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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

The Raven Haired Lady

“Have a bit of a tale for you, if you want to look into it. I for one do not know if this is a common phenomena or not, as I've never heard of it happening to anyone else. But it may be a lead for you to find similar cases. I will say, the phenomena is apparently gender specific, and also seems to be multi-generational in scope. The phenomena in question is dream state visitations by what my husband and all the males within his side of the family have come to refer to as "the Raven Haired Lady."

This "entity," if I dare call it that, first came to my attention about a year after my husband and I wed in 2008. It was a balmy July evening, and we were having a family get together of sorts. The men had all gathered around a fire pit they had set alight in the back yard, and were just generally chatting about family matters. We ladies and wives were attending the children and gossiping amongst ourselves in other parts of the house. My husband and I began our marriage on rocky terrain, you might say. I won't delve too much into it, but one factor that may be relevant is that my husband's family is Jewish. The grandfather was a strict traditionalist, and was completely opposed to our marriage. As I am a Gentile (i.e. not of Jewish birth), and such couplings are typically forbidden. So my spouse and I were really treading on eggshells our first year or two of marriage. I'll touch on that a little more in closing.

Anyway, I had just brought the men more lemonade when I first overheard them discussing their interactions/encounters with this apparent entity. What I was able to gather at the time from them and later more in detail from my husband and his brother is that this entity had been visiting the males in the family in their dreams since at least the time of the of the grandfather's father. Visitations begin around puberty, and seem to slowly wane to an eventual halt in the person's sixties. The level of interaction seems to vary from time to time. But ranges from her standing in the background, as if simply watching, to full-on sexual advances or activity. I'm told she never speaks, but seems to project empathic signals. As for appearance, they have described this Raven Haired Lady as a very tall and somewhat lanky female entity. My husband is 6'3" and he says she's only slightly shorter than he, so roughly in the 6 foot range in height. Long black hair that reaches her mid-thigh in overall length, though they state it's often kept up in ornate fashion. She has piercing emerald hued eyes, and at times the whites of the eye are black. Her clothing is also very decorative, and apparently always ankle length dresses or robes. Always loosely fitting and flowing. No shoes. They describe her physical appearance as "eerily perfect" or more rather impossibly attractive. Very angular features, cheekbones and nose very sharp. Eyebrows angle upward. Lips too red, or perhaps painted on. They say her skin is utterly smooth, doesn't have visible pores, and is almost porcelain in hue and appearance. Her movements are very fluid, and I'm told she seems glide somewhat or move faster than her movements should allow. To me when I try to visualize this entity, what comes to mind is something similar to the depictions of Japanese women in their classical art. That's the closest thing that comes to mind.

I brought up the Jewish connection as another possible lead. I myself am not tremendously versed in Jewish tradition and lore; beyond the fact that I know there's a literal mountain of it. But the Lilith legends for some reason came to mind. I've also suggested the similarities to many well-documented accounts of succubus activity. All activity seems to remain confined to the dream realm, and as far as I know has never taken on a physical manifestation of any kind. I'm not beyond the notion that this could also be an astral or etheric entity of some sort. I've never noticed any sort of after-effects to these visitations. No fatigue, marks on the skin, or any other sort of anomalies noted. So long as it remains that way, I do not see the activity as a problem or threat, but thought it was worth sharing.”

Source: Goy Ishah, Youtube Comments

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: I don't know if this is the demon Lilith...but I doubt it. Lon

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