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Friday, March 31, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Yellow-Green 'Aged' Humanoids -- Orange Orb w/ Dark Appendage -- Russia's New Rasputin-Like Mystic

Yellow-Green 'Aged' Humanoids

Was this a case of a craft landing and the occupants disembarking to gather information? Was this a made up story? Why? Was this something else? What? Near Balashov, Saratov region, Russia. During the night local residents noticed four fiery columns of light in the clear northeastern sky. The columns or beams of light were in close proximity of each other, with blue and white shades. The phenomenon lasted for about 2 hours. After that the area became dark again and the sky again appeared normal.

Soon after this observation, bizarre looking strangers appeared in the Saratov region. These “men” looked aged, like elderly men, with strange yellow-greenish looking faces, and all the men were beardless. These strangers visited several villages but never begged for alms. When the locals attempted to communicate with the strangers these only mumbled in an unrecognizable language which the Russian villagers could not understand. So the strangers were then considered eccentric or crazy (if indeed extraterrestrials, a perfect disguise which did not attract too much attention). Neither village elders nor district policemen detained the strangers. But as was found out later the strangers aroused the suspicion of local representatives and authorities. The strangers seemed to move very quickly in between villages, and never stayed one night in any of the villages. But the authorities could never corner or pinpoint the whereabouts of the strangers. All of the strangers appeared to vanish soon after October 6, 1848 when a report was sent to the Ministry of Internal affairs from the town of Balashov.

This report stated that on the above date at around 2100 there was very bright lighting over the area corresponding with the rumble of thunder which lighted the sky. And then at 2200 a blood red colored spot appeared in the center of the sky which was visible for 5 minutes, the spot then took an elongated form, becoming pinkish in color and moving towards the northwest, in half an hour the sky appeared to clear and the red “spot” moved to the west and separated into several dozen cone-shaped columns stretching to the horizon and becoming dark red in color. After that the north was covered with whitish-red stripes which slowly drifted towards the west. The phenomenon vanished around 2300.

Source: “Sekretnye Isslendovaniya v Ukraine” (Secret investigations, Ukrainian variant) #6 2003

Thanks to Ashley


Orange Orb w/ Dark Appendage

Lancaster, PA - 3-30-2017 - 8:16PM: Pulled up in front of my house at 8:16pm on the east end of Lancaster city, right by St. Anthony's Church. Cloudy conditions and light pollution made it lighter out than normal. Very light rain/drizzle. I did not feel any wind, or see tree branches moving, but weather history indicates a south / south east breeze at 8mph.

Looked above my house, facing north, saw an orange light "dancing" over the tops of the houses in my neighborhood. It appeared to be 100 feet or so above the ground, moving in a lazy, wavering pattern headed west. not moving faster than 20 mph. My first thought was that it was a drone, but I didn't see any blinking or air traffic lights in red/green/blue, only a single, flickering, orange light. no whirring of copter blades (I have several friends that have drones, I know what they sound like). Then I thought it might be a lantern, but it would have been moving too fast and the wind record shows it going in the opposite direction.

I ran inside and told my wife to grab some shoes and run to the back yard. She bolted outside with me and we both saw the light headed northwest. It was clearly a single, orange light that seemed to increase and decrease in intensity. There was also no illumination of a balloon or lantern shape. As it flickered, I may have been able to see a dark blob attached to the object, though that could have been a trick of the light on my eyes. As it was 2 or 3 blocks away, it faded to a low glow, then brightened again, and then quickly faded to nothing and disappeared without changing altitude or speed.

We both stood there for a minute, looking to see if it came back. the entire encounter lasted for less than a minute. We were both stunned and did everything we could to try to rationally explain the sighting. We were both left with no conclusion. - MUFON


Russia's New Rasputin-Like Mystic

What if I told you there was a wizard determining the foreign policy of a nation of 143 million people? That his stated goals were the re-establishment of a caste-based system spanning the breadth of the largest landmass on Earth? Would you believe me?

I might not have believed me either. The idea sounds like something out of a fantasy novel or the script of a cheap James Bond knockoff. Such a thing couldn’t be possible in our world of state-of-the-art science and secular governments, right?

At least I thought so, until I watched the videos seen by millions, read the essays circling the intelligence communities, and saw the tendrils of a man–who believes he is literally battling Atlantis–reach all the way to the tip of the red stars twinkling on top of the Kremlin.

His name is Aleksandr Dugin, a 53-year-old Muscovite who wants to bring back the Middle Ages...Read more at The Mystic Shaping Russia’s Future and Bringing Back the Dark Ages


Comet to Make Closet Flyby of Earth

It might be streaming by on April Fools' Day, but this comet is no holiday prank.

On Saturday, the inelegantly named comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresák will make its closest flyby of Earth since its discovery in 1858.

There's no need to worry about it hitting Earth: The comet will zoom past at a safe distance of around 13.2 million miles, about 50 times the moon’s distance, EarthSky.org reports.

While the comet will be closest Saturday, you can get a peek in the days before and after. "Amateur astronomers with small telescopes are already watching, and more people will see the comet in the coming days," EarthSky.org said.

41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresák will be in the far northern sky, meaning stargazers in the Northern Hemisphere can see it for much of the night. At 9 p.m. ET Saturday, for example, it should be near the handle of the Big Dipper, which is part of the Ursa Major constellation.

Clouds may obscure the sight for much of the Northeast, the central Plains and Pacific Northwest on Saturday night, but much of the rest of the country should be clear, the National Weather Service predicts. Read more at April Fools' Day comet will make closest pass to Earth on record



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