Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Grandpa's Bigfoot -- 'There's gold in them thar hills' -- SpaceX Plans 2018 Manned Lunar Flight

Grandpa's Bigfoot

A man talks about his Bigfoot sighting in Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania:

“The time that I saw Bigfoot, I was driving down to Ringgold to an auction. I turned in at Miller Brothers Welding. It was going back, they had an old barn they had converted into an auction building. As I was driving down along there, there was a pasture field up on the left hand side and it seemed kind of strange because I had been down through there before and the cows were all over the pasture field. But this time they were right down by the fence, real close to the road and they were all looking right up on the hill. So I stopped and I wound down my window and it was very quiet, almost scary like. Usually you heard frogs and different things down through there but there wasn't a sound. I looked up where the cattle were looking and there was Bigfoot standing there. He was standing on his hind feet. He was very tall and he was grey and dirty-ugly looking with real curly like hair. I was running kind of late so I didn't have too much time to wait but when I got down to the auction barn, I said to the people down there I said, 'This may sound strange but I just saw Bigfoot.' Two people there said, 'Yeah, we saw him too.' And then about a week later it came out in the paper that Bigfoot had been spotted by several people in the area.”

Source: “My Grandpa's Bigfoot Sighting” Youtube video, published on February 8, 2013 by Drew Bundy

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Reptilian in the Photos

Romulus, Michigan - 2016-06-15: Witness had bluish light around her house since July 16, 2016. In taking family photos, she noticed an alien entity which she described as Reptilian. They were on one and half acre of land back to the woods where digging of a pipeline was. This took place at 6:00 pm for 45 minutes.

This was less than 100 ft away. She could not tell size or anything else due to the shade from the trees. Witness said something was trying to get her attention through the drapes. She always destroys photos as not to scare grandchildren. Could not find results on weather that day for that area. - MUFON


'There's gold in them thar hills'

JAMESTOWN, Tuolumne County (KPIX 5) — Weeks of rainy weather across Northern California and the storm runoff through the hills of gold country have triggered a new gold rush.

“Miner Gary” Thomas said he always finds at least a little gold here on his property near Jamestown in Tuolumne County, but this year, there’s so much more runoff than normal and it’s shaking the gold from these hills.

Thomas said it could provide a “Eureka” moment for those inclined to come up here and look for it. “(The runoff) kind of ‘etch-a-sketches’ everything,” said Thomas. “Eveything I had dug up and now my dig spots are all gone.”

The known gold digs were washed out, trees uprooted, and landscape eroded. The runoffs have also removed gold out of the old abandoned mines and sent it down the river.

“It’s going to bring down more gold,” said Thomas. “It’s going to bring up new areas that I never got to.”

Thomas runs tour groups through his property and said now is the optimum time for gold hunting because the storms have just finished churning the landscape.

Officials from the Bureau of Land Management say the erosion “concentrates” the gold by removing the lighter rock and soil.

You may be wondering if this reporter found any during our time here. We did find some fine flakes of what they call “flour gold” and it was found more quickly than normal in just a couple of panning sessions.

“Eureka!” said Thomas.”That’s hard to do.”

But not as hard this year, now that Mother Nature has shaken up the motherlode.

Thomas said one hot spot this year will be below the Oroville Dam, because the huge water releases from the spillway could reveal some new pockets of gold. - Storm Runoff In California Gold Country Exposing New Motherlode?


SpaceX Plans 2018 Manned Lunar Flight

The SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, revealed on Monday that two people have paid for a private mission around the moon, tentatively set for launch in 2018 with the private company’s yet untested Falcon Heavy rocket.

In a conference call with reporters, Musk declined to name the people or what they had paid, though he said the individuals know each other and are “very serious” about the flight. The “private citizens” approached the company late last year and will receive training and take health and fitness tests as early as this year.

Musk said the circumlunar journey would take about a week, nearing the moon’s surface without landing on it before its return to Earth. The total flight would go about 300,000 to 400,000 miles into space, he said, meaning the flight could take humans farther from Earth than ever before.

If SpaceX accomplishes the trip before Nasa or another space agency can send astronauts to the moon, it would be the first lunar mission with humans in 45 years, on a course that would extend past the record 249,000 miles traveled by the Apollo 13 astronauts in 1970. Read more at SpaceX to send two people around the moon who paid for a 2018 private mission



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