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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Black Eyed Zombie -- Orb UFOs Continually Observed on Oklahoma Farm -- Woman Claims Bigfoot Caused Her Vehicle Crash

Black Eyed Zombie

I recently received the following account:

“During the summer of 2010, I was working at a 24-hour convenience store in Buffalo, NY. My shift was 11pm to 7am on the Niagara Thruway. We received a lot of drunks and druggies, as well as delivery and truck drivers.

One night around 4am, a very bizarre-looking man entered the store...almost zombie-like. Tattered clothing, scarred face and arms. He was breathing really weird with loud, crackling breath. He looked at me as soon as he walked in the door. I will never forget this guys eyes, they were coal black. They were empty. A chill went up my spine. It makes me shudder just thinking about it. As he walked around the store he was making these insane sounds and exaggerated motions that still haunt me. A few people walked in, took one look at this guy and turned around and left.

I finally had enough after about 20 minutes. I walked from around the counter and literally grabbed him by the belt and threw him out the door. I have no idea what this guy was...but if zombies are real, then I had an actual encounter with one.” PL


Orb UFOs Continually Observed on Oklahoma Farm

Gore, OK: Frequently observe these orbs. decided to put out game cams. we were astonished that the cam caught the orb via motion and once we zoomed in on the picture and adjusted the picture with basic contrast adjustments we were amazed. around 6 people have observed this orb phenomena over the last six months. the object typically hovers for approximately 15-20 minutes and disappears. this sighting happens on our sheep farm usually around midnight to 6 am.

The first time this was observed was around Sept 2016. Several farm hands noticed two orbs floating in the pasture. the evening was very quiet. two orbs floated back and forth appx 100 yards away from the observers. My brother yelled "hey!, who's out there and whats your business here?", the orbs stopped moving and sticks could be heard breaking as they exited on the backside of our main pasture; mind you, all our sheep are locked up in a barn at night. my farm hands stood there watching the object(s) daring each other to go down there. there's no way it was an sheep or deer moving about. the two orbs exited the property to the east and disappeared.

There have been various other "pop-up" occurances between then and present day. We typically watch it from the top of the pasture and typically it goes away.

One morning in Jan 2017 the orb had 'woke up' all our farm animals; we went outside the house and walked towards the barn; all the animals were nervous and 'vocal'; making noise like a predator was near or someone they didn't know; we walked to the barn and watched the 'single' orb this time just hovering around 4-6' off the ground; appx 80 yards facing south from our perspective.

During the last observance this March (2017); we had the game cam setup and captured those images; i tried driving my truck to the opposite side from my brothers viewpoint. after watching and talking to my brother via facetime video; the object took off and hovered over the home location and disappeared.

I was reluctant to post this b/c i don't want any attention brought to my farm or family; im a local public official and wish to remain anonymouse but would be interested in talking to a field investigator. - MUFON


Woman Claims Bigfoot Caused Her Vehicle Crash

A Benewah County woman swears Bigfoot caused her to crash on US Highway 95 in North Latah County late Wednesday night. The Latah County Sheriff’s Office reports that a 50 year old Tensed woman walked into their office early Thursday morning around 12:30 to report the incident. She told a deputy she was driving on US95 North of the Potlatch “Y “near mile post 367 earlier that evening around 11:00 Wednesday night when the incident occurred. The woman believes she saw a Sasquatch chasing some deer along the highway and when she looked into her mirror to see the “hairy beast” she hit a deer which was running from the Bigfoot. She says the Sasquatch was about 7 to 8 feet tall. The woman kept driving her damaged vehicle and picked up her husband from work and went straight to the sheriff’s office in Moscow. She sustained a minor neck injury in the crash. A Latah County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to the scene of the crash and located evidence of a collision but the report didn’t indicate if he found any evidence of the elusive Bigfoot. The collision and Bigfoot sighting occurred at mile post 366.9 which is near Brincken Road North of Potlatch. - Benewah County woman swears Bigfoot caused her to crash on US95 near Potlatch



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