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Daily 2 Cents: Stared Down by a Black-Eyed Being -- Experiencer Abducted Continuously Over Span of 50+ Years -- The Wanderer's Name

Stared Down by a Black-Eyed Being

I recently received the following account:

In early February of this year, something really unusual took place. I was in the local Target store shopping with my daughter and a friend. As we walked down the isle on our way to the electronics department, I noticed a young woman ahead of us, about 20 years or so. Absolutely nothing remarkable at first glance. She was thin, had long dark brown hair, a tee shirt, sweat pants and sneakers. It appeared that she was biting her nails, because her hand was next to her mouth. As we got closer in passing, there was something weird about her gait. Her strides seemed to be long and exaggerated. She was a little over 5 ft in height, so it just looked odd.

As we got closer, what had appeared to be nail biting was actually her biting her fingers...to the point where there was blood visible. As my friend passed her, the woman turned and looked at her as she went by. Her eyes were jet black! She then gazed at me...staring me down as to intimidate me. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. A thought came to my brain: "I'm not scared of you. I know what you are." My daughter says I was staring her down, like she was staring at me. I walked by, ignored her and stoically kept going.

As we continued, my daughter stopped and bent down to fix her shoelaces. When she did so, she glanced back at the black-eyed woman walking away from us. She told me when this woman then turned to look at us, and her head turned in fast motion...completely around! It frightened my daughter so bad that she begged for us to leave the store.

I now feel as though this was an evil being. The negative energy was palpable...very intense and frightening. I never really believed in this black-eyed people phenomenon, but I now know that they exist. I am confident that they are demonic and take on the form of humans. DC


The Wanderer's Name

A reader from Romania forwarded a folk tale that she stated was part of a collection of stories given to her by her great-grandmother, who was Transylvanian Romani / Gypsy. It's not paranormal...but it is an interesting look at venerable traditions:

There was once a pretty young girl with no husband, no father, no mother, no brothers, no kinsfolk: they were all dead and gone. She lived alone in a hut at the end of the village; and no one came near her, and she never went near any one. One evening a goodly wanderer came to her, opened the door, and cried, 'I am a wanderer, and have been far in the world. Here will I rest; I can no further go.' The maiden said, 'Stay here, I will give thee a mattress to sleep on, and, if thou wilt, victuals and drink too.' The goodly wanderer soon lay down and said, 'Now once again I sleep; it is long since I slept last:' 'How long?' asked the girl; and he answered, 'Dear maid, I sleep but one week in a thousand years.' The girl laughed and said, 'Thou jestest, surely? thou art a roguish fellow.' But the wanderer was sound asleep.

Early next morning he arose and said, 'Thou art a pretty young girl. If thou wilt, I will tarry here a whole week longer.' She gladly agreed, for already she loved the goodly wanderer. So once they were sleeping, and she roused him and said, 'Dear man, I dreamt such an evil dream. I dreamt thou hadst grown cold and white, and we drove in a beautiful carriage, drawn by six white birds. Thou didst blow on a mighty horn; then dead folk came up and went with us--thou wert their king.' Then answered the goodly wanderer, ' That was an evil dream.' Straightway he arose and said, 'Beloved, I must go, for not a soul has died this long while in all the world. I must off, let me go.' But the girl wept and said, 'Go not away; bide with me.' 'I must go,' he answered, 'God keep thee.' But, as he reached her his hand, she said sobbing, 'Tell me, dear man, who thou art then.' 'Who knows that dies,' said the wanderer, 'thou askest vainly; I tell thee not who I am.' Then the girl wept and said, 'I will suffer everything, only do tell me who thou art.' 'Good,' said the man,' 'then thou comest with me. I am Death.' The girl shuddered and died.


Experiencer Abducted Continuously Over Span of 50+ Years

Jonesboro, Georgia: This account prepared by the GA state director at the request of the witness, and with her permission. Georgia MUFON received a message from the Minnesota asst state director the afternoon of March 13 concerning his conversation with the reporting witness. This account is based on that information plus info gathered from the Georgia sd's 40-minute initial interview @about 6pm that day (Mar. 13).

Witness says that she awoke the morning of Sat. Mar. 4 and found a needle-puncture wound, as well as an unexplained mark or bruise on her left leg; and right inside forearm. recognizing that she had been moved and with a good understanding of evidence she carefully examined the bed and the room thoroughly. She found only, an unusual, dark-colored mark or smudge on the bottom sheet of the bed. She indicates there is no mundane reason for this mark to be present.

The witness says she is a long-time contact/encounter experiencer, over 50+ years since childhood, but has worked to ignore and deny the experiences, and live her life in defiance of the ongoing events and their intrusion into her life. She describes repeated abductions and numerous intrusive events over the decades; including a year or more ago, an event where small but clear bite marks were left on her arms (the bite width being clearly smaller than her own mouth size). - MUFON



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