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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Weekend 2 Cents: Boston 'Twilight Zone' -- Czech Girls ET Contact Book -- North Dakota Bigfoot Saga Continues

Boston 'Twilight Zone'

Gary in Massachusetts called in to tell of something strange that happened to him while returning home:

“I had a crazy little situation about six months ago. I was driving on a highway and it crosses into another highway and then it continues on. So, it's about a minute when they cross. I'm driving onto the highway where they cross and I kinda like look around. I thought I blacked out, but not really. I find out I'm in Boston and 45 minutes had passed. I thought, I must have spaced out until I made it to Boston. Now I'm like freaking out. It's like, five lane highway, it's like 10 o'clock at night. It's a half hour or so to get back. I said to myself, I gotta take the exit and turn around and go back. And I didn't recognize the exit. After about a half hour to 45 minutes, I kinda come through and I'm back where I was. To the highway was normally a minute, I'm right there turning off my other route. So that was the strangest thing. I couldn't even talk about it. I got out of the car and I was freaking out. I couldn't even talk about it for awhile. It was a strange story. It was like a half hour to 45 minutes of time I lost. It's like I was 45 minutes from where I lived and where I should have been. And I came back and I lost like an hour. I ended up getting there and I was an hour late. I have no idea what happened but I tell you, it shook me right up.”

Source: Darkness Radio – January 4, 2016

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Czech Girls ET Contact: With Humanoid EBE Olie

In 1993, Ilona and Ivana made contact with an Extraterrestrial from ELieLjil. This story is the personal human experience of two sisters, Ilona and her sister Ivana who lives in Telc part of the Czech Republic, for which The area in itself is fascinating because it’s near the Danube River, with a rich history that goes all the way back to the Vinca culture. EBE Olie states: I'm not a ghost, I'm an alien from the planet ELieLji. "In America we say EBE." "ENERGICAL BIOLOGICAL ENTITIES". My name is OLiE from planet ELieLji" We come in peace, and we want to protect your planet Earth from nuclear explosions to prevent the destruction of the Universe. We are glad that you believe in our existence. Ivana is endowed with special powers. Ivana is the mediator between Earth, and the planet Elielji . The transmissions are a kind of navigator through a computer transmitter, to communicate with people at a distance. This book is Spellbinding, Fascinating, and a must read for the Automatic Writing Community. I find their story to be true, as it rings authentic from my perspective as an experiencer.

Czech Girls ET Contact: With Humanoid EBE Olie (Volume 1)

Czech Sisters Encounter Humanoids

In December 2016, I received this message from Czech sisters Ilona & Ivana Podhrázské who claim to communicate with non-terrestrial beings. The translation is a bit broken, but I've corrected as well as possible:

Hello Lon! As a little girl I was interested in hypnosis. I wrote on psychiatry and we did various experiments with doctors. In 1992 I went with my sister to our home in the evening. I opened the door and at the door to the backyard was a small humanoid. I startled him. It really took off and I quickly closed the door. Ivana and I both saw it. Then we hear strange noises. We hear from above, from heaven like a male voice called my name 3 times "Ilona! Ilona! Ilona!" We had a lot of fear and quickly we flee for help to the police. Police drove us to the front of our house and our mom is in the window and saying: What is going on here? What happened? Police search and find just broken vases for flowers. Then our mother remembered that about an hour before that she was in the kitchen and heard strange noises. Mom got scared and went into the living room.

Well, since the year 1993, we still communicate with humanoids. Yet sometime in 1989, one winter evening I went to my friend's to visit. It has been much snow. And in front of me, about 3 meters tall, a humanoid-like man with a little head. He stepped like a robot. But I first thought that it was someone making fun and an stilts. He was very tall and a small head with a hood. A gentleman soon walked by and he said: What is it? This probably is not a person. I too was worried, but I still thought that someone was joking. Then, in about 22 hours I come home and my mom says Ilona, 'You're not afraid? A while ago spoke on television that there was a Russian UFO and there were tall aliens. Well, I told her about the extraterrestrials vysokýho about 3 meters high. I met him on the sidewalk and in the street that I thought that someone was joking. It was too much snow and the creature stepped like robot. For us it was a mystery. Often myself and Ivana were paralyzed during encounters. Once I heard a beep, like Morse code, and heard a radio tuning. Then I got up in the morning and my nightgown was full of holes. Burn holes. And Ivana was sleeping in my room in the morning when she got up too had burn holes on her nightgown. Holes burned in the back, everywhere small burn holes. Strange that we had both. Previously, we had a lot of mysterious adventures.

Their YouTube channel can be found at Ilona Podhrázská - Alien Communication


North Dakota Bigfoot Saga Continues

Ellendale, ND -- After mysterious tracks showed up near Ellendale, North Dakota.

Some thought it was evidence of bigfoot, others dismissed it.

A letter was sent to the WDAY TV station anonymously, it claims to know exactly where the puzzling tracks came from.

But, a bigfoot enthusiast says this new chapter in the Ellendale Bigfoot saga doesn't mean it's case closed.

"Someone saw him, and he left behind a trail and tracks,” said Christopher Bauer, Bigfoot Tracker.

Hoaxes, monsters and coverups.

After finding massive sasquatch tracks near Ellendale, tracker Christopher Bauer is certain there's something on the prairie, but an anonymous letter sent to WDAY claims the tracks are man made.

It reads: "This is not a hoax, it was supposed to be a prank."

The letter details how the writer allegedly went for a booze-fueled stroll on a pair of homemade Sasquatch slippers.

It refutes Bauer's claims, but he refuses to budge on his stance about the undiscovered ape.

"This is a real real animal,’ said Bauer.

What do other real real animals of North Dakota need to survive?

Large mammal expert Nicole Lee of the Red River Zoo says many have adaptations to help.

"With the very hot summer and very cold winters they grow thick coats in the winter time,” said Lee.

"Large, hairy, ugly monster,” said Bauer.

Hairy, check, but huge mammals in the region like moose need dozens of pounds of food per day.

"Especially during the winter months, those food resources are going to be scarce,” said Lee.

Not exactly a vote of confidence for a giant ape.

There are some inconsistencies in the letter.

Bauer says he followed tracks for miles, much further than the anonymous letter claims the tracks went.

He believes the letter is a hoax of a hoax and the tracks couldn't be faked.

He also claims the marks were made with a four foot stride, nearly double a human step.

Bauer claims anyone trying to walk in the faux-feet would leave heel marks, which he never found.

So is bigfoot living in Dickey County?

We'll let you decide if there's anything skulking around the prairie.

Bauer tells us he hopes whoever wrote the letter will come forward.

He also sent me pictures of additional tracks he found in the area, which he says are much smaller, suggesting another bigfoot is walking around. - Bigfoot saga continues in Ellendale, N.D.



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