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Daily 2 Cents: Tall Alien 'Astronauts' Encountered -- Has James Cameron Found Atlantis? -- Lyle Blackburn...'Beyond Boggy Creek' Book

Tall Alien 'Astronauts' Encountered

West Palm Beach, FL - 1975-04-22 - 10:00PM: My husband, Sam and my 5 yr. old daughter were returning to Miami after a visit to Sam's daughter in West Palm Beach. We got off the turnpike and headed toward hwy.441. Directly in front of the car we saw a bright light hovering about 40 feet above the road. We turned left onto 441 and the light followed our car for five minutes or so before it reached a clearing. The object then shifted into a disk shape. The lights around the center were alternating blue and white and seemed to going counter-clockwise. We pulled over and observed the craft for at least fifteen minutes. It let down a silvery, luminous rope or beam of light. After a couple of minutes an "astronaut" was let down. All we were able to see of this creature was that it was very, very tall and had on a suit of some sort. The craft which made no noise slowly headed toward our car and passed over it at a distance above us of about 10 feet. I pulled myself halfway out of the window to get a better look at the underbelly which resembled the bottom of a turtle. When the UFO crossed the street it changed into a ball of light once again then changed into a star-like object, zigzagged across the road and then went straight up at an astronomical rate of speed and disappeared. I know this sounds fantastic, but my ex-husband and I were not drinking and are of sound mind. We were never able to forget or stop talking about this extraordinary event. From now on we will never be able to look at the stars in the same way. The heavens are filled with a distant mystery. We now know that UFOs, though not identified, are very real. - MUFON CMS


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Has James Cameron Found Atlantis?

TITANIC director James Cameron thinks he’s found Atlantis. His documentary team has stumbled upon a cluster of six 4000-year-old anchors just outside the entrance to the Mediterranean.

Myth? History? Or just a good storytelling opportunity?

The idea of an advanced ancient civilization lost to history certainly has eternal appeal.

It’s certainly been a favored subject among documentary makers.

Now Oscar-winner James Cameron joins them.

His National Geographic series Atlantis Rising goes to air in the United States this weekend.

Suitably, he’s got a tantalizing find to pin his narrative upon. Read more at James Cameron links find of bronze-age anchors to lost city of Atlantis


Beyond Boggy Creek: In Search of the Southern Sasquatch

From the author of The Beast of Boggy Creek comes the ultimate investigation into a true Southern mystery...

Beyond Boggy Creek: In Search of the Southern Sasquatch

The book is an in-depth exploration of the history and modern encounters with Sasquatch-like creatures across the southern United States. Starting with amazing new reports from the infamous Boggy Creek (Fouke) area, Blackburn then sets out along the creeks, waterways, and rugged terrain of the Deep South to bring you more history, more legends, more evidence, and more spine-tingling accounts of mysterious, man-like creatures.


Countless reports from credible individuals suggest that something shocking may be stalking the woods of the southern United States – something massive, bipedal, and covered in hair. Tales of these Southern Sasquatch creatures – such as the one made famous by the 1972 horror movie, The Legend of Boggy Creek – date back to the very origins of Deep South history and are reported even today.

While Boggy Creek may be the most famous case, the infamous waterway is only the tip of a much broader mystery; one that spills into the surrounding states and beyond. From Arkansas and Oklahoma down to Texas, over to Florida and all the southern states in between, chilling accounts and compelling evidence indicate that a breed of these mysterious, man-like creatures have been successfully hiding in the shadowy foothills, piney woods, and murky swamplands of these areas.

Join author Lyle Blackburn as he traverses woods and waterways, delves into dusty archives, and interviews a host of credible eyewitnesses in search of one of the South’s most enduring mysteries... the Southern Sasquatch.

Lyle Blackburn - Beyond Boggy Creek Book Promo



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