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Daily 2 Cents: Black Eyed Boy at the Door -- CIA Used Psychic During Lockerbie Investigation -- Albert Rosales...New 'Humanoid Encounters' Book

Black Eyed Boy at the Door

This incident involved my fiance in April, 2011. To this day she refuses to talk about it, but I decided to submit it here to see what others can get out of it. We then lived in Bangor, Maine. It was around 10:30PM that evening. I was on a late shift at work and she was home alone with our cat in our apartment. She said she was reading while the cat was sleeping on her lap.

All at once, the cat suddenly sat up and stared intently at the door leading outside. He then began mewling and scampered into the bedroom. He had never acted like that before so she assumed it was just another weird thing that cats did. Just as she got comfortable again, the doorbell rang. She thought it was strange that someone would want to visit at that time of night. She got up and peeked through the hole, but saw nothing. So she turned away from the door, when there were three loud knocks. She was immediately alarmed, but curiosity got the best of her and she cracked the door to see who was there. She saw a boy of around 11 or 12, though fairly short, standing there. She opened the door to ask what he wanted. She assumed that this child had either gotten locked out of another apartment or was asking for help. That's when he looked up at her, and she noticed his eyes. The light from the apartment spilled out into the hallway, affirming that his eyes were completely black. She said she was paralyzed with shock as the child asked to be let in. By that time, the cat had come out of the bedroom and laid on the floor behind her, ears folded back and hissing. She said she felt compelled to say 'yes' but as she stared into those coal black eyes she suddenly slammed the door and locked the deadbolt.

She said she listened for the child's footsteps in the hallway, but she heard nothing. After several terrifying minutes, she peeked out the door and the child was gone - or disappeared. She said she had never been so scared in her life. She thought the cat hissing may have interrupted her paralysis, allowing her to regain her thoughts and quickly close the door.

She never discusses it, though I'm sure she wonders what may have happened if she had let the blacked eyed boy into the apartment. Claude


Humanoid Encounters AD1-899: The Others Amongst Us by Albert Rosales

Humanoid Encounters Series - Albert S. Rosales

A few examples from the book:

Location: Cracow, Poland
Date: April 11, 1079
Time: Unknown

On this day the Kingdom of Poland survived the worst crisis as a result of a terrible conflict between the bishop Stanislaw of Szezepanowo who had been sentenced to death by King Boleslaw II the Generous for treason and executed on that same day. According to old chronicles; the skies opened themselves above the capital of Cracow and four eagles with a great sphere came down. The bishop’s body was then restored to one piece again; something the locals recognized as a miracle. People also saw strange things and lights in the sky on that day.

HC addendum
Source: Robert K. Lesniakiewicz Type: F?


Location: Near Woodseaves, Shropshire, England
Date: January 21, 1879
Time: 10:00 p.m

A man was driving his horse cart across a bridge when a horrible black humanoid with huge shining eyes jumped out of the trees and landed on the horse’s back. He tried to push the creature off but it would not budge and the whip seemed to go through it. The horse panicked and went into a gallop with the creature clinging to it. The creature eventually disappeared and the man arrived at his home in a state of shock.

HC addendum
Source: Graham J. McEwan, ‘Mystery Animals of Britain and Ireland’
Type: E


Real Snake Earring

Ashley Glawe ended up in the emergency room after her pet snake got stuck in a rather peculiar place.

Glawe, who is from Oregon, claims that she had been playing with her pet ball python 'Bart' when the adventurous reptile slithered up to her ear and poked his head through her stretched earlobe.

The snake quickly managed to get itself hopelessly stuck with Glawe unable to free him.

"It all happened so fast that before I even knew what was going on it was already too late," she said.

Fortunately though, with the help of a small incision, some Vaseline and a bit of perseverance, doctors were eventually able to free the snake from her ear. - Pet snake gets stuck in woman's stretched earlobe


CIA Used Psychic During Lockerbie Investigation

Declassified documents have revealed the CIA wanted to see if a psychic could replicate key aspects of the Lockerbie bombing.

Some 13 million pages of files were released online last week for the first time, including CIA interest in Edinburgh paranormal research.

Now it has emerged the 930,000 files also include asking a subject to describe a photo of the reconstructed baggage carrier that held the plane’s bomb.

“Filed under special access required”, the notes are headed: “Warning notice: Intelligence sources and methods involved.”

Pan Am Flight 103 was brought down by the device on December 21, 1988, killing all 259 people on board and a further 11 people on the ground.

The CIA’s psychic tests relating to Lockerbie were carried out on June 7, 1990 at an unknown location and filed under Project Sun Streak, successor to the controversial Stargate project.

Another released CIA document outlines Sun Streak’s mission as “dealing with the use of psychoenergetics in the collection of intelligence information”.

It describes “Psychoenergetics” as psychokinesis – physical actions performed by mental powers – and perceptions that cannot be explained by non-sensory means, such as telepathy.

Parameters of the Lockerbie test outline using “tangibles and intangibles of more than one word”, as well as “probing sketches”.

What follows is 22 pages of photocopied scrawled notes and drawings together with a typed account of the session.

The article refers to the cassette player in which Semtex explosive was hidden.

The typed notes from the session retained by the CIA say: “The stuff inside it is light, smooth, stringy, air, and it is moving down, making a ‘whoosh’ sound. It is speeding up as it goes down and out. It makes me want to throw up.”

Describing the cylindrical shape in a box, the account continues: “There is a bomb in the box and it explodes.” - CIA explored use of psychic in Lockerbie bombing probe



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