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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: 'I believe I'm an abduction victim' -- MH370's Latest Bizarre Theory...Living Sky Creatures -- 'Sharknado' in Queensland

'I believe I'm an abduction victim'

North Providence, RI: This is my second case report; the 1st was a video clip we tried to record of fleet of orange crafts over our apt building during fireworks on 7/3/16.

I was 1st a victim of sleep paralysis over a year or so, last incident of that happened while I was an inpatient at a Butler hospital psych ward seeking help for the ongoing problem, when I finally saw a humanoid with an Insectoid looking head, something like a man/praying mantis I suppose. It climbed on top of my chest and crouched there face to face for a minute or so I suppose before it faded away. Then, when I was finally able to move, I reported what I'd seen to the nurses station immediately. I was totally freaked out at that point and it was thankfully my last aware incident of sleep paralysis. This was in 2006 - 2007.

At this point, although I have psoriasis, I now had many "scoop marks" on my legs that can't be explained medically.

I have a recent picture of an entity that manifested in my apt....it was like a plasma ball that changed into and seemed to be struggling to keep the shape of a demon looking shape of plasma. I was able to photograph that and have it to submit.

Not long after, my wife called 911 because I was feeling very ill. When I got to the ER, I was possessed by something. It was speaking thru me, controlling me, as I ranted about imminent global disaster and humans were like a cancer on the planet and had little time left. I don't recall everything I said, but it wasn't my words! Something maniacal had hi-jacked me, however I felt the emotions like there was a hostile takeover happening soon. I don't know how long this went on before I slowly regained my control of myself. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before or since but I felt violated. Raped from inside my head or something. I'd love to see the security video from Roger Williams hospital's ER.

Now, while undergoing medical tests for anal and nasal bleeding on 3/25/17, and after years of what I thought were isolated problems, I fear I'm an abduction victim....now that I've been looking for answers, it all seems to fit other's experiences of abduction and contact. My head CT scan was unremarkable, but blood work shows lowered hemoglobin and lower red blood cell count. I'm awaiting a GI appointment now.

So in summary, after all these things that I swear to be true, I've concluded using Occam's Razor theory that I must be a victim of alien abduction syndrome and don't know where else to turn for help. My wife is just recently starting to report some funky stuff too and I now fear for the both of us, and all mankind for that matter. These aren't friendly encounters I describe. Thanks for your time and look forward to any advice. FP - Rhode Island - MUFON


Glowing Green Orb Maneuvers Above the Mountain

Vernon Township, NJ - 2017-03-11 - 8:40PM: When I reached the top of Mountain Creek from the gondola it was 8:30 but I was with a beginner snowboarder so I anticipated this being my last run. Slowly making our way down the trail I sat down to wait for my friend. We were the last ones heading down the trail on such icy conditions and so close to closing. We were only a quarter of a mile into the trail so I gave my friend sometime to catch up. While waiting I enjoyed watching the planes go by in the sky and looking out onto the town. But then I moved my eyes slightly above the residential area and noticed a green light. It automatically caught my attention I yelled out to my friend "Did you see that?" and then I yelled to my boyfriend who was further down the trail "Did you see that?" Yet no one answered; I couldn't remove my eyes from the green glowing orb in the sky. Then as soon as I spotted it, the orb made a path that look liked it was turning around or a "U" shaped path into space or the upper atmosphere. There were no clouds in the sky completely clear however I felt as if I imagined the whole thing. I asked my friend if she had seen anything when she finally reached me but she said no. Then I asked my boyfriend "Did you see a green thing in the sky?" he said no. By the time we were all together the rescue team had came up the mountain checking to see if anyone needed help because the trails were closing. I held in any reaction I had and helped my friend snowboard down the mountain.

I have always been aware that other people have spotted UFOs but I never expected to be one of those individuals. To be completely honest I was afraid of the stigma of UFO reporters so I didn't look much into it until I realized that I turned my GoPro Hero 4 on in the beginning of trail. When looking over the footage I noticed that it had shut off on the mountain right before I saw the UFO. This was the first time using it so I do not correlate the two variables, the UFO and the disfunction of the GoPro because it was below freezing on the mountain. Nonetheless, this did keep me up last night and created a yearning curiosity to understand what I saw that night on the Mountain. - MUFON


MH370's Latest Bizarre Theory...Living Sky Creatures

Some conspiracy theorists claim the lost plane could have been taken by aliens and even zapped through a space/time portal.

The speculation of extraterrestrial involvement in the disappearance of the aircraft three years ago is the most bizarre explanation yet for the sudden vanishing.

The flight, carrying 239 passengers and crew was last seen on March 8, 2014 after the Boeing 777 took off from Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing, in China.

After an hour into the flight, all radar contact was lost as the jet flew northeastwards over the Gulf of Thailand.

British UFO expert Nigel Watson revealed details of the bizarre conspiracy theory in an article on omni.media.

He looked at the various conspiracy theories which range from hijacking by terrorists or cyber criminals to a cockpit fire or other fault, being gunned down or pilot suicide. Read more at MISSING MH370: Could shock theory be answer to one of world's most perplexing mysteries?


'Sharknado' in Queensland

A massive shark was discovered in the middle of a road as floodwaters receded following a devastating cyclone that battered Australia.

Emergency workers were left stunned when they found the dead bull shark in a puddle as they carried out inspections following Cyclone Debbie.

Photos of the shark went viral on social media as Queensland Fire and Emergency Services warned people to stay out of murky floodwaters because sharks or other dangers could be lurking underneath.

The huge predator was found on a road in Ayr, in north Queensland, after torrential rain and fierce winds resulting in heavy flooding. Read more at "Don't go into the flood water": Huge man-eating shark found on road as Australia is battered by Cyclone Debbie


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