves when I happen to look up and saw what looked like a giant bat, and not like a Fox Bat (which I looked up and saw was the biggest bat). This bat was as tall as my husband who is 6'4 or even bigger. It was solid black with eyes that seem to reflect the moonlight. This bat was blacker than the surrounding night sky and was perfectly silhouetted against the moonlit sky. This bat circled the boat three times in complete silence before heading off towards Montrose. It quickly blended into the night sky and was gone in seconds.

About five minutes after seeing this bat we saw a bright green object traveling north to south at the horizon. It was not a plane as it was brilliant green and was moving slowly across the horizon. If I had to estimate, it was about 2 miles from our position.

After the object was out of sight, we sat there looking around in stunned silence. I began feeling this overwhelming sensation of dread and told my husband that I felt that it was prudent that we get off the water as quickly as possible. I'll tried to get a picture of the thing as it circled our boat, but all I got was black. - MUFON

NOTE: Any related sightings / encounter reports (flying humanoids / cryptid...ex. Mothman, Owlman, etc.), in or around the Chicago metro area, are welcomed. Please forward to lonstrickler@phantomsandmonsters.com. Thanks...Lon

UPDATE: I just wanted to add this report that was posted a few hours ago. I'm not sure if there is any relationship to the previous sightings:

Chicago, IL - 2017-04-17: I was working my shift at O'Hare Airport. I was recording a plane because it had my name across it and then I noticed something flying above the plane in a hovering manner, so I zoomed in on the flying object. It looked like an orb but the way it was flying was abnormal for anything in the vicinity of the airport. I've worked there for 3 years and have taken many videos and pictures of planes and the sky and never have seen anything like it. I would have kept recording but I had to assist a passenger and had to stop recording. I was recording through a window but the window was clear so it is not a shadow of anything and they say the way it is flying it looks as it is in the sky doing its own thing. I've asked a lot of pilots for their opinion and they said it looks 'unexplained.' When I went back to record more it was gone. - MUFON

Have you had a sighting of a flying humanoid or huge bat-like creature in the Chicago, Illinois metro area or nearby? The entity has also been referred to as the 'Chicago Phantom', 'Chicago Mothman', 'Chicago Owlman' & 'Chicago Man-Bat.' Please feel free to contact me at lonstrickler@phantomsandmonsters.com - your anonymity is guaranteed. Our investigative group is conducting a serious examination of his phenomenon. We are merely seeking the truth and wish to determine what eyewitnesses have been encountering. Your cooperation is truly appreciated. You can call me directly at 410-241-5974 as well. Thanks...Lon Strickler #ChicagoPhantom


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