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Friday, February 17, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: UFO Communication / 'Hissing' Grey Entity -- Black-Eyed People Seem Normal -- Artist Depicts Alien Beings He Encountered

UFO Communication / 'Hissing' Grey Entity

Kansas City, MO - 2016-11-12: Have been seeing UFOs since 2012. On this night me and my best friend were in a small wooded area behind my house trying to film a music video. We became obsessed with going out late night early mornings to observe the night sky and always encounter some sort of orbs or actual craft. We had been seeing them every night prior in clusters. On this night it was like every other night so it became normal for us to see them. It was as if they where spying on us.

So we went down the street behind my house to a small wooded area to shoot a music video being independent musicians. As we got to the wooded area we had noticed a craft with multi color lights on the underside of the object that seemed to pulsate. We got big into studying anything to do with UFOs and or extraterrestrials and one thing we learned and actually performed was telepathically speaking to the craft. For instance we would say we see you move or come toward us and the would. Anyways this night we were just about to start filming the music video but this one craft distracted us so, we watch and did the telepathic communication saying come closer. It did and kept getting closer until it was almost over the top of us. We then heard what sound like movement in the grass. I told my friend its probably a deer but he responded it sounds like two feet moving not four, which I also heard but blew it off. The phone with the music on it stop working as well as the camera so we decided to give up.

As my friend started walking out of the tree line I was fixated on the craft. Next thing I hear what sounds like something lightly landing in the grass to the left. As I turn and looked, an approximately 4 foot pale grey entity with a large head and huge black eyes was staring directly into my eyes. It then made a hissing nose that I cannot describe. I was frozen my legs would not move I could not scream or blink. I eventually fell back by using every amount of strength in my legs and was able to get up and begin running out of the wooded area to catch up with my friend. He seen me running and I was able to yell at this point in which he started running with me. We got about 200 feet away from the tree line I was shaking and crying I hand to kneel down he asked what I saw I told him. He then told me he also heard the hissing sound as well before I was able to run out of the woods.

I've dealt with paranormal experiences before, negative energy and positive but the feeling I had from this encounter was the most scary, threatening feeling I have ever felt. We then made it back to my house I was still shaking and crying, I could not even talk. It has dramatically changed my life. I want answers. What did i see? Why did I see it? I dont know who to talk to. The only person that believes me is my friend that was there when the encounter happened. - MUFON


Black-Eyed People Seem Normal

I lived in Ohio about 25 years ago, give or take. My husband and I went into a Cheddar's restaurant, and while we were waiting, I saw a number of grown men with black eyes just like it has been described by other people. They were dressed normally and eating like everyone else, and I noticed that they had baseball caps on. I didn't feel threatened at all. It just took me by surprise, but since I had to wait to be seated, it gave me time to observe them and feel alright about what I saw.

Many months later I was in Walmart and encountered a woman with black eyes also. She was shopping like everyone else. It made me pause a second, but I didn't feel afraid. I can't explain what this was. I never saw it before or after this. I don't know if I would have felt the same if any of them looked at me, but they didn't. I find when I searched for information, there are all these scary stories about them and it didn't seem to resonate with my experience. My husband also noticed at the restaurant and felt the same way. It is something I can't explain or find answers that I feel are believable to me. KL


Artist Robert Llimós Depicts Alien Beings He Encountered

Spanish artist creates likenesses of UFO & alien beings he encountered

Robert Llimós was born on 19 October 1943 in Barcelona.

He trained as an artist at the Massana School of Art and at the St George Higher School of Fine Arts, both in his hometown, and began his career as a painter in the movement known as Nueva figuración (1965-1968), after which he embarked on conceptual explorations and then returned to Neo-Expressionist representational painting, granting great importance to colour (1969-1973).
Llimós has spent long sojourns in New York (1975-1983) and Miami (1987-1988).

As well as painting, his recent oeuvre includes sculpture, graphic work, murals and posters.

At present he lives and works in his workshop in Barcelona.

In 1994 he received the Plastic Arts Award granted by the Catalan Government.



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