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Weekend 2 Cents: Possible Bigfoot - Pilley's Island, Newfoundland -- Surprise, AZ Humanoid Encounter RV Report -- Arcane Radio...JC Johnson - Fortean Investigator & Adventurer

Possible Bigfoot - Pilley's Island, Newfoundland

I recently received the following account:

Hi, I have seen something strange at night driving home and I cant for the life of me figure out what it was. Some people say it was a Newfoundland Bigfoot and I decided to look it up since I haven't heard of one here before. That led me to your site and the story of the boy's from St. Johns. I'd love to share my story.

On my way home (in Feb 2017) we had a week of warm weather and my boyfriend and I were driving home from Triton on Hwy 389 (Causeway). We came around a turn off one of the bridges next to a mussel farm and in the distance I seen something so big that it scared me. It was far enough away that the headlights couldn't shine light on it, but close enough that the rays of light highlighted it just enough for me to see its outline and its eyes light up like two big saucers. It was back on to us and when it heard the car, it turned its head to look at us. That's when its eyes flared up and I seen just how tall it was standing. At first I thought it was a big moose because of its size, and then I knew it wasn't when it ran off the road so fast the head lights didn't even touch it and I got to see just how huge the limbs were. Anyone who's anyone knows a moose has skinny little legs, but this one had huge muscular ones, similar to a bear's but also different because its paws were different. It was perhaps maybe a second or second and a half flat for it to get off the road and go completely out of sight.

I slowed down as I neared where I had seen it and tried to look around the ditch which had a huge clearing before the tree line, with a small cluster of a about 5 trees in the middle where it was recently cleared and the animal was nowhere in sight. Normally I'm naturally curious and would stick around to try to see an animal, but I felt very threatened and very much in danger. So I drove on.

I know there are a lot of bears in the area but I have NEVER seen one that big and I have seen and photographed many bears since they are so common around and in our towns. It took up most of the road and its reaction to seeing the car and ever so stealthy retreating off the road was so creepy because you could see it was intelligent, not fearful of the car, just not wanting to be hit by the lights so it can remain in the shadows. It simply didn't want want to be seen. It struck me as so smart, so big, so unlike anything I have seen on the island. I thought perhaps it was a bear up early because of warm weather. But if it was, my god, it was the biggest mofo I have ever seen and its WINTER. I mistook it for a freaking full-grown moose. I don't know what I saw, but its the first time I've ever seen anything like that and it was by far the biggest thing I have seen on the island. I was really frightened and normally I'm excited to see wildlife.

My boyfriend didn't see it, but he's night blind, and I have to keep an eye out for moose when he drives and let him know if I see them because my night sight is really good. RB


This week we welcome our friend and colleague, fortean investigator & adventurer JC Johnson to Arcane Radio. Jc will be discussing his most recent investigations, including Crypto Four Corners International's continued Upright Canine & Bigfoot research, as well as other strange phenomena, in northern Minnesota. This should be a great show! Join us on Wednesday March 15th - 10PM ET / 7PM PT - go to and click 'Listen Live' to listen & chat.

Facebook Events - JC Johnson - Fortean Investigator & Adventurer


Surprise, AZ Humanoid Encounter RV Report

Approximately one year ago, I received an inquiry from an elderly woman in the Phoenix suburb of Surprise, Arizona. She witnessed 2 humanoid beings standing outside her bedroom window a few days before Christmas 2015. Her report included most of the information from the incident...though there were a few personal notes that I had redacted.

I presented this case to the readers and other investigators as a means of gathering additional data and knowledge about these beings. The witness was extremely alarmed by the incident and desperately sought answers.

My colleague and friend Deleece Cook, along with her RV group, conducted a session on the Surprise, Arizona encounter and recently released the findings. I had previously reported on an investigation at the Liverpool College of Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Liverpool, NSW, Australia, conducted on Saturday February 13th February 2016 by Deleece and APPI – Australian Paranormal Phenomenon Investigators.

I will post the RV report and other details on 'Phantoms & Monsters' this coming week.

NOTE: Deleece and her group are currently involved with the Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania UFO/ unknown being investigation that Butch Witkowski & myself are working on. A remote viewing session on this case is imminent. Lon



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