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Monday, March 20, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: The Man Who Stole Evidence From Area 51? -- NASA Apollo Image Deception? -- 'Shadow Cat' Encounter

The Man Who Stole Evidence From Area 51?

I posted this report 'as is':

Casa Grande, AZ - 1995-08-31: I know this event happened a long time ago but it has always bothered me. i am sure somebody has wondered what happened to this gentleman. i want to tell the little tiny part of this story in effort to help solve a possible missing person situation. in case this man had never shown up anywhere again. just maybe somebody will recognize the very general information i do know about and that it might help solve a serious event.

i am very unclear of the date and even not for sure of the year. late or mid 1990's. i am sorry i did not report this somewhere previously. it was unclear where i should go or who to report such the situation to.

it was around three pm on a friday i believe. i was down at the towns motor vehicle department waiting to have an inspection done on a vehicle and then get the tags and title to the auto. i happen to park beside a gentleman of about 45 years old. he was tall, white, pale, no facial hair, and may have had a receding hair line and light hair.

we were both waiting for a long time because it was so busy that day.

the man slowly started to approach me and he appeared very nervous and was sweating for more then the weather made a reason for. he made it a point to explain a little about his behavior. he told me that he knew it sounded far fetched but that he has been running from town to town trying to stay hidden from the government secret military. i having never in my life been in a conversation with anyone about this kind of conversation made it even more uncomfortable for him to say what he was attempting to say. he said that he felt he finally had lost them and that he was there to get the vehicle tagged to fit in the state of arizona and his new fictitious name. he was planning to try to stay here for awhile now and make casa grande his home for a few months but he just had to put this new used car in order. saying that he had been with many vehicles trying to conceal his path if they were following and getting close.

he was very nervous telling me this and i was rather shocked and mostly just listened. i asked him why he was telling me though. he said he was on a mission to break out the truth to the world about ufo's. and that fact that they were real and he could prove it. he said that his mission was to tell as many as possible and to prove it to all he could by means of showing people the evidence he had stolen from area 51. he asked if i knew of this place and at that time i had not. so he explained that this is where the government and military try to hide the truth of aliens. and the fact is they are real and that he wanted me to see his evidence. he stated he stole at least reels of video tape feed all showing information and documentation of actual aliens. he asked if i would like to see them. i was quite stunned at what this well kept mid aged man was saying. i told him i would like to see but i am afraid to be alone with him under the potential threat of getting caught by some secret society on his heels and asked if i could bring somebody with me. he had no problem with that and said it would be even better because he would be getting the word out to two of us.

so very strange, i raced to a phone to call my boyfriend and tell him all all this stuff and he insisted on coming with which was great relief to me though his boss did not like him just leaving work with very little being said.

the man instructed me that he was at this one motel i knew of and that he was in the first room on the south end and i knew perfectly where this was.

we pull into to motel and and the mans car was not pulled up all the way into the parking spot and a rear passenger door was still open. his motel room door had been kicked in and it was down. i could see the manager of the motel going in an opposite direction from us and he would not respond to my calling to him. we were out looking around stunned at all that had taken place when we see in the middle of the parking area sat a white new van and the doors were slamming shut and the driver was in a hurry to leave. noise like kicking the panels inside the van could be heard as it kicked up rocks speeding away from us. my boyfriend told me to get into our truck and we left fast. wr hardly spoke a word about it.

but like i said at the beginning this has always bothered me. what happened to him? is anyone looking for him? did he survive this ordeal? - MUFON


NASA Apollo Image Deception?

I received the following images from UFO investigator Ken Pfeifer. I am presenting these image as I received them:


'Shadow Cat' Encounter

Ernie in Houston, Texas called in tell of a weird sighting he had:

“I want to talk to you about a black cat story I had. It was way back when I was a teenager and my grandmother, she was receiving hospice care until she died. She had cancer and was in our house. She was Cherokee and she was into American Indian religion, stuff like that. So, anyway, we had a big house. It had like really big rooms in it and I'd be going around by myself sometimes room to room or whatever. It just felt like, that feeling, you know, something's not right, something like that. So, anyway, we were in the front room one day and there was this big cat but it wasn't a cat, it was a shadow of a cat... A shadow cat. It looked... It was dark and it felt like pure evil. Pure evil! You could feel it emanating through the room. And so my mom is real spiritual and so she... She was baptist and so she was praying real loud. She saw it too and my little sister did. We all saw it. Then my mom started speaking in tongues. All of a sudden it just disappeared. Just like that. It was all just black. Like totally black. Like the outline of darkness.”

Source: Coast to Coast - March 17, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


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