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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Anomalous Nova Scotia

The Canadian Atlantic Maritime province of Nova Scotia has been known for mystery and intrigue since it's inception. I suppose the best-known enigmas of this province are the Oak Island mystery and the USO Incident at Shag Harbour.

Over the years, I have collected a few additional anomalies from this interesting location:

- I reported on a frightening Bigfoot encounter in Pictou, Nova Scotia.

....we were running away from whatever this was. None of us could see anything. So we we heard this noise and we all just started running. Some words may have been exchanged but I can never remember what was said probably something really cheesy like from an action film. But Liam sprinted ahead of us and he was jumping from tree to tree. Greg started sprinting and my cousin and I started running. Greg was so scared, he caught up 20 meters and passed us, he was going so fast. And then what happened was he slipped and he fell. I didn't see it. My cousin saw it. He gave me a tap on the shoulder as we were running and he said, Greg fell. And we look back and Greg's tumbling head over heels, his feet flying everywhere. I can't say he ended up further down the hill then when he started but it seemed that way. I just looked him right in the eye and I remember saying, Greg fell. Greg's dead! And we left him. 100%. He never let us live it down. This was kinda like how scared we were. It wasn't like a funny thing, it was, we were running because we had no idea what was yelling at us and chasing us through the woods, up this already steep hill and we were already tired. So were pretty much running on adrenaline so we abandon Greg to whatever the noise was. Read more at What 'Roared' at Green Hill?

- I had knowledge of a Sasquatch habituation location in north Kings County, Nova Scotia. I presented a narrative that the witness had given consent for disclosure. I referred to the witness as ‘GM’. The entire narrative can be found at Sasquatch Habituation: Observations & Narrative

'GM' had also reported several UFO sightings over the years, including Morphing Multi-Colored UFOs Over Nova Scotia

- The Fire Spook of Caledonia Mills also known as the “Antigonish Haunting,” was a reported poltergeist haunting which took place at the farm of Alex McDonald in Caledonia Mills, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia, during Dec-Feb of 1921-22. The paranormal activity was so disturbing that McDonald fled his farm in January 1922, together with his wife and their adopted daughter Mary Ellen. The final straw came when upwards of 30 small fires erupted in the house during the course of a single day. Shortly after the family fled, Halifax Herald reporter Harold Whidden and provincial police Detective Carroll spent two nights in the main house. Both men experienced strange phenomena, including being slapped on the arm and face.

- Two years before the Shag Harbour UFO incident and 10 days before the infamous Kecksburg UFO crash in Keckburg, PA at least two other strange 'landed' objects were observed in Nova Scotia, Canada. On November 30, 1965, Seaman Ian Kinsey, of Her Majesty's Coastal Service, was on his 2-4 a.m. watch at the Cornwallis station. When he looked out towards the shoreline, he saw a sharply oval, yellow object resting on the beach. The UFO was "lit up," but not glaring. Five minutes later a sliding door on the object's side opened and a smaller, cigarette-shaped UFO entered the larger object through the door. A similar sighting took place a few hours before in Springhill, about 125 miles from Cornwallis.

This is just a small example of strange events reported on Nova Scotia. May I suggest the following books:

The Oak Island Mystery: World's Greatest Treasure Hunt (Mysteries and Secrets)

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The UFO Files: The Canadian Connection Exposed

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